Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 118 of Hueding Capaci Urban

At this moment ... Those secrets do you know ... really a person who will always guess ...

After the moment, the A weakness was soft in the ghost N, and the eyes were somewhat staring at the direction of the wooden leaves, and the inner thoughts flew.

With the arrival of the home, the moment to discover the portraits, seeing that it should be a task. Two people who were white and Jun Ma Lu also went to the street, and he had to say that these two teenagers.

It's really a full heart.

A person sits in an empty home, and the moment is turned. It flashes a hot scene in my mind, and my face suddenly has a inexplicable smile.

Once again, the whole person disappeared again.

At the end of the day, I just returned to my home. I just removed. The clothes of the ninja, put on the casual pajamas, revealing her beautiful body.


At this time, a sudden voice within the room, heard this sound in her mind in recent days. At the end of the day, it was shocked.

"At this moment ?! How do you suddenly ... your dedication ... Less only the day, the day is not finished, the lips are blocked by the moment of the lips.

After some struggle, the eve was finally launched. The face floated and sleeled. "We don't have this moment! The last thing is just an accident ... everyone is an adult.

:. When I have never happened ... less

"Oh? When didn't happened?" The flash of the flash is smile with a taste, and there is no hunting in the evening. I hugged her.

"I beg you not to come back again ... I have a marriage contract with Asma ... less feeling in the moment, I think of the madness of the two people that night, the evening can't help but feel soft.

But the mouth is still painful.

... seeking flowers ...

"Reassured ... I can only enter your body ... don't enter your life ... less moment to gently get it on the evening, the movement is not stopped.

"Hey ... After a touch of the flash, I remembered the" special, there is a special place in the morning, and the eyes of the evening will gradually become blurred.

As two people have a piece of clothes, it is less. The temperature of the two people is gradually improved ...

I don't know how long it takes.

"... ha ... call ... less

Within a small room, the two people have a heavy breathing full of space.

In the moment, the moment is a violent impact in a violent impact. The big brain of the night has become a blank.

At the eve of the day, it will reach the happy peak again. At this time, the radio headphones used in the Hongmei Mission in the room are shocked.

"Ah? It is definitely asma to find me ... The moment you stop this ... Xiaoshi red face is full of red face, look back to stop.

"Stop? What are you talking about? Mingming yourself, so hard ... Less nothing is still hung on the face of the face, and handles the radio headphones next to the evening,"

I don't talk, you get up ... less

"Hey ... Asa ... Yantan Dahong picked up the radio headset, and strive to calm his voice.

"Red ... Is there a time at night? I want to ask you to have a meal ... less radio headphones come from Asma's voice.

"Ah ... Hey ... Xiaoshihong just wants to talk, the abomaining moment is increasing the impact.

"Hey? Red? What happened?" Asma on the side of the radio is a bit different.

"Ah ... Nothing ... What did you just say?" Strong to hold back from the burst of shocks from the back, the evening asked again ...

Chapter 149, fifth generation, shadow (seeking reward automatic)

"You are nothing wrong with it? I said I want you to eat a meal together at night ... Less hear that the sound of the day, the sound of the Japanese red is a bit wrong. Asa will not help but ask.

"Ah ... Hey ... then I have hanging it in advance ... Yantan Sun has desperately grabbed his mouth, and she has not called the sound, and quickly cut off the wireless electric heard on her hand.

After hanging up the wireless electric heard, it has not been able to scrap the night, and I can't help but release the scream. Two people suddenly changed. Wrap together.

I have arrived in Heaven. The room is full of satisfying the room.

At night, the moon rose to the high altitude.

On both sides of the streets of the wooden leaves, everywhere is Qing Qing, my couple and the travelers, and the moment will not hold the "18 zero" requirements. Two people have visited the street.

A high-end restaurant is at this time. Asta and the two red two are working on dinner.

Asa unloaded the mating of the task tonight, put on his usual casual clothing. A bunch of roses next to the table. It seems that he is really very worried today, sincere.

And the dining table opposite the evening. Although it is also a dinner that is dressed in today's dinner, it is also very bright and moving, but it is absent-minded.

"Red ... What happened recently? Is it not very comfortable?" Seeing the evening of the evening. Asma does not help but ask.

"Well? Nothing ... just feel a bit tired ... Less hear of Asma's greetings, the evening has finally turned over God, but the thoughts have always been unresolved to think of the whole afternoon and moment.

Crazy picture, I can't help but get a flush, I don't consciously clam my double. Leg.

"You feel tired, I will send you back to rest early ... Less although there are many words, there is a lot of words, but Asma is clearly seen, there is some red today.

In the state.

So the two after eating this dinner, the grass ended tonight is not a good date.

The next day.

In the morning, the door to the door was wake up by a burst of knockout.

At the moment, I went to open the door. I saw the two secret ninja in the door. The low voice said: "Mr. I'm, the three generations of fire, and two consultants invited you.

Three generations old man? Two consultants? What to do with me?

In the brain, a slice of doubt, then open: "Well, I know, I will wait for yourself, you will go back to live ... less

Gently go to the door, the simple wash it is, and it is sorted out clothes, and the position of the three-generation Navy is aimed at the position of the three generations. It is in the room.

Three generations of fire shadows.

And the same four-person seat, the three generations and the waterhorn, and the sleeper Xiachun seem to have something to negotiate, but the most empty position seems to come out.

That is the original group, but the group will never appear in this position from now.

, 'Everyone seems to discuss what topic is very harmonious ...

This sound appeared in the office, interrupted the discussion of the top leaders of the three wooden leaves, and the eyes were aligned and suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Cough ... The moment you come ... Sit ... I saw that the atmosphere became silent after the appearance. The three generations took a coughful two openings.