The pupil of the moment is minimally contracted, and I haven't arrived at a blink of an eye. A fist who took the golden Chakra flame has suddenly bloom in front of him.

It's so fast! I feel the suffocating breath on the wind and fist, I'm flashing, and I also broke a speed that transcends the body's limit, the addition of the immortal mode.

Suddenly fighting with him ...

Chapter 161 Ultimate Model (Review Remnip Automation)

Chapter 161 Terminal mode (ask for reward automatic)

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The continuous explosion of the entire ice palace, only two people in the moment and the big tube wood have made a gold line and a white

Line, intertwined together crash.

The two people have gone, all the buildings are broken, less than a minute, the whole palace has been sore, shake


The two are like two mad dragons, and they have been fighting to the outside of the palace. Some floating islands passing along the way have been war.

The remaining wave is shredded.

"Ice Emperor !!"

The two people fly fast, and the moment is cold, and there is a burst of frozen. I raise my hand and have a huge frost dragon.

The mouth is swallowed in the mouth.

Under the bonus of the perfect immortal mode, the effort of the flash is also urged to have a very ultimate, and only the frost dragon is swallowed.

After that, the wind stripping wind is all frozen into an ice sculpture.


There is no one second, the whole ice sculpture suddenly fell, and the air was full of golden Chakra everywhere.

Light, I saw that the co-tube wood was wrapped in Golden Chakra.

The flame came out.

Yang Hui's power recovered his body's frozen wound, said gloomy opening: ' what…

, 'Sure enough, it's so good to deal with ... less

The moment is slightly frowning, and the revolving eyes are clearly seen that all the wounds on the wind strip are almost in a moment.


Yang Economic · Shock Yu !! "

I just thought of this, I saw the Yangtan Chakra crazy broke out in the body of the wind, and quickly agglomerated.

, Slammed him.

A palm of the palm, the air shook, and the moment only saw that the air is strong is that the gas is just like a air gun.

How many times the power and speed is not known to the national gossip air

I went to yourself.

, 'Sheng Dragon !! Order! "

Thinking, I don't want to show weakness, and the whole body of Xianke Chakra is running, quickly gathered to his right leg, full body muscles

Tight, the whole person is bent into the shape of a bow, but

The right leg suddenly slammed.

The dragon-shaped air guns that have been bars directly hit the strength of the big tube wood, and the air surrounded by the air.

The sound of calving, rolled up the boundless gas stream

Floating gravel and dust.

The dragon air guns that bounce out will not be reduced, it seems to have achieved a good advantage in this fight, directly bombing the big

The strength of the tube wood is strongly angry, and continue to move forward.

The coefficient of wood is roaring.

I didn't expect that the body of the moment had such a strong power, and even the knockout of himself was broken, broken by him.

Can't afford to prevent the coastal wood strip directly from the Dragon Air Cannon

The body, the whole person spurting a bloody shell, flying out.

The death of the death of the blood is locked with the wind that is blown by himself, and it is clear that his body is almost ranked by his own.

Broken, gradually recovering.

, 'It seems that Yang Yi's recovery ability is not unlimited ... as long as he can afford it outside the scope ...

The bright eyes of the blue eyes flashed, and the heart is fast analysis.

Previous situation.

It seems that the people of the immortal, although the recovery capacity is amazing, but it can't be alleged as the tail of the tail. It is even more likely to die, only to rely on yin and yang.

Seal can suppress ...

"Very amazing power ... but useless ... Any attack is not possible to kill me ...

I looked at the golden Chakra flame, the whole body injured, the wind, the wind, the wind that has been restored, and the face of the moment did not reveal the panic look.

"There is no attack to kill you ... I don't want it ... I don't want to see the big tube of the big exhibition word. The face has a smile on the face.

Even the unsatisfactory mood of the whole eternal life will eventually be covered by the yin and yang, and there is no joined person in the six levels.

The power is actually done to say this ...

"It's all ... I don't want to use this trick.

"The big tube is windy ... you are very lucky ... You are the first person to use this state ... less

I saw that I suddenly appeared like a sigh. The eyes of the eyes are indifferent to him, just like a dead.