Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 127, Chapter 127

·· ... seeking flowers ...

Earth is out of the earth ... don't worry ... We still need to wait a while ... less mouth gently whisper, the man's mind remembers the past memories, some people use the spiritual age

The ten-tailed body that was stolen from the original seal on the moon was also the magic image.

, 'Waiting for the situation on the earth becomes clear ... Determine that there is no hindering our power ... less

"We immediately launched the power of the revivement of the eye ... Destroy the entire earth ... destroy the world's mistakes created by the six cactors ... less

It seems that everything is in master, and the man is a pair of pure white. Quiet look outside the ancient luxurious palace, a seat hovering islands, fluttering in the air, not like the scene.

But suddenly, the man's eyebrows were em, and the eyes suddenly released a sharp ray, '. It seems not a few little mice ... actually escaped the siki ... Run to the moon

The inside is coming ... less

" ... this is ... less

Waiting for God, see the scene of the scene, the two teenagers of the white and Jun Ma Lu, are unbelievable, widened.

If you are printed into their eyes, there are countless hanging islands that are floated in the air. Some are the palaces, some are the temple, and the other is carved on a huge stone statue, four

It is floating, it looks like a mystery.

"Yes ... We are now on the moon ... less and two surprised expressions, the mouth has a inexplicable smile," accurately ... should be we now in the moon


"Inside the moon ... Shaojun Ma Lu Zhang has a big mouth. Bar, look around. He can't understand it in the cave where they are still in the coastalwood site, why suddenly arrived in the moon


"I just saw the artificial sun in the cave in the cave, in fact, the earth-established earth channels between the moonfang to the moon ... There are two explanations for them.

stand up……

Chapter 159 Attachment of the Woodlet (ask for reward automatic)

"I will bring you ... is to find the same thing here ...

I said. And use the translision eye around the surroundings. What seems to be searching.

"Look for the same thing? Moon ... Space channel. ... The mouth is repeated to chew the moment, the white eyes are slightly rotated, and it seems to be thinking about something." Just "

There are also seven years ago, we encountered in the big tube.

"That is to say ... in this month, there is some people who have all the people who control all ... and it is very likely to be the back of the legendary wood family .... Less final, put these all the information

It is understood that white seems to have a conclusion.

"Smart ... Less hearing the white inference, the moment, four seven" slightly smile, the little boasts him.

"At the moment, what we have to do next. ... Yield is carefully listening to the moment of the moment and white dialogue. Looking at the moment.

"Next ... The blue scorpion flies four times, see the extremely far float, standing on an ancient luxury palace," there should be the place I have to find.

:.Let's go…

The voice falls. The moment of the moment is located in the ancient palace in the distance, and once again launched. Pull them two together.

In the ancient palace to the island, I found that it is far better than I have seen from the distance. The whole palace is in the entire palace, the whole palace and the entire rock island.

Zimei is integrated, exudes a pound of momentum.

"Good palace ... less

Just in the white two teenagers of Jun Ma Lu looked up at this ancient magnificent palace. The blind eye of the moment was found that someone suddenly appeared in his own field of view.

"I can't think of you actually hide the chasing ... I broke into here ...

A low voice passed into their ears, in this empty palace, it seems to be a little ethereal.

At the moment, they looked slightly. I saw a white long hair in front of him, my siph, the man wearing a light robe, I was standing there. Looking at them.

"How many years ... I haven't been there for a long time ... The young man is talking, but suddenly, I have a blind eye, I can't help but look at it," your eyes ?! "

The man is incredible to widely widened his white eyes. I thought it was just a few small mice, but he suddenly found the blind eye in the eyes of the moment.

"It's actually a reincarnation ... Who is it ?!" The man recognized the blind eye in an eye, and the horror said.

"Japan to flash ... Who is you?" I saw the man's horrified expression, and the moment is not laughing, saying his name.

But what makes him somewhat, according to the saying of the Ninja Theatrical Edition, the father of the big cube, the father of the coach is already dead, and only him above the whole moon.

Personal life, then who is this man in front of me?

"The day, the moment ... is old ... Less I heard the moment, my name, the man's eyes revealed the rays of thinking," Is it ...

"I don't think it is the other blood of the Earth ... The day to the family .... The young man muttered, and immediately resumed the calm look, '. I am a big tube wood ...

Nowadays, the tribe of the big cadre ...

Castle wood to take the wind? No impression ...

At the moment, I didn't find all the information in my memory. I didn't find any relevant information about this name. However, it can be concluded that he should be a moon.

People in the house.

According to the bodies that I have encountered in the big cadre ruins, the owner of the big cadre family, it can be seen from his memory, at the time of the moon

Everyone in the wood fell, blended into a huge reincarnation. Killing all members of their co-torch houses at the time ...

So this is a big torque in front of you, and now I don't know where the mood is in front of it, it should be a member of the big camoufang family.

"At the moment ... Less only hear a white whisper reminder. The moment gradually recovered his thoughts.

I saw that there was a moment of thinking, and there were countless embarrassments around the palace, and the grouse had a few of them.

"Hahahaha ... I didn't expect the descendants of Yu Village, and there will be someone to wake up. It is a lot of ridiculous eyes.

Exposed a greedy. "I have no eyes in a birthplace ... Your reincarnation I can dig it out to give him ... I think he will be very happy to receive this gift ... less

Digging my eyes to give people?

"I miss you for a long time for a long time, IQ is seriously arrears?" I can't think of myself, I have encountered the ugly face of the coach wood.

The face has a smile on the face.

"How many mouths have been hard ... no matter what ... I have to thank you for the moon to send me to me ... 3.6" I heard the mock of the moment, the big tube wood is like silk