Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crash System Chapter 122

In the moment, the sentence is exported, and the face of the supens is a changing, and it will restore his face for a long time. Li Qiang said: "This is what we have internal to this day ... Where do you need you?

Rebellious? "

"Rebellion? Just because I broke free from the original born, I shouldn't have a cage ... so you call me to be rebellious?" After listening to the sufficiency, I went to the moment, and continue: "Sure enough

I have two standards for others ... The same difference is because I have been born for a few seconds than you ... I was branded on the brand ... and even finally died for you ... less

"But your own daughter is fire ... Don't you use the so-called family ritual? ', Continue to ridiculely, you will continue to ridicule:'. So I said it was said ... so-called

The day to the traditional system of a family is circulating ... It's just that you have a homework for the son of the bonuse !! "

In the moment, the sufficiency in the scene, the young fields and the fire fire can not avoid the gods, and the sufficiency is just that the scene in the hospital has changed again.

p But ... all people come here ... less

The mouth of the moment is slightly. His reincarnation has observed the center of this host house, and there are hundreds of people around them, and they are rushing over.

"I only see a day, I only saw a hundred parties to the family to the family, surrounded by the courtyard of the sea," It seems that you are still over !! "

"How? Old guy ... isn't you eager to see me in the first two days? ', Watching the day, the family leads to hundreds of royal ninja to make the surrounding water, the face of the flash

There is no change in change. It is still in the middle of the courtyard.

In the moment, I was quietly glanced at the surrounding ninja. From Chakra on them, all of which were all the elites in the day. In addition to endure, the most

The difference is also the endurance of the neat.

"You privately unwind the day to the family's curse, after committing so many sins, why returned to the wooden leaves ... Less days asked to the long wholly, while looking proudly standing in the middle of the courtyard

At the moment, the heart is also secretly shocked.

His eyes?!

I saw the blushing of the mysterious Zhan Lan light in my eyes, and I felt that I spilled the infinity, the day was shocked. He seems to remember that he once in the family.

In the classics, it seems to see the description and records of this pair of eyes.

· ... seeking flowers ····· ......

Is it ...

He suddenly remembered the record of the powerful ability of this pair of mysterious eyes in the ancient classics.

"Heart! What is the purpose of this time ?!" Looking at the moment that is surrounded by the family ninja group, the dazzling of the sufficiency is contained in complex look.

The body has a method of relieved the day of the Bird 'curse in the day. He suddenly returned to the wooden leaves this time. Every move is involving their attention.

Until a few days ago. Parents have finally can't hold it, and they will come to the moment, please come over.

"My purpose ... Less to see the sufficiency in the sufficiency, I'm sinking, I looked quietly around all the days around the ninja, I seem to want to remember the expression of all the people in my eyes, in the mouth

Throw a heavy bomb.

"It's very simple ... I want you ... Reward the system to the system of a family and the family, solve the curse on the head of everyone ...

If you want this, you are also the way you want to see. ... At least there will be no longer appearance like him again ...

At the moment, this sentence is exported, the courtyard rodicle is no sound, and the entire scene has fallen into a suffocating silence.

"Kill him !!" After the moment, the day, the old face was almost squeezed together, and he broke out his own command with all the ninja around himself, '. Everyone

Give me! I have to kill him at all costs !! "

Although all the days around the ninja were shaken by the words of the moment, he heard the day of the elderly command, and the owner of a glimpse was still immediately, from the beginning of birth.

Received the oppression and drive of the Zongjia Mantra, making them don't dare to have a slightest thing about the words.

For a time, all the days in the courtyard, all the ninja, all rushed to the moment ...

Chapter 154 Rolling the Japan (seeking reward automatic)

Do you not fight your own destiny?

Renovation of the eyes around all the days to rush to the ninja, the mouth of the mouth emerged as a helpless.

Since all the day, then I will use the best thing to defeat your things ...

"Eight Diagrams, vacuum back !!"

Open the moment of perfect fault mode. In the body, Xianke Chakra spilled from the acupuncture road. Under high speed is formed

A round ball with a radius of more than ten meters.

The strong impact and pressure brought by the high-speed rotating spheres are covered with a vacuum barrier. I will rush forward for more than a dozen days.

The ninja is playing out like a shell.

"This ... still returned to the day ... There are several proficients in the field, and the day of the day to the" two or six zero "masters.

It is a strong power and exaggeration of the vacuum to the sky, the powerful power and exaggeration.

The range makes them can't help but stand.

Soft Fighting, gossip, two hundred and fifty-six palm!!

I saw that the instant is the same as ghost, and the body is a white line. It is even between the people in the people.

Each makes a soft method, gossip, two hundred and fifty-six palm, breakthrough

The human body's shot speed continues to rub the air in the air out of a wave of burning flames.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

A followed one, constantly there is a day to the ninja like a shell, and the heavy smashing is in the sufficiency and the sun.

Side, stimulating their tight nerves.

"This ... is really the softness of the day ... Less to see the shocked means in the field, just on the courtyard

The most master of the day, I can't help but began to start quality.

I suspect my own understanding of the sun to the stream.

And the two girls around him, watching the strong figure in the field of the scene, not to stop, but also surprised

Yes, your mouth is close.

In these seven years of leaving the wooden leaves, through its own cultivation and collapsed jade system constantly break the boundary, plus it now