Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 123 of Hueding Crack System

The powerful growth of the US fairy model, the current body is undoubtedly

Already reached a ghostless height.

And in the past few years, after a number of attempts, he finally can make the perfect immortal model and the revivement of the eye.

At the same time, the growth of strength is simultaneously arrived.

Thinking point.

But there is a big risk as it is in the moment that I have not reached the body of the cactus.

Open these two huge patterns, then his body

It will be expanded by this explosive force to a limit, and there may be a risk of crash at any time.

So, in the eyes, it is just to face the ninja of a group of people, and it is still not necessary to do that. Just open a cactus

The mode is completely enough.

I saw a short time a few breathing time, the day in the courtyard, the ninja has fallen a large half, and some people still have been brakes.

That hit it.

In addition to several powerful day-up, the Ninja, can be slightly resistant to the hand in the hands of the moment, other

There are no exceptions to the ninja without an exception.

Seconds, often taken the figure below, and it has been hit.

Looking at the more and more ninja in front of the eyes, the color of the elders has finally changed, and the emotions began to be anxious, and immediately loudly

Order: "Everyone is gone !!"

After the day of the elders, most of the ninja in the courtyard immediately formed a strange formation, and the moment of moment.

At first, I saw that Chakra, who was full of the whole body, was condensed.

Heart, ready to go.

Daily to the oldest name of the wooden leaves. There will always be some means of known means, see this scene's bottom slightly improved

Silk is vigilant.

"Gossip air walls !! ',

In each of the roar of roar, dozens of days to the ninja won a palm in the air.

The atmosphere in the whole air changed, and the breath of the mountain in the sea is like a huge air gun, like a

The wall is directly pressed towards the moment. I haven't arrived yet

On the side, the powerful momentum has already attracted everyone's breathing and powerful breathing. ...

It turns out. ...

Guanghua flashing, the eye, the eye is easy to inspect everything, and it is judged that this trick is a set of ten days to Ninja.

The power of everyone, two people play a gossip, empty palm, combination

It became a stronger gossip · empty wall.

Then the number gossip · The empty wall is once again combined into the power of powerful gossip, forming a powerless vacuum.

barrier. In the past, in the past, the day, the day

Use this trick to combine secret surgery, it is simply invincible on the battlefield, it is unfavorable, and it is unfavorable.

"This is still almost ... less

Seeing the vacuum barriers of the mountain in the sea, rushing to himself, the moment is not afraid, but the face raises a silky eager to try.

Looking forward to the color.

I saw that the killing of dozens of days to join hands, the moment is at a moment, and the Xianke Chakra suddenly

Send, the power of the whole body is coming together to suddenly explode

"God blows !!!"

At the moment, there was a huge fist between tangible and invisible in front of the air in front of the air.

Dry two nets in all the air within the fist

A absolute vacuum is formed.

Brake 5.1 This is a punch with absolute vacuum. Contains the momentum of Chakra's ancestors, directly in front of dozens of days

The gossip air wall of gossip.

A big sound came out of a speech, and all the people in the field have been caught in a state of deafness. In addition to this sound of this sound. No other sounds.

Safe, only the scenery of the earth in the middle of the earth, in these two seems to shock the world, fell. And the rent of this host house is also colliding here.

In the rest, it collapsed.

Looking at dozens of days, the ninja is paleped into a piece. In the dust, the figure is standing, if it is more than the meaning ...

Chapter 155 breaks the fate (seek reward automatic)

I saw it slowly from the dust from the dust from the body. All the people in the scene showed a sharp look.

"So many people teamed up with the gossip empty wall of the gossip ...

The day of the gripping day, the old man, has begun to set up Baba. It seems that the ability to temporarily lose normal language.

"This is the strongest genius once the wood ... The old one has never appeared for thousands of years ... less

I saw a punch that I just saw it like the earth. It has also begun the double-eyed hole, muttering in the mouth.

"Father" ... Is that also the soft secret of our day to a family ?! "Until the firefighter next to him looked at him gently on his clothes. The supens will only go back to God.

Yes ... Is there such a soft secret to the family?

Going back the gods, I also ranked 04 this question, just in the fist in the moment. He is not difficult to see a soft shadow. But in fact, they are all about the whole day.