Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 116 of Hueding Crack System

I heard Kakasi filed this name, and the province saw Sasuke came over from the distance. One of the people in the meatball shop seems to have

Some touch. After taking the companion slightly, it suddenly disappeared on the seat.

The two mysterious guests who have strongly paid attention to the store have disappeared in the store, and Kakasi and the Japanese red and the three wooden leaves of Asa.

After one, it also disappeared in the original place, chasing past.

On a river of the wooden leaves, the evening, the evening, two people stopped two mysterious people.

'I haven't seen you for a long time ... Asma. ... red ...,' one of the mysterious people put down the fight on her head, and she took a puppet.

Write the wheel eye.

'You are. ... Yuxio a ...,' see this for a strange scarlet eye, Ashaton is shocked, I recognize the identity of this person in front of him.

, 'I don't think you have created the strict incident. ... dare to go back to the village.

There is also you ._. 'Fog stunned, canmon ghosts.

Take the princes, destroy the country, and the defenders that are wanted by the country.

You both are the criminals of the S-class _. Today we have to kill you _._. '' Esma is exposed on the face of cigarettes.

Delicate look.

This guy is really fun !! "

When I saw Asa, I dared to spend myself, and the ghost N directly took out the N muscles behind it, and a knife cut.

This guy is a big strength _ the two is the knife tip to suppress me. _. '' Uses both hands Chakra knife, Feyou, can hold the ghost

Scholar, Asa is suffering from the struggle of the giant force coming over the squid.

'Illusion · Cuts ._.' '

At this time, after the cover of Asma, the evening also used illusion directly, directly hit Utiliary proposal to the silent.

Facing the illusion used in the evening, touching the move, just a pair of scarlet written eyes, flashing a inexplicable brilliant.

At this moment, the ghost N taper used force to pull the N muscle in his hand, and Asa couldn't help but cut a few pieces of meat when I was up.

Live a pain, 'can evil...' '

'My mosquito muscle is not used to cut: ._. But use the second _.' 'Ghosts to the new drums back to their shoulders, the province

Asa, who is in front of the wolf.

On the other hand, the fantasy hand of Xikaihong and A has also been outlined.

'All over _._.' 'Illusion space, borrowing a big tree by a big tree by Amdrawal, Xikaihong slowly

The bitterness is not hands out.

This level of illusion can't stand any effect on me, there is no expression on the face of the helping, write the wheels, and the illusion empty

The intermoded day red is tied to the illusion of the illusion.

'My illusion is actually rebounded _._.' The starry red heart is shocked, hurry to bite his lips, stir the chaos of Chuck


It's hard to get free from your illusion, and a foot of Yischo helped his feet in front of him, the evening red raised his hands to resist

It is going to be kicked out.

You can now go to the care of others _. Factory first seeing the Asa injury to the evening, and the performance is very anxious, Ghost

Rai laughing, the 1st muscle in the hand is a fierce.

'I haven't seen it for a long time ._. There is also a ghost: ._.' '

Just then, A and ghost N heart was shocked, (a good) because this sound is familiar with them.

If there is no sign, the feet of kicking to the eve of the sky are firmly caught in the air.

, Japan to flash?! "

People who have seen sudden appearance in this field, everyone can't help but call this name.

It's just that the help and ghost N are an unexpected tone, and Asma is a doubtful tone.

At the end of the evening, he suddenly came to save his own moment. I didn't know what I thought of, and my face was suddenly played.

A piece of M. red color. ...

"I didn't expect you to be in the wood ..., '

Looking at the appearance of the abrupt scene. A and the ghost N look unevenly, it seems that this time to come to the wooden mission ...

Will not be as simple as it?

Chapter 147 Dialogue (ask for reward automatic)

Why do he appear here?

This is a question that is incorporated at the same time.

"Do you have left the leaves? Why do you help them?"

Ghost N is vigilant to look at the moment before the eyes, I remembered that the time in four years ago, he felt that his moon is like hurts.

The sentence of ghost N is also a question in the hearts of the mood of the wooden.

He is now not the ninja of the wooden leaf, why do you suddenly help us? Especially Asma, he watched people who can't ignore this in front of this.

Do he suddenly appeared here in order to save me?

At this time, the idea, unable to curb the heart of the evening, so that her latitude face can not help but be more ripe.

"Don't misunderstand ... I am here to help the leaves ... I just came over with you two narrative old ... I am standing in the same place, my face is inexplicably meaningful, looked with

Ghost R two people.

For us two? After listening to the moment, the glaze and ghost R two people also jumped at the same time, seriously guarded, after all, it is possible to be the world's most

Dangerous opponent.

"You don't have to be so nervous. 893 I really just came over to chat. It's ... I saw the touch and ghosts in front of them. The face of this place is revealed.