Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 124, Chapter 124

till this moment. He has never seen the records on this trick in the classics.

"Well ... is a good warm body?" From the dust, the body is unable to describe the gentle, and the moment is like a gods to walk in his palace, gently went to the sufficiency and

Night in front of the elder.

"Do you want to be with me? You should know that this is not all my strength. ... The factory is in the horror of everyone, and the moment is gently open.

In the moment, it seems to remind the day to the long and sufficiency, let them remember that it has been left to leave the wooden leaves seven years ago, the wooden leaves are under the soul of the sun.

Endless iceberg in the past two years.

In fact, both of them are very clear. Don't say that it is the power of the moment, even if it is the kind of strength in the moment, two of them don't have the ninja of the family to the whole day.

Maybe it is his opponent.

The reason why I still have to choose this is because generations of generations will instill in their thoughts from birth. They have to swear to keep tradition, and they are from ancient times.

The Warring States has always circulated the inheritance and system of the present, and cannot be shipped in their own hands.

So even if you know that it is not an opponent. They also have to hard my head.

"Now give you two choices ... Less in their somewhat eyes, the moment is open with the tone but not refused.

The system ... Second, I killed two, then I will abolish the day of the day to a family and the family ... less

You immediately abolish the day to a family and family

At the moment, the whole courtyard is silent, and even some ninja will start to forget their breathing.

Do ............................................

In the case of this incredible young man in his eyes ...

Under the eyes of everyone, I saw the day and the sun and the supens side were painful. In an instant. Just like two detonatics, I fleached into them in my hearts.

"I advise you or choose the first one ... I said that you are one of my nephew, one is my grandfather .... There is a calm face, no one can come from his face at this time.

It sees what he is.

I saw him gently greeted the sun to the elder and superstles, "You have to know ... If I want to kill you ... There is no one in the sky, there is no one can save you ... less

This seems to be not a threat, but it is just a fact.

Listening to this sentence in the ear, the day of the elder and the sunshine face, all things seem to have been scribbled at this moment.

Ninja, wooden leaves. Family, glory, inheritance, system ...

Variety of all kinds. Everything, all in front of the day, forced them to make a choice.


A sigh of sighs, in the day, the elderly unbelievable surprises, the sun is coming out, I stand in front of the moment, "I flash ... we promised you" ... just give us another

Take some time to arrange rectification ...

"Sun and foot ... are you crazy ?!" I heard the words of the supens, the day, the long and old eyes, it seems that I know my son on the first day.

"I am not crazy ... long old people ... No, father ... a small feet look up to the sky, deep breathing, turning around, looking towards the day long," this system ... before the Warring States, continue until the Warring States

Now ... until the day today ... less

"The fact that the day is not more powerful than the past today ... thousands of years of road ... It is time to make a knot ... less talk, day

In the eyes of the sun, there is a bit of a bit, "Maybe ... this is also the choice to make the difference ...

Daily difference ...

I heard the sufficiency 753 mentioned this name, and the old old man was stunned. It seems that this name has crushed his ultimate psychological line.

Finally, I saw him sighing. The whole person seems to be very old. The faint opening said: "You decide! Now you are the diversity of the day ...

After saying this sentence, the day is like a long-term strength, no one knows how the day will become.

After getting the consent of the day, the eyes of the sufficiency seems to be more firm, '' ' ... then ... I represent the day to Zongjia ... formally agree with your requirements! "

This sentence is exported, all the days around the courtyard, all of the ninja, and then suddenly broke out a cheer on the roof.

How many years ...

Every day, the family of family members will control the fate in others' hands, and finally have to be broken today ...

At the moment, this moment will eventually become a legendary young man ...

"Mr. Mr. ... Sorry ... Just now .... Factory

At this time, several days of the ninja face hanging on the face, and the face is coming to the moment ...

Chapter 156 of the collapse jade system will start (seek reward automatic)

Chapter 156 is from the stroke (seeking reward automatic)

Seeing this scene before, the mouth of the moment took a smile, can't help but looked up at the vast sky.

Uncle is a bad night ... Mei Ling Auntie ... This should be what you want to see ...

After a feeling, I haven't sent it to the courtyard of the court.

He will do this, not for them, just for the shortness of Mei Ling, there is never seen a parent that he has never seen one side ...

It seems that after a heart, the mood of the moment seems to be a bit easier. When I got out of the House of House, I saw a somewhat familiar figure.

"Baby brother ?!" I just sounded like a sound of the valley, just a little uncertain.

"Ring Ton?" At the moment, a little surprised raised his eyebrows, not far from this and seven years ago, there was almost no change in the day, the day of the day, the ring tone.

"Really you ... less in the wind floating, a pretty. Li's figure ran in front of the moment, '. You changed much ... I have heard it in the things that you have just been in it. ... Factory

"You seem to have changed a little change ... and almost exactly the same time ... I saw the petite girl in front of my eyes, and the kindness of my heart seems to be more.


Top of a three-dimensional body shape, pure white innocent big eyes. Playful appearance. The years seem to stop your footsteps on the ring tone, still like a few years ago.

The only change is only, it has been promoted to the strength of the elite. And that is bigger.

"You become so good ... I am evil ... I will not come to see me." The two less tones gently M phenoted, the amount I didn't seem to have a moment of the shoulder, a face of the expression.

"Okay ... don't be angry ... I haven't seen it for so many years. I have been eating together ... Your President is also ... I haven't seen it for many years, but I have not been angry. I laugh and hold the small head of the ring tone, pull her

Going in the direction of your home.