Naruto's Jade Crash System

Target Chapter 126

When the situation is moved, when the moment is now separated from the wooden leaves. Take three people in a row to find this place. It is already a matter of seven years ago. I have to say that time is really fast.

9 ... Let go in me ... Less carefully, the waterfall in front of you, the moment is discovered and there is no difference in the past, and the pool inside is still distorted.

"Yes ... I heard the wrong thing, two young people, white and Jun Ma Lu, nodded, near the moment.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

The moment is gently put on the shoulders of white and Jun Ma Lu, and the blue eyes are slightly divergent. The focus of the line is aimed at the mysterious cave after the waterfall.

Lose the place.

, 'There is still no change here ... less dark dark cave, white slightly on the ground, gently put it on the hand, watch the water in your hand, no

Wetting the upper half of the hand.

A faint green micro-light is exuded in the pool, illuminating the entire mysterious cave.

"Don't look ... we continue to go ... less moment carefully use the revivement of the water, and I don't know what the water in this lady is formed.

The line will be twisted by it and cannot be fluided into the following layer.

Plop! Plop!

At the moment, he first jumped into the water chamber, lurking in, white and Jun Ma Lu saw that the moment has entered the water chamber, and it has followed it in the back.

There is still no change in the scene in the water chamber. The only difference is that the pool can make people touch the huge bubble of illusion. It has disappeared.

This is because of the huge crab of this illusion foam, it has signed a spiritual contract with white in seven years ago, and became a white spirit.

After continuous through two water chambers, the three people finally came to a cave with bright light. There are a root stone-shaped ore, and a sphere like a planet.

There is a hole in the top of the head. The outside of the light continues to spread into this cave through this hole, illuminating the entire dark cave.

Moreover, the overhead of the sky and the sun in the sky form an extremely subtle angle, like a huge one's eyes, as if it is observing everything here, a mysterious high

The deep feelings are gone.

"We go up .... Factory

I got a slightly four weeks, my hands were gently lansed on the shoulders of white and Jun Ma Lu, and they would be launched again. The next instant three have appeared on the grass outside the cave.

"Although I didn't see it ... but I can't help but feel a magical ....

Chapter 158 of the collapse jade system arrived in the moon (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 158 reaches up to the moon (ask for reward automatic)

Standing on the grass outside the cave, looking at the surrounding sea. Bai and Jun Ma Lu have a buzz in the mouth of two teenagers.

The widespread sea, there is also a land on the dark sky, and the huge sun exudes the rays that are not glare. No matter how it looks, this is not like a cave should

Some sights.

But in fact, as an ancient coastal wood family, this is a magical.

"Don't look ... come with me ... I saw two teenage expressions, and I said softly.

Immediately, the eyes are dispersed, and the gravitation is controlled, and Jun Ma Lu and white two teenagers are separated from the ground to the sky together.

"Is this a feeling of flight ... Less and floating together in the air, Jun Ma Lu, who is in the air, said, although it is not the first time I saw the flash floating, but I was taken up.

The air is still the first time.

Looking at the following things are getting smaller and smaller, the more the three people fly, the higher the sun, gradually, the sun in the sky is getting closer.

Immortal, wind, spiral, sword!!

In the high altitude, the moment suddenly launched the Xianke Chakra, and the hand condensed a huge spiral hand, and the sun on the head was thrown away.

The spiral hand is accurate and error-free, but there is no substantial collision after the blow, but it is a huge gas stream produced after the spiral of the sword.

The sun on the head blows a huge mouth.

"Sure enough ...

I murmured in my mouth, after the sun spread, all the scenes were blinded in the eyes.

Sure enough, in this mysterious cave, the artificial sun hanging in the big tube family, is the space between the big tube, through the revivement of the eye, and the space between the earth and the moon.


"At the moment ... seems to have anything from there ... less

At this time, the white suddenly opened a reminder, and the moment also saw the space channel from the head. Dozens of squats riding a flying mount are constantly flying out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Still not approaching, all the handsome started to release a golden Chakra light ball, and the opposite of the charter is bombed.

I saw that the sky is a countless golden Chakra light ball, as a rainstorm is generally ubiquitous. I didn't even lift my brows.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

Without igniting these attacks, the momentum of moving eyes into the eyes of the eyes, through the space channel opened in the sky, directly saw countless rocks after the channel

Scenery floating island.

The grace of the hair is launched, and the blue light of the blue eyes is slightly turned, and the moment is pulled in white and Jun Ma.

Bombing in the air.

Above the moon, the ancient luxury palace.

"Oh? It seems that someone comes in ...

Dareful sound sounded. A silver-white dress, the binocular is also a pure white man, wearing a elegant robe, a hand gently moving the armrest of the seat. Must mutter in your mouth


"Father ... What happened?" At this time, a slightly tender voice came. I saw a silver-white hair came out from the depths of the palace.

It is a horrified that this teenager's handsome face has a pair of empty eyes. Among them, there is no normal person to have the eye.

, 'Isn't a big thing ... ... Less to see your own son came over, the robe man stood up from the seat, gently put his hand strotted his son's head, "just

As in the past ... there are several little mice into our previous races ... I have already sent them to kill them ... don't worry ...

15 Earth ... Why don't we just destroy the earth now ... Create a new world ... I have a little confused.