Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 132 of Hueding Crack System

"Listen ... I won't kill you ... The factory glanced at the house in the cage, and the calm opening said:" You have the potential of awakening the eyes ... Maybe there will be chance to have the opportunity in the future.

For my spare eyes ...

After that, he was hung in the cage, and the moment was stared at the huge turn of his eyes, step by step, and felt it from which it was passed.

Endless pupil, the moment of the eyes showed the light of the expectation ...

Chapter 164 God's revivement eye (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 164 God's reincarnation eye (ask for reward automatic)

"Hey! The system detected that the host gains a huge reincarnation eye. Do you ask if you absorb it. ... Factory

At this time, the sound of the unparalleled brain was suddenly passed on.

"Great reincarnation?" At the moment, he asked in his heart.

"Well ... This reincarnation is made by countless members of the big cadre, and the huge pupil, which is more than the host, you combine the big tube blood.

Wake-up to the eye may be more stronger. ', Systematic answering questions about the moment.

"So much better ... will there be a risk?" I heard the detailed explanation of the system, looked at this huge reincarnation eye, felt the ,

Get up.

"Eight first"

"Of course, there is risky ... The host your reincarnation is already the extreme of the rush ... If you absorb the same amount of ... Your eyes are likely because you can't afford so much

And crash ... The calm sound of the system seems to have no wails.

"System, are you frightening me?" I heard the system is this similar to a manager, and the moment it seems to have a bitterness when I have blended the blood of the big tube.


"I am just the truth. I'm just when you fuse the blood of the big tube. When you are in the eyes ... If your willpower is not strong enough ... You are all likely to die ...

"This is also the same ... You still have to face a choice. ... The sound of the house system resounds in the brain of the moment, which seems to be a wind chime.

"So ... Host you choose to draw or give up?" The system is finished. Eventually this option will be thrown into an flash.

One time between. The moment is silent. He fell again into two difficult choices.

If you absorb this , you can make it more powerful, but it is possible that there is a breeze because you can't afford such a huge, crash explosion, and I think about the picture.

Don't be too beautiful.

If you don't learn this , in an instant power, he can continue to be a powerful existence, but it will appear to face the strongest existence of the back.

Some unlikely.

At this moment, the moment seems to have been pushed on both ends of the Libra. But this time, his heart did not produce so many contradictions and hesitated.

The collapse system will only serve the power, if you have dignified yourself, you can become stronger, then even the system will make you effect again.

These words that have been systematically told themselves, the moment is in the eyes, and the heart is grasping a truth. Following a thought, the eyes of the moment are very unparalleled, and no more


"System, help me learn the in the blind eye. ', The whole person will calm down and said in the heart.

"Hey! The system detects that the host has gains a huge turn, and it is currently being absorbed. ... Factory

The sound from the system has just echoed in the heart, and it felt a burning feeling from his eyes.

"Amount ....

And this kind of burning feel is getting stronger and strong, as if it seems to be burned by his eyes, the true feelings can't help but stick it.

"At this moment !!" At this time, the white and Jun Ma Lu, who stood at the door of the temple, saw the moment on the high platform of the huge reincarnation, and shouted immediately.

Come, and the figure is ready to rush.

"You don't come over !! 11 In both eyes burning, the moment is directly waving and drinking them.

Between, I'm seemed to see the huge turn into the eye, and my eyes seem to become bigger and bigger. It seems that the feeling of expansion makes it almost very fast.


Just when I feel that my eyes have almost bombing, the system's voice finally came again.

"Hey! The system detected that the host successfully took the huge reincarnation. Breaking the boundary success. Congratulations to host God's reincarnation. ... less

At the moment, I opened the pain, and I saw it slightly. I saw the huge history of my eyes. I didn't see the trail at this time. It seems that it seems to be just sucked to my eyes.

Among them.

The application is reincarnating the eyes ... is not the system ... Why is my eyes or so painful. ... The household has not been able to celebrate this joy, and it's a burning burning in my eyes.

I feel that there is no reduction.

"The host, the current pupil of your eyes is not completely stable ... You temporarily do not use this pair of eyes before you completely stabilize .... Otherwise, you still have a danger of a double eye crash.

"Potholes .... The household is painful to touch his eyes. In addition, it shouted:" White, Jun Ma Lu, you will come over and help me to take a break ...

"Yes!" Seeing the abnormal situation in the distance. Bai and Jun Ma Lu Two teenagers have already been worried about their own feelings.

Now I saw that huge reincarnation had disappeared, and immediately immediately took the left and left and right to hold the moment.

"There is still one thing ... The host you still have a breakthrough bottleneck breaking the boundary. ... factory

"What?" I heard the system of the system suddenly sounded again, and the moment was closed in the heart.

"Hey! The system detects that the host spiral pills have reached the bottleneck. It breaks the boundary success. Congratulations to host the host to inject a variety of Chakra nature changes, get new capabilities!

Spiral pills ...

Close your eyes, you can hear the system's tips, the heart is medcof, if you think about it, you will open the perfect fairy model, and the spiral pills are simultaneously injected into two nature changes. do not know

Can you reach the later Naruto to get the force of the nine big beasts and the six-way fairy, it is comparable to the power like the fairy and fusion spiral hand, can cut off the gods and trauma.

(I can send it to me if there is any good suggestion for the new ability of God.

Chapter 165, the wind is coming (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 165 is coming (seeking reward automatic)

"To the system ... this pair of reincarnation ... In addition to the more powerful ... Is there anything that is not the same?" Collapse the beautiful delusion in his heart, the heart continues