Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 115 of Hueding Capaci Urban

Some of your mouth. Myret, staring at the eyes of the moment, there seems to be some prices.

"Don't drink again ... you are almost the same ... I will send you back ... The corpse is frowned, put the wine to the boss, gently

Holding the night to go outside the street.

"Don't worry about me ... I have to drink ..., 'I have a hand to support the evening, and there is still nothing in the mouth.


'Where is your home? I will send you back ... I have a lot of wine, and I can't help but shake my head. Is it every woman drunk?

Is this like this?

It took advantage of the address of her home from the drunken evening, helping her came to the street near her house, and the blue eyes of the flash.

Holding her house, launching the blink of an eye, she has appeared in her room.

I can't save the appearance of such a beautiful demon. The burning eve is red, the boudoir is flying like a little girl, everywhere is a cute decoration. IV

The room around and thought about it.

Gently put on the evening, there was a charming woman in front of her eyes, and the face of the fashioned woman was saved.

Just like a cooked peach that is going to drop the water, I can't help but have a burst of ripples.

You sleep well. ... I woke up tomorrow. It's okay ..., 'I work hard to get up my heart, and I will cover her.

I just wanted to launch a good, and the clothes of the moment were caught warm.

The day is now. Why do you just get a pleasure of a person. ... In fact, I am also very embarrassing you ..., 'one hand is gently grabbed the clothes.

, Xikai red eyes looked at him.

For the Shangdata, the eyes, charming eyes, I only feel that I seem to have an intangible string that I have fluctuated, and my body is ghost.


At the moment, I just kissed a warm lips. ...

After all the ideas in the hearts of two people were thrown into the brain, the two hot body was tight. ...

Next day

When the first sunshine in the class, the burning temperature wakes up to sleep.

After waking up, I only felt that my head didn't seem to have a pain. The consequences of hanging make her a little bitter.

Are you awake? You drink too much last night ... Let's drink hot water first ..., '

At this time, a thing should not appear in this room, and there is a cup of handed over hot water.

You. ... day, moment?? "

At the end of the year, it raised his head. It was just a face of Jun Xiu's face, and he smiled and smiled.

Suddenly, all memories of last night, and the erosion of the two people, traces, all poured her heart.

It saves yourself in the quarter. The body that doesn't hang, the evening can't help but hold 720, the face is flourishing. Red Xia Cai.

'Sorry ... I didn't even blocked my ear, and I just thought about explaining her.

'Don't talk to me !! You will leave me quickly !! "

After that, after the end, the day was tightly wrapped on the quilt. The first thing in my mind was that I had a marriage of Asma. I don't know

He, in addition to a guilt, but also a new message

'Ok, let's go ... I am leaving now ...,'

At the flash, there is a hilarious expression, helplessly put on your own clothes. Gently launched. Suddenly disappeared within the room of the Nakah red.

Only in the room, only the Jason is sitting in Chuang, I don't know what I'm thinking ...

Is it a born especially? ...

I have used the streets that come back to the outside, and I will refresh the remaining temperature last night. I don't know why I can't help but appear a little inexplicable smile.

At the same time.

In a forest, the task is being executed, it can't help but sneeze, the tree is green, and the green leaves are fluttering.


Chapter 146 Goodbye (seeking to reward)

Distance the last wooden crash plan, time has passed for two months.

After this trauma, the new construction of the wood leaf is completed, and it is quiet.

The sand is immediately announced to the outside world, which is completely manipulated by the big snake pill, and declares that the wood is surrendered, while the leaves are also

Accepting the surrender of sand, after all, this time is more important, it is the harm and national strength of the war as soon as possible.

After this big snake pill and sandy attack, the three generations of rigs seem to have a complete retirement, and the previous battle has made old age.

He is completely overwhelmed, and the elderly meeting of the wooden leaf is held many times. Discuss the candidates for the fifth-generation nickered shadow.

The Naruto followed and took the practice, Sasuke continued to follow Kakasi to learn thousands of birds, everything is going to the road and the original plot is similar to not.

At this time, a mysterious guest shop is ushered in in a meatball shop.

The red clouds wearing the black bottom, wearing a face shadow, two people sitting in the store Shu Shu's tea.

These two unveiled passengers, starting from the village of the wooden leaves, there is also a few elite in Kakasi, Xikaihong and the Flying Asa.

Strong care.

'Taste everything coming out date? "The province's commencement and Asma, Kasha can't help but say.

'Idiot! It is a red bean, I will help her buy meat ...,' I heard Kakasi's fun, Xikaihong, the Asma, heart

At the end, I have been in the late and moment, my face is not natural.

'Ah ... I really happen. I am here to help ...,' Kasi smiled and said, just saves Sasuke from the distance.

"Kakasi, it's hard, you didn't be late ..., 'Sasuke, he said he greet with Kakasi.