Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 120 of Hueding Crack System

This is a master. ... factory

"There are two or three years of time ... The fourth endurance battle is going to open ...

"It's time ... I have accelerated my footsteps. ... Factory

Here, this, the idea of ​​the idea has just launched it again, but suddenly there has been ten ninja in front of him.

"Daily ... I am gently muffed. Because these ten ninja appeared in front of him, all of them are black hair, pure white double destination day to family ninja.

"Mr. in the moment ... The old home, please, please have passed ... less

The Japanese to Ninja with the headband stopped the way. And a pair of eyes stare at the moment. Among the eyes of the eyes means difficulty.

"Sure enough, the appearance of the appearance is completely different from the day. ... less

Touching the white long hair in front of the silver, the moment of Zhan Blue, the day to the ninja, the eyes of the ninja, is a bit complex ...

Chapter 151 Bowai Yu (ask for reward automatic)

Perhaps his body is completely recognized at this time, but he is in front of the past, and now he has been promoted to a neutrality in the past day of the Ninja School.

So I looked at the appearance or fate, I have already completely different from these ordinary days, and my heart can't help but get a different feeling.

"Daily to the guest? Is it a day to the sunshine?

, 'This ... you will know ... I heard the question of the moment. On the day, he hesitated and said.

5 ....... ...... I suddenly guess the old stubborn old thing that should be the old man.

, 'Sorry ... I am not available. "The mouth of the moment is slightly, bypassed him to go forward.

"Please be sure to pass ... Less I have never thought of that the day is actually a flash in front of it again.

"How? Do you still want to take me back to me?" Looking at the days to stop his way to the road again, the moment was slightly smashed.

"Girls are sinned ... We are also don't help themselves ... Less although the momentum is emerging on the moment, it has made him breathe some difficult, but the day is a few days behind the day.

The ninja still is still a booming.

Sure enough, it is a monster ... The light is already a blind man who can't move. I really have to fight against him ... I will die ...

However, the confusing curse is even more unable to resist ... Put the soft boxing to stop the moment of the next day to the Ninja.

"Oh? Soft boxing - a less moment I feel a little laughing, I have a long eyebrow," Then I will let you appreciate what is true soft boxing ... "

The voice fell, and the moment was instantly lost trace in their eyes. I suddenly felt a play in the next second, and I went to the raft to the raft ten days.

I saw ten days to the ninja horizontal. At the moment, I reappeared in the position of the place. It seems that he seems to never move.

"I didn't hurt your internal organs, just put your points. Dazhuang is blocked ...

West ... I will go to him sooner or later ... but not now ... less

These ten days of the nastroenter's ninja is just a level of ending, and it is also forced to have a stress of the family. I want to take myself back, so I didn't follow him.

We are generally known.

If it is just relying on such a few, it is certainly impossible to force yourself, so the day, the day, it is estimated that just want to convey a meaning ...

If you think about it, you think about the rough meaning of the rough, and the blue blood is slightly flashing. The whole person disappears in the air.

Unknown in the dark rocky cave.

"Does everyone come together?"

In the dark environment, a pair of purple corrugated eyes said.

"Well ... Touching the ghost N just also rushed back ... Shakui is still the deep hoarse voice, but with his opening. A picture of a Xiaguang with Xiaguang around.

"It seems that I have gone ... Leen is a little bit, and then turn the eye to the eyes to the eyes and the ghost R." Touch, ghost n, you go to the wooden leaves of

How is the mission? "

I heard the question of Payne, with a silence of the clock eye, the ghost N on the side opened, "this time we went to the leaves, I have seen the nine-tailed people ... it is a fat. Noise

Little ghost ... less

"But ... Legendary Three Nacetles have always followed him ... So I didn't have successful to bring him back this time this time .... Lega R openly narken this time and touch the leaves

Task process.

"Listed to it ... Less hear ghost N mentioned the name, Pethen's round of reincarnation seems to flash the glory, but it is very fast, '. Only, you didn't

Can succeed, there is also a sense of arrogance ...

One further ... Legall n is paused, there is some hesitized tone, '. We went to the wooden leaves this time ... encountered the day to the Basket ... "

"Japan to the moment?" I heard that the ghost N suddenly mentioned this name, there were several figures in the dark cave made some subtle reactions.

"Then both are you still come back?" At this time, the dull scorpion suddenly opened, four years ago, this name is really impressive.

"Well ... we have made a hand ... he is stronger than four years ago ... The little ghost n is a bit hesophiliated, he will have some doubts," almost just a blink ... I was defeated ... I was defeated ...

But very strange ... he suddenly put us ... less

"Well? When you blink, you will beat it?" Almost all people in the cave, but also the strength of glaze and ghost N, it is of course very clear,

An organization (promised) is also ranked.

"But suddenly puts you ... Leen's tone with a point of thinking, this means is indeed plentiful.

In the cave, it was inserted into a silence.

"Well, the day is in the moment, it will be put on one side, it seems that he has not thought it will become our hindrance ... less Pei Ye is slightly cleaned up, continue: '. and human column

Everyone collects almost ... then next ...

"It's ready to act ... less Payne also started the task of tissue from the middle of the cave.

Did you kill the eye?

Just not pay attention to the corner next to it, wrapped in two pork cages, the yin and yang face, it is gently. Manying this name, seems to be a different kind of mind ...

Chapter 152 is another day (seeking reward automatic)

"White, Jun Ma Lu ... After using it, it will be in the home. The moment is called Jun Ma Lu and white to himself." Now I have an important task to give you two ... "

"What is important task? At the moment ... Less one heard the mission to arrange two, Jun Ma Lu and white two are eager to think in front of the moment, I urgently asked.