Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 114 of Hueding Crack System

Just wanted to use the last Chakra launch · The four-phase seal and the moment were in the same, but in the last moment of his life, the philosophy saw the most memorable scene in this life.

Golden wheel is blown up !!! "

I saw the moment, and the nine-faced Yutton, which was floating around him, gathered to his hand, and finally entered into a Taccara Sword.

All people in the scene suddenly felt that the eyes were golden, and they couldn't open their eyes. It seems that there is only such a way to the world. It seems that there is no end-like gold Chakra scream sword.

At the moment, the huge chase of the huge Chakra scalar is gently sweeping. It shook the cutting of everyone's eardrum. I saw the clouds in the sky. The sword was released, the whole tentative exam This sword was scanned by this sword.

It is not only to go, but the sword has not only cut the venue of the whole middle, but also cut all the towering houses of the entire wooden leaves, even the mountains in the distance, and they have been cut down by this sword.

At this time, the country of rain and the border of the fire country border.

Xiaomei, who is holding a meeting, suddenly a strong sense of crisis, suddenly revealed that the head of a glazed gold light column is swept away, the head of the cave, the whole mountain peak is actually this I don't know where to sweep The huge golden shots, the blue sky and white clouds outside.

This is ..., 'has a round of Wesin, can't help but surprised his eyes.

What is the power of this ..., 'The corner does not dare to confuse the top, and the original mysterious dark cave has no mystery.

'Mountain ... The mountain is actually ...,' just entering the organization is still not a long time. Surprised to open the three mouths of his own, did not know.

'...,' Only the gods are silent, and the scarlet scorpion is blinking from time to time. It seems that in this powerless Chakra scream sword, it is a similar power to the mysterious double power of the flash.

The sight is turning back to the wooden leaves.

This. What is this ..., '

'God. ... God's power ...,'

All the wooden leaves, all the mouths of the mouth, as if they are the soul of the moment, have been enlightened by the power of this sword.

What is the world?

This is called through the world!

At this moment, there seems to be in this world, there is no power to compete with this power.

This kind of power ..., ', the first to collect the shocking gaze, the gaze in the field is like the unclear in the field.

It is an instant ... Less Three Generations have also turned over God, seeing this kind of power like the gods, and the eyes are complicated.

Looking at him, I have been replaced by my own gold wheels, I have become a false group, and I am gently sighing a breath. It is right and wrong, I have become a cloud smoke.

The one that once. The endurance is dark, and it is already flying in your own hands.

'Kill ". You put the group ...,'

The tired body came to the moment before, this is the old three generations. At this moment, it seems that it is a bit of a bit. It is unbelievable, there is a confidence, there is anger, there is a short release. ...

... seeking flowers ...

Through the hidden companion of the group, he was killed by a sword, and he did not leave the body. The three generations couldn't help but touch the heart, and the question was asked.

What? Three generations old man? "At this moment, he slowly relieved the vision of Kra model, turning his eyes to the three generations in front of you, and asked: 'He is a person who has already died. ... isn't it?"

I heard the revelation of the moment, the three generations were silent.

All the sins did, he didn't know, even the Tibetan talented personally assassinated himself, but in the face of the companion in his own juvenile, now in the hands of the moment, it is inevitable. Will have a feeling of grief.

' ...,' deep sighing a sigh, three generations silently turned around, he is not that the Wei Zhenjie. Because, he is just an old man in the elderly.

Three generations of old men ... I should not be soft. ... is also a kind of original sins ..., 'silently saving three generations of leaves, and I am somewhat muttering.

The sky began to get a rain, and the ninja in the field of the battlefield has accelerated the movements in the hands.

The dark sky close-up in the clouds, but the clouds are slightly transmitted, as if they have just experienced a robbery for this village, but they will stand up.

Silent speechless, a group of wooden ninja around, I would like to see them through my eyes, I didn't have any fluctuations in my heart. I didn't have any fluctuations in my heart. I greened, disappeared in this piece of ruins. Venue

Using the home of returning to the hometown, I am waiting for my stunning look, the white side seems to be in the light Ank C she let him not have to worry, call this scene, the moment, I have a little bit of a little, I am completely complete solution.

On the next two months, all the work in the wooden leaf is in an orderly, everything in the village seems to return to peace, but in fact everyone knows, this is not calm. ...

Chapter 145, Jason (seeking to reward)

There is also a thing that happened this time, that is, the moonlight is still the same as the original, starting in the wooden crash plan.

Time, died in the hands of the horsesh.

I heard this news, the moment is naturally indifferent, and the automatic erase from him is related to any memory. Shenlong will not go with 9 ants.

What is more.

After the throne heard the news, it was still relieved after a while, and it was also a ceremonial to remember that she passed from a small to large.

A growing friend.

The sky is deep, the sky is on the sky in the sky.

One pub in the bustling streets of the wooden leaves.

At the end of the night ... Please don't drink anymore ... Our store is going to do ..., the boss of the store is in the past, the female nintee in front of him.

"Don't worry about me ... I will not give you less ..., 'I have already drunk the drunken news of the night, and the face is brought. Red wine,.

Everyone doesn't know how much I am, how is I?

She seems to be a little muttered from the voice, and the eyes of the 0 03 have passed a sorrow, starting her fate from birth.

Can't control by her own, a good marriage contract with others early, in the early family, make a good plan for her, not the same, can be self

Even if you choose, even the father

After the kiss, these things have not changed.

In addition to the pub of the pub, hit the rainstorm and bought the late night. Gently sent the door, heard the sound in it seems to be a little familiar. Stop

He yourself.

'Evening red? How come you drink here? "Collapse an umbrella walked into the pub. It was a little surprised. They once touched a few

Face, I used to be colleagues in the battlefield, and more importantly, she and the portare are still good friends.

'Japan to the moment ?? "The rush of rich evening, he heard this seems to be a familiar voice. Slowly raise his head to see a silver white long hair


'How can you be here ... I really envy the Xiyan. ... You can choose what you like ... The body is still the evening of the wine.