Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 131 of Hueding Crack System

His white eyes saw that all Chakra in the moment were between Chakra. It turns into a huge incomparable dark dragon, burning, ready to go.


When all the momentum is raised to the extreme, the moment is moved.

The whole body wrapped in black burning Chakra, the moment, with a speech could not be described, and a feet of the coaper wood, when the paint black Chakra is swallowed in the coach

When the wind is on, the space around it even has a unnatural distortion.

"There is still such a body in the world ?!"

The co-wood spontaneous wind has not yet come and blink, and the paint black Chakra, which has been blessed, and the whole person is almost in order to commercial powder.

At that time, the last idea of ​​his mind was: "Space ..." is distorted ... less

After everything came down, I watched the big wood to take the wind in front of myself, and I screwed into pieces by my fingers.

Immediately, the flash is gently released. I feel that there is a drama, the two increased models are turned on, which is undoubtedly huge for the load of his body.


Chapter 163 Huge reincarnation (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 163 Huge reincarnation (ask for reward automatic)

Feel the whole body, as if there is no cell, it is not painful. It doesn't help but M tooth with the powerful willpower.

"It seems to take a long time ... less look at the muscles that have been broken on both. The heart is dark.

The two huge rocky gods not far away are still crazy, although they have made it out of the wear ·

This battle will not have a result for a while.

I didn't pay attention to the two stone statues that continue to fight. The ability to use the revived eyes and fly back to the palace in the distance. I saw the long palace, the two teenagers of the white and Jun Ma Lu were still there.

The bustle of the big army battle.

"Secrets, bursting ice crystals !!"

White uses his own blood sustaining ice. Among the midnual army of dense Ma Ma. Dozens of huge ice hoses suddenly formed.

White is gently jumped. The whole person drilled into the ice mirror made by Chakra. The white figure was displayed in each ice mirror.

Under white control. Tens of huge ice casters suddenly burst. The fantasy ice crystal is turned on. It seems that the entire palace has a crystal snow in the sky.

But when this is a sun, the sky is sprinkled. There seems to have no number of lights throughout the palace. There is no count of on the spot.

This is the second stage of the white ice blood, and the mirror ice crystals that make itselves, it will make countless croci fragments, then in each small piece of frose fragments, as long as you can

The white figure is reflected, and the white can instantly shuttle between the fragments of the croci debris.

, 'Dance of the corpse, early vessel !! "

Seeing white makes the second phase of the blood, Jun Ma Lu is not willing to show weakness, and immediately put it hard on the ground.

Suddenly there are countless huge bones in the whole palace. Form a white bone forest, a pantya of a film.

Then, Jun Ma Lu quickly attached to countless bones, and the bones in the hand broke out, forming a spiral strongest spear, making the strong body speed kill the remaining

The army.

"It seems that the huge reincarnation is still being manipulated ... less

The moment of flying down saw this scene, and I immediately found the problem. When you drink them, "White, Jun Ma Lu, these are not finished ... come with me!"

After the instance, I reached out two, and I was shocked by my eyes. I was launched in the horizontal temple of the far away. Suddenly the three disappeared in the palace countless

Among them.

The picture is turned, through the moment of moving, the three people came to an ancient and brilliant temple.

I saw the most central government of the Temple to serve a huge glowing sphere, and the thorny rays faintly transmitted a six-diamond petal shadow, endless Guanghua

"What about my father? How do you put him?" At this time, a voice of a silver-white hair was wearing a light robe standing next to the huge reincarnation.

Anxious shouting.

Castle Moshist?

At the moment, I immediately took a subtle angle. I waved myself on the white and Jun Ma Lu, "" You are not going to go here ... Non-day family and big cylinder

Once the people of the wood are close to the huge reincarnation ... All Chakra will be sucked away ...

After saying that two teenagers were stunned. The moment was light in front of this huge reincarnation, staring at the life of endless power and magnificent rays.

The face is reflected in the look.

"Your father, he wants to dig my eyes ... I have been killed by me. ... The households did not look at the big cylindrical people next to it, and the moment is straight to the huge turn.

·· ... seeking flowers ·· ...

"You Hu said ... How can my father be killed !!" After listening to the wrong, the people can't accept this fact, directly roaring, a blast, a punch


The strength is not bad ...

At least more than this period of help and Naruto ...

I saw that the people immediately rushed to myself, and watched a punch in her face, and the moment of turning into the eyes, and suddenly his strength was judged.

However, it is obvious that the people in this period still have not become the qualifications of the opponent in the moment, and only the figure is slightly flashing, and it is easy to avoid the fists of the people.

The right leg knee is lighter to his abdomen, and he will bend his waist and bend his waist.

After making the people, I'm going to have a blue-blue blog, and I sailed a bad breath. At the same time, the right hand palm filed to the air.

A black cage is formed in the air. The left hand is cashaped. The whole person of the house can't control his own body shape, and it was burned into the black bage. Be closed


The virtual creation is also one of the ability to reincarnate the eye as a fullness of yin, and the strength of the yin is the imagination as the source, and it is created from the virtual.

The black cage created by the moment now, and the Naruto is the same as the nine big beast and the black rod used after the six immortals is the same matter, with the strength of the people, this

It is impossible for your life.