Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 119 of Hueding Cracks

"Don't have to ... you will call me together ... I really make some doubts ... I have a little laughter, and some can't make a eyebrow," said directly ...

What? "

I saw the moment to open the door directly, I saw it in Xiaochun. I watched myself. I watched an amazing words: "The day is in the moment ... You are willing to accept it into the village of Woody Village.

The fifth generation of fire? "

I heard the words of this old woman, I was stunned. I turned into the meaning of her words. "Let me be the fifth generation of nirrove? You didn't make a mistake?"

"Do you forget it ... I haven't been the ninja of the wood?" In the doubts, I'm talking about it, "and I don't talk about the wood, I can't talk about what is too good ...

"No, moment .... The three generations of opening interrupted the moment, I saw his old turbid eyes," Whether you think, in everyone's eyes, you are

From the ninja from the leaves, from the moment you were born, you are tagged on your body ...

I have been tagged on a wooden leaf?

The moment is shocked, and the views of others and their eyes do you want? You are originally a traveler that is not belonging to this world ...

I forced you how to see ... I have been completely smashed with the leaves, and I'm talking about it, and I will continue to say: "And the leaves and

Is the sandy negotiation not to be successfully ended? Why did you ask me to ask me? "

"Now, the relationship between wood and sand is not important ... The factory sees that there is still a little confused, and the sleep Xiaochun is explained for him:" The power of the wooden leaves is in a very downturn.

:. The neighboring countries can take bold action at any time ... In order to cope with all kinds of possible bursts ...

"4.2 So before this, we need a trusted powerful leader '' side of the water, the water insane, and the top of these three wooden rights in front of me.

The old man is looking at the burning look, '. In other words, we need a strong fifth-generation noodle now. ...

In front of me, the war is in an unprecedented downturn, so do I need this powerful force to deter anesthesia?

I don't want to think about it. Destroy the cloud alone. From the perspective of the Ninja World, there is indeed more deterrent to the fifth generation of noodles than yourself.

"But .... Detailed to listen to them. At the moment, I asked the last question." Do you really think that I am trustworthy? ',

Chapter 150 Refused (ask for reward automatic)

Asked this question, the three wooden leafs present in the scene have fallen into silence.

I saw their reaction, I was laughing in my heart. It's a face of a politician, just want to use you when you need you, don't need you, you will kick you.

In silence. Only three generations of people have opened, "I cartoon ... how do people see me ... But at least I still trust you. ... factory

When I heard the three generations, although I still seem to be unable, my thoughts remembered the past, and the three generations did always take care of themselves. I once thought of myself.

Supporting the position of the fire, only a pity, but now everyone stands on their different positions.

"From the small you, you will show the talent of anyone who has surpassed anyone .... Households seem to have a bit touch, three generations continue to speak:" In fact, you have become more than me.

Visiting any person 04 is strong ninja ...

"For the matter of the bad rate, I apologize here ... I said three generations, I came out from the back, I came to the moment," the daily difference is the big in the village.

Most people have been pushed to desperate, and gorgeous wording is also concealed.

"But as the noodle of the village of the wooden leaves, if you re-let me choose once, I will still make such a choice ... The three generations are firmly looked at the moment," more in the village.

Between several people and a few people, I have to choose most people, this is the responsibility of being a shadow! "

Seeing the three generations of the three generations of his heart, the heart of the heart, the moment, if he is really the ninja of this world, the soil, believes that it is absolutely three generations

Move, but a pity ...

"Don't say it anymore ... I have interrupted the three generations I want to continue to talk about my will, and my face raised a smile," I want me to do the fifth generation of fire shadows, not

:. There is a condition ...

, 'Conditions ?? 11 The leaders of the three wooden leafs in the field are gone.

"Abolition of Mule Leaf Day to the system of family and homework ... ,, .. ,

"What ?!" I haven't seen the three generations of reactions. Two consultants have already jumped from behind the seats. "This is absolutely impossible! The day is an important ace in the village, if ran

This requires such a request to the day. There will be riots !! "

"Since this ... then I have a little interest in this fifth-generation noodle look .... The factory will expect that they will have such a reaction. At the moment, I didn't shoot the shoulder.

"The day is in the moment! What did you use the position of the fire ?!" Seeing that the moment is so arrogant, the water household immediately jumped up from the seat back.

See the movement of water households. The moment is a cold. The three generations on the side immediately watched badly.

Sure enough, the flash is picking up, and it is revoked. It will reach out, and the water households are not risked directly from the seat back from the seat.

Go out.

I'm holding a neck of water households. Getting his entire man, making his feet left the ground.

"Don't say that I don't respect the old man ... you use this attitude to tell me a word ... I will kill you now ... 'One hand refers to the air, the tone of the moment is cold to freeze

A person.

"You calm and calm!! ', The three generations next to it see that the moment is really intended to kill the water household. Suddenly shouted.

I was aware of the three generations of the three generations, and I laughed, and I lost the water in the garbage like garbage. "I give the three generations of old men." You two old guys give me a record.

Ok ... Now you are asking me ...

"Ask people, you should have an attitude towards people ...

Looking at two wooden counsers, there was a disdainful smile on the face. Reincarnation of the vision. Immediately disappeared.

In the entire noodle office, I only left only three people to face each other.

"Hey .... The three generations helplessly looked at the pastoral households and sleeplers, the companions of the two of his teenagers," We can only let the priests come back ... "

"Opener .... Factory heard three generations of files, water households and sleeplers showed some of them. In the end, they still have to compromise:" That can only be so ...

Looking at the water households around you and sleep Xiaochun. Three generations can't help but sigh.

The world has changed, the group is also good, they are both good, the young period is a true ninja with a dedicated original intention, but now I don't know how to turn into this picture ...

After coming out of the Nashing Office. The face of the moment is very calm, and what happened to 363 has not affected his emotions.

"If you don't guess the wrong words .... The factory only walked on the streets of the crowd, and the moment of moment is running fast, ', I refused their proposal ... then next their goals should