Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 121 of Hueding Cracks

"First ... First, you can help me get the blood sample of Yuxio Sasuke ... and go to the grass, the village or the sound of the village, find a girl named whirlpool, get her blood sample, she

The feature is to wear a pair of glasses, and the red hair is very well identified. "Said here, I will stop it again and then add it again:" If Yishibo is helpful, if you don't get it, but swirls

The blood sample of vortex, I hope that you must bring me back ... less

"Yes! At the moment, we will definitely complete the task, and listen to the obstacle content of the rest of China. Jun Ma Lu and the white teenager are accepted.

"Well ... I have two capabilities ... I believe this 480 is not particularly difficult. It is very difficult to look at the white and Jun Ma Lu in front of you, and I nodded.

With their two now strength, they will get the blood samples of these two people, and there should be no problem.

After the arrival of Jun Ma Lu and white two teenagers flying, the moment saw the portrait of the portraits, and the scubble was light: "What are they doing?"

"Well ... I sent an important task to them ... There is another explanation that is random.

"Hey ... Yes ... There is nothing to explain in the moment, the portrait does not ask, but suddenly said: ', moment ... You have come back so long, don't you look at the ringtone? She is estimated

I have hated you ... less


I heard the name suddenly mentioned this name, and I can't help but appear in my mind. I have been wrapped in my cute little girl.

Since I unlocked the things in the 'cage' and the time they sacrificed. I have almost not water fire to the day, and I have never seen her after returning to the leaves.

Just I don't know now ... Is it still the same thing in the first time ...

"Ring tone ... There is a little thoughts, and smiled slightly in the evening:" It doesn't matter ... Anyway, I will go to the day soon, I will go to the day, I will naturally see her.

Said said. The two are gently snuggling together, watching the clouds outside the window, enjoy this rare quiet.

Three days later. Dazi family home.

!!! ...

A burst of strong Chakra and the sound of the limb impact continue to pass.

I saw the yard of the day to the House of House, and the Japanese New Year's Day is guiding the seven-year-old little daughter to flow a fire, and the two people are in hand. Wrapped around Chakra, using the day

Soft punch to the stream, a tricky hand.

"Father" ... My white eyes have been able to see points. Road ... less skillfully used soft boxing and daffitarians, while the fire is white.

"Oh ... Your talent is much stronger than your sister ... less use of soft punch to dismantle the soft boxing of the fire fire, the sufficiency of the sun, the big daughter who is standing on the side," to

Less than a ninja ... less

I heard the words of my father and my sister, I was watching the two-way tract of the two hands-on Tiantian, and I can't help but slightly. (aeeg)

It is not to say that than the ninja talents, from the small number of people who have been in the nuts, even the seven-year-old sister fireworks, the proficiency of soft fists has exceeded themselves.

It seems that he really is not a talent of the Ninja ...

The top of the young field is not a burst of sadness, the gentleness of the inner direction, is born in the day to the family, and the harsh traditional family is especially the day.

The day of the magazine, this is not a lucky thing for her.

It is normal to talk to the big lady of the wooden door of the wooden leaf, the future day to the master, according to the practice, do not have to join the task team to perform the task as a regular family ninja

Just take the training of family secrets in the family, waiting for the future to be in charge of the family.

But because of the weakness of our own character, there is no ninja, now there is a sister showing a good ninja, and the father is inevitably pouring his eyes and heart.

The sister fire is rarely paying attention to myself. The future of the future, the position of the master, I want to fall in my sister.

But the rooting is not these, the only thing she feels sad is to let the father and grandfather disappointed, and they have not become the ideal powerful heirs of their mind ...

When the young field is standing next to the courtyard, it is obvious that there is no appearance at this yard at this time.

"It seems that there is still no change here ...

"It's still a uncomfortable, and it's all right ... less

It seems to have a sigh, a mellow man suddenly appeared in this ancient day, the man. A gorgeous white robe

It is the moment of opening the perfect fault mode.

"Who ?!" I heard this sound like a sigh. The first thing of the fire is found to have a movie in the air.

"You are ... less and the fire is different. After seeing the picture of the moment, there was a little surprised to the sun and the sun.

"He is ... At this time, the young fields standing on the side, seeing the appearance of the moment. It can't help but appear a long name of memory.

I have given birth to a name that I am very impressed. Until, this name gradually became a taboo in the village, a taboo among the families, slowly from her brain.

The sea is disrupted.

Today, this figure is reappeared in front of you. The memory of the young fields suddenly cleared ...

Chapter 153 Outlet (ask for reward automatic)

"It seems that you seem to have given a sister to the young peanut ... sufficiency ... Adult ... less

The moment seems to have some tone of sorry, step by step, I have gone to them.

"You are the day!", Think of the rumors in the village and the description of the newspaper, and the sufficiency finally determined the identity of the moment, but it is only surprised to him.

Japan to kill the eye??

Different in the young Tiantian, I have been in contact with the young nature, and the older personality, the arrogant flowers, I have never heard of this name, directly in the brakes, ', what are you?

People ?! Dare to talk to my father ?! "

As a result, the arrogant woman who has been divided into his own sister's young lady, the impression of the fire fire has never dare to use this similar sarcasm to her father.

Wooden leaves speak to the master of the house.

"Oh? What is your name ... Less although I have already known the name of the fire, but I still have a little interesting little Loli.

"I ... I have just wanted to talk, and I was interrupted by the supreme feet.

"Flower fire! Quickly returned !!" "Seeing the attention of the moment seems to be on the fire, the supens is changing, and immediately shines in front of the fire, as if this person is in front of you.

Beast is general.

Seeing the day, this is like this, and it is not concerned about it. It is just that the face is still talking with a ridicule of mood: "If I have not remembered it ... according to the day

Stupid sorrow system ... When you have a sufficient person, you should go to your second daughter day to the fireworks, cage bird 'curse? "