Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 125 of Hueding Crack System

Under the sunset, the year has not seen, two people have the topic. In the joy of the joy, the two people 's figure, the longer ...

Among the next period of time, I had a relaxed day.

Like all ordinary people, in addition to going to eat every day, it is occasionally spending a movie with a look.

Through the news, I heard that the day is a new system. Learn from the family structure of the Yishabo family, the day is still long, and it is hitting

In the case of gradually released the previous day, the family will build a model of the team leader to manage the family members to implement the task of the team leader.

On this day, the positive end of the moment was closed at home and refined Chakra and suddenly fluctuations in the air in the house.

"At the moment ... We came back ... I saw Jun Ma Lu and white two teenagers, suddenly appeared in front of the moment.

"You are back ... How is it going?" I heard the voice of Jun Ma Lu and the white voice, and I opened my eyes gently.

"Well ... Yuxi Board and the blood sample of Swirl fragrant phosphorus have been got ... less white smile, let the next Jun Ma Lu took two small sealing test tubes, and it was stored halfway.

Pipe red blood.

"Hey ... You are doing two good." I nodded at the moment. Reaching out of the blood samples of Jun Ma Lu. Put it gently to gently shake, quietly look at the blood of it.

Red rays. "It seems that tomorrow will go to the wooden hospital ... Borrow a medical device there ...

"Yes ... Swirl fragrance Where are you found? Torge village? Or constructed?" It seems that suddenly thinks about what, look at them asked.

"Swirl fragrant phosphorus is found in the grass is found ... is a very poor girl ... less white, seems to think of the girls they find, they can't help but heart

Some touch.

Israel Zhenean ... It seems that I haven't met the big snake pills ... I have a slightly climbed my forehead. The brain is slightly.

"There is also ... less white seems to have suddenly remembered what is going on, I hope to the moment:" On the way back ... we met the Naruto ...

One Month? "The moment is slightly smashed, so smart.

"Well ... I came back with him ... There is also the two of the leaf legendary three ... less talking about it is white, continue: ', the people and the master .... plant

Last and actions?

At the moment, the reaction immediately, it seems that the story of this paragraph still embarked on the original trajectory, the agency is still the mouth of the Naruto to persuade the leaves, the fifth generation of the fifth generation ...

It's just that the hands of the big snake pill are not seal, and there should be no reason to find a hand in the past.

"The harsh woman is always a kind of anti-wooden leaf on the surface ... In fact, I don't know how she really loves the wooden leaves ... After all, there is a constant concern here.

And awkward ... less moment, shook his head, and think about it.

On the surface of the program (Queen's) always looks like a woman, it seems to be a woman, in essence, is actually a kind of delicate personality. He is naturally very clear.

However, since the plan is coming back, the position of the fifth generation of the fifth generation is ...

Then ... it's time to leave the wooden leaves again ... I started to implement my plan ...

Gently put it in the hands. Two blood sample test tubes come back in white and Jun Ma Lu, the blue eyes look at the window, which looks extra-bright and bright moonlight, a pair of reincarnation

The eyes seem to have broken the layer night sky and arrived directly to the depths of the moon.

He seems to see and earth in the moon palace in the moon. Dedicated to a huge vision of the blood ...

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Chapter 157 of the collapse of the jade system, retreats (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 157 Remaining the Disadging (seeking reward automatic)

Autumn wind transit, Ye Fall into the sea.

Wooden leaves are ten kilometers away from the forest of fire.

Three people walk in the broad bound forest, and the footsteps are constantly stepping on the ground on the ground, making the sound of Shasha.

For the first silver, the silver is blue, and next to two teenagers. A white cold. Change, a dark hair is quiet, it is a moment, Jun Ma Lu and white.

"At the moment, the last time in the big tube site ... You didn't say something you want?" I walked in the woods in the woods, and I asked Mr. Jun Ma Lu

"Why do we have to go there again ... less

"I will know it." Less see Yun Ma Lu has some doubtful expression. The face is a deep smile. "And the last time ..."

"This time we go there ... Just to go to another place ... Less to talk about it, there is a mysterious smile," a place you unexpected ...

"I don't think about a 860 place ... Less to see the mysterious expression of the moment, Jun Ma Lu and white teenager have been struggling with strong curiosity.

Next ... first you have to confirm one ...

"Hey ... system ... is not in ... less, the bottom of the heart is collapsed.

"... less system has no response, this is not on the post.

Until the moment they worked again through a whole wood, the sound of the system finally sounded in the bottom of the moment.

"There is something wrong. Thank you chat."

"Why don't you just have ... I have a touch of guests.

"I asked you something ... My reincarnation eyes ... Is there any space that breaks the boundaries rising?" The moment asked about the end of the heart.

"Theoretically, any capability will only reach the bottleneck, you can break the boundaries in me, follow the ideas you subconscious to the next stage ...

"But this ability to revoke the eye is more special (AFDD), it is part of your body, for example, when you evolve from white eyes, you need a complete coefficient wood blood.

And now your reincarnation wants to get again improved. Another condition is required. ... Factory

"What conditions .... Factory heard the interpretation of the system, and the bottom of the moment is fluctuating. If you don't guess the wrong, things should be almost the idea.

"Just like the kaleidoscope of Yuxio, absorb the other pair of talents of the loved ones to write the eyes of the eyes, integrates together to achieve the eternal kaleidoscope write the eyes ... you also need another

A pair of pupils that have been reincarnated ... can you make your eyes evolve into a higher level ....

"Sure enough, is there .... After listening to the system's detailed explanation, the moment is muttered. It seems to be almost the same.

And the clearance of the system, the moment with white and Jun Ma Lu also passed through a wood. It has heard a silk waterfall water.

"It's coming. ... Factory, the flash of the moment has seen the waterfall in the front of the first kilometer, and it is like a white practice.

I will continue to take a few minutes. At the moment, the three people finally came to the waterfall. The shock is deafening, the water is filled.

"I came here again .... The household is in front of the waterfall, looking at this familiar scene in front of him. White can't help but send a sound.