Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 130 of the Capaci Yushu System

"Who will say ... There is still disdainful rebuttone on the mouth, but I see the eyes of the moment, the big tube wood is not known, from the bottom of the heart, a dangerous thoughts

At the beginning of the hand started. A series of complex handprints formed in his hand.

At the moment of finishing the handprint, I started to take a lot of quiet green Chakra, as a green ghost, the collar of the original white robe started a few

Black hook jade imprint.

Silver white long-haired roots have no wind, the huge circulatures of the vague Kra model brought together with the perfect immortal pattern with the moment.

Chakra and strength of explosive growth were filled with every place of the moment, and even the natural devil (Qian Zhao) active person can elevated the body, I feel that the body is in the moment.

The Buddha has to crack.

In the eyes of the wind, he saw the air surrounded by the moment.

The air surrounded by shocking, the powerful airflow is easily blown down all the gravel floating in the air, forming a circle of dust in the moment, seems to have Xuan

Austrian law.

In the vision of the white eye of the co-wood, Chatura, which has already been seen, there is also a sign of flowing.

I saw that Chakra, a piece of Chaos in the body, from a wolf to smoke, straight through the horizon.

"Are you ready to die?"

At the same time, I opened the moment of reincarnation of Kra model and perfect cactus mode, and I spit this way in my mouth ...

Chapter 162 Lifting the Dragon Battle (seeking to reward)

"Are you ready to die?"

This sentence is over this sentence. The ear of the big tube-made wind does not seem to have recently received the sound of this sentence. I saw it disappeared.

The awareness of almost relocation in his brain has not yet been produced. The whole person has been blown away.

, 'G day ! !! "

Just when he felt that his body was almost torn into a fragment, the Survival could make his body out of unprecedented energy, and the hands wrapped in a blazing Yang.

Kara, instantly hit countless boxing fingers in the air.

At first glance. It seems that his body has bombed countless golden small sun. It is a Jedi killing trick that he is a master of attacking himself.

It is always used until the wind is used until now. It is not tolerance. Nor is not simple body. More than ancient times, I haven't had the era of the era.

From some perspectives. Power is more powerful than the general tightness.

However, in the case of flashing the eye chart and the perfect immortal model, he made this 893 killing tricks only

Reincarnation, repulsive!!

I saw that the moment appeared in his side, and the blue light of the eyes were turned around, and the hand was in the hands of the earth.

The powerful repulsion instantly rolled out all the Yangfang flames around him, and his whole person was going to be saved by this repulsion. A punch that is full of destruction of the breath is directly bombarded in his body.


Yu! Yu! Yu!

I saw that the big cylindrical wood strip is like a shell that has been filled with all the strengths. It was slammed out to the island of five or six floating islands. This is not finished.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

I looked at the big torrential wood that was blown out by myself and flying, my power was blown out, and my moment was circulated. I was on the moment, and I was chasing the big cylindrical wood that was blown off.

The wind, it is necessary to play the kill again.

At this moment, almost the squatting of the squatting on the squid, it seems that it seems to be connected.

Suddenly, from the distant hanging hometown, a sky-clear gold Chakra scorpion suddenly broke out, penetrating countless obstacles, hitting the moment.

At a time, the picture is like a fixed look, and there is only such a golden Chakra scream in the world, and the power of destroying everything is moved to the moment.

Golden wheel is blown up!!

Seeing this seemingly familiar power, instantly mobilized the transcitation eye chart, the nine suspended seek jade, and finally gathered into a one.

The molded golden Chakra scream sword, the golden Chakra scaffold that burst into the temple is hit together.

When I wanted to puncture the cutting sound of the eardrum, the two shares were hit by the huge golden Chakra scream sword hit together, and the whole space was full of devastating golden light, those splashes

A little bit of a sporadic light from the shot broke a few huge rocks.

Finally, after the two Chakra scorders were completed with each other, the coaper wood struggled to get the opportunity to restore the body, and the injury that was hit by the moment was almost the same.

" !!"

I saw that the co-wood spindle once again launched the power of the temple in the distance, and a huge Yuncun appearance on the island of the island is moving up, directly in the moment.


"Is the force of the huge reincarnation in the temple? Drain struggle ... less

Seeing this scene, the mouth of the moment has been laughed, and the Zhan Blue Guanghua, the Double (AFEA), and the .

"Will-dressing, reincarnation !!!"

I saw the control of the flash of the eye, and another rock island next to it also turned a mighty god, and the body was also covered with countless layers of fans with frozen fruits.

The vacuum multi-layer ice wall formed by the vacuum, and took a huge ice knife.

Two huge stone statues hit a piece. At the beginning, the stone statue of the big torch wood was stabilized at the bottom of the stone.


I saw my means, or I was helpless. The co-wood spindle is found to have a sudden mood named her heart.

"You are already a dead person in my eyes ... less in the middle of the air, looking at him with indifferent eyes, looked at him, with disdainful ridicule.

"Yang Yi · ...

I was an anger of the anger, the wind, I just wanted to start attacking again, blinking was appearing around the moment, and then I fell to the sky, and then I felt, and all of him

All crushing bones.

Just when he launched Yang Hui's life to restore his body, his white eyes saw an incredible scene from the moment.