Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 128 of the Capabar System

It is not intentionally, but the face gradually became more and more horrible.

"Is it these broken ?" The untestable glance has been surrounded by the surroundings of the surroundings. "It seems that things have become the same as seven years ago ....

Ice Age!!

Between the speech, the freezing force in the instant suddenly broke out, reach out of a hand, put on the floor of the palace, and suddenly the frozen force is crazy and spread, all the and the whole

The inside of the palace has cultivated crystal clear ice sculptures.

But the outside of the palace still has a constant source, like a tide, and the moment is a slight frown, and he said, "these will give you ....

Chapter 160 Battle of Moonlight (seeking reward automatic)

"Give us ... Thorker tone is falling, the two teenagers of the white and Jun Ma Lu immediately disappeared in the original place, instant to the door and countless army battle together.

Suddenly suddenly in my heart. The ice sculptures within the palace did not see the traces of the coalesday of the palace.

"Yang Yi · Tribute !!"

He suddenly felt that the air suddenly vibrated, the figure of the big tube, the fierce golden Chakra was crazy in his hand. The golden superbumin is turned into a piercer.

It is Yang Yi ?!

I saw that suddenly appearing on the cozy wood splashing, and the blind eye was shocked. I found out that there was an amazing vitality in his body.

Continuous outbreak.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

When the millennium is getting, the blood of the flash is turning around 05 for a glamorous. The

Immortal, wind, spiral, sword!!

When the figure of the moment appeared again, it had been zero-distance behind the wind to take the wind, and there was a huge spiral hand in his hand, and a burst of harsh sound explosion.


At the moment, the flash of the spiral spiral of a lot of Xianke Chakra is to hit the big tube, but this is a suddenly seen a seemingly used.

Accomplicated at each other.

Chakra's breath of the ancestors.

"Yang Yi · God blows !!!"

I saw that the big tube wood was suddenly turned, and I broke out a unimaginable gold Chakra, and I inflated an ancient, my ancestor, vast breath, I didn't see what he had?

The action, the bottom of the moment, a strong crisis was set off.

The air started to shock, a huge fist started to form, all the air was discharged by one by one inside the fist, with the absolute vacuum, instantly killing in the moment


Worse ... The cooling time of the god is temporarily.

The power of the whole body is desperate, and the speed of the body will be played in an instant.

A punch. I saw the entire attached palace, the top position was bombarded by the big tube wood, revealing the countless islands of exterior.

"It's just Yang ... and there is a god blow ...

When the moment is rebounded, I saw him only floating in half air. The sleeves of the left hand flapped, and the whole left hand is overwhelmed with deep scars.

God surgery ...

The right hand silently bloomed a group with a golden brilliant Chakra, gently put on the left hand arm, only to see the golden light Huaclas, the injury on the left hand arm

When traces are recovered.

In the past few years, God's treatment has broken through a skill that the bottleneck breaks the boundary upgrade of the bottleneck through medical nipple, and the cure is several times that of the palm of the fairy.

The target did not lose his life, and the treatment can be cured immediately, and it is very close to Yang.

"It's too big ... It seems that the IM liters of these years have made themselves arrogant ... Less see that the arm has been restored, and there is a bit muttered in the mouth.

And the body of the body does not have an effect ...

Sure enough, as you guess, yin and yang and Xianke can indeed attack the natural demon fruit power of the devil ...

"Actually didn't kill you?" I saw the flash of an eye, and the coalesque the wind also revealed the surprised expression, '. It seems that the ability to move instantly between the time space ... is you turning

It's a good thing to have an eye.

"But soon this ability is mine ... Less talking about the eyes of the big torque, the color of the mouth, the mouth, the mouth, the corner of a horrific point.

"No wonder how the guts should be done to take my life ... less

At the moment, I was quietly watching the power of the big tube wood, and the golden Chakra flame that he was upset was preliminarily inferred his strength to reach the endurance.

The level of the mountain strip.

"Fortunately, he didn't awakened his eyes ...


"Since you want my reincarnation, let me feel its power ...

Reincarnation, repulsive!!

The moment floats in the air in the air, and the words are exported. In the eyes of the eyes, Zhan Lan Guanghua masterpieces, it seems that the Xingtian's star river is in his own eyes. Once you suddenly fierce towards the big tube

Bring a punch.

Looking at the distance between more than ten meters, the big tube 583 took the wind slightly, and the face was changed, the fist in the moment did not arrive, and the huge repulsion has fly out,

All the frozen palaces, all things are broken.

After a punch, the moment is gently returned to his palm. I saw the position of the original wood to take the wind, and I have been stunned by this record. I have a huge passage.

I saw the scene outside.

It turned out to be the whole palace was in this box!

The eyes of the moment are half-half, floating in the half-air and quiet flowing, observing the movement of the coaper wood, and he knows that people who have Yangxue fairy will definitely be so easy.

Just kill.

Sure enough, the momentum of the eye is jumping, only in the huge channel below the palace, and instantly slammed the golden light, and the speed is fast to an incredible point.