Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 117 of Hueding Cracks

A smile.

"Let me come to the ghost V, your move is too shocked. ... Less this suddenly waved to let the godes and returned, they stand in front of the moment," Here is wood ... Drag time is too long, Follow

There will be a large number of masters to surround us ... less

After that, the writing of A slowly rotated, and it became a three-hidden shape of the sword.

0A ... At this time, Kakasi also rushed here, and saw a strange kaleidoscope writes the eyes. Surprise.

I saw the end of the kaleidoscope, and the moment of turning the way, Hua flowing, and there was no sign of a strong repulsion, and I fleate the touch and ghost R in front of you.

Go out.

In a flash of glazing and ghost, I suddenly disappeared in the original place, making the ghost-general speed blinking two people who were bouquet, (ADCD two hands.

Their neck.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

Next moment. Baby with two people. I disappeared in the original place, leaving a fascinating kaaxi red and other wooden ninja.

When A and ghost N, two people reacted again. The shocked discovery that two of them have appeared in the woods outside the wood leaves.

One hand in the moment, a neck of the ghost R, and two of them pressing them on the trunk of the front big tree, and the blue-blooded eyes are scattered.

"Chakra ... is being sucked away by him ... less

Touch and ghost r, while struggling to make a net hand, the iron hand, and the other side, the discovery, his own Chakra is in an amazing speed.

This sucks Chakra's speed ... Actually a few times faster than the R muscles ... At this time, Ghost R feels the fast lapse of Chakra in his body. His mind couldn't help but rose such a thought

, 'Rest assured ... I won't kill you two ... I just have something to talk to you ... less use of the transcocence crazy absorbed their two Chakra, the moment of flashing


Suddenly, the A scarlets wrote the round eyes, and the blind eye, and suddenly came to a special space, and the film like a camera is generally

And the outside world is the opposite color.

The moment is slightly moving, and there is no need to use the . It is calm and watching glaze.

, 'Here is the space of the month, in this world, all factors include time, place, sensory, etc. All are dominated ... See the moment, I was pulled into my illusion space, touched

He is just talking, but he doesn't want to be interrupted directly.

"Well, don't talk nonsense ... I know that this is a illusion space ... and the water of the water is almost illusion ... ,

The lingering eye is directly on the eyes of the fighter, "Do you have the purpose of going to the leaves this time?"

After being cut by the moment, he heard the next thing that was suddenly said, and he couldn't help but change his face. "How do you know ?!"

"Another purpose ... is to see if the situation is really safe, is it true?" There was no shocked expression on the face. I'm going to say it.

"Why are you ..." staring at the moment. One is the secret of the organization and the other is his own secret. Why do you know?

, 'And the task you carry three generations, and sneak into the tissue as a spy to get information ... I also know ... I will continue to say that it is not amazing, I saw the shocking god shocked on my face.

Love is quietly calm.

"Is the three generations of fire telling you?" Finally calmed down, after a while, the A opened.

"It is my own knowledge ... glaze ... you do this. Is it really worth it?" The moment looked at the calm WA in front of him. The eyes become a bit complicated. He knows that A's heart is not calm.

In front of the HM has always been a very controvers contradiction, saying that he is empathy, he is cold and slaughtered his own family, saying that he is ruthless, he is for the sake of the wooden leaves

Cherish a person's back that is so heavy.

"To be honest, I can't understand your thoughts and practices .... Litely watching WA going down in front of him, I can't help but say," Wood leaves are the object you guard, the family is not

Is it the object of your guard? Sasuke is your loved ones. Is your parents still have so many umcho family? "

At the moment. It seems to be a sword in the hand. Deep in the heart of VA ...

Chapter 148 Crazy (seeking reward automatic)

Yes ... How can I forget?

The bloody night, I will never forget, from that day, the curse and mourning of the people have not engraved in my mind ...

"Sasuke ... Is it so special for you?" At the moment, he looked at the silent gong, and his eyes became more.

Su Zhiko glaze is the case, such as Su Zhibo spheres, the thousand hand is true. ...

How did these younger brothers think about? Heart finds that you can't fully understand the idea of ​​these younger brothers.

"Sasuke ... Less to the moment to mention the name, A silence is finally opened, '' If the leaves are a boat, then I hope that Sasuke is a wooden board on this boat, even one day

The ship of the wooden leaves is sinking. I hope that Sasuke this wood can still be drifted.

Listen to the glaze. I can't help but feel some slightly in my heart. He fully felt that the alert love of the youthed brother is disclosed.

"In the moment ... Although I don't know how you know so many secrets ... After the end, I will re-look at the eyes," But we haven't imagined behind it.

The power ... I hope you don't hinder our task this time ... less

I can't imagine the power?

The silent smile is the six Petion? It is still that the last time I was almost killed, Yu Zhibo spheres,?

"Well ... Less but I didn't plan to say something. But inexplicably laughed, '. That is here today ... I don't hinder your task ..."

The voice fell, under the shocked eyes, the moment is turned into the heart and gently run, and the whole month reading space will start collapse ...

Xiao ... now there is also use value now ...

Black ... Yu Zhibo spheres ... Unexpero belt ... 10 tails can be just your goals ...

After a few minutes in the month, the world outside is just a second.

"... ... ... less

The moment is gently loosen, and the ghost N will suddenly lose from the trunk to the ground, and the mouth keeps breathed. After a while, then the children, they found two

Cranes are almost quickly sufficient.

"So ... I will here today ...

In the eyes of ghost R, if a thoughtful look, the moment launched them again and again, disappeared in front of them.