Asked asked.

"Of course, it is not the same ... more powerful means that your tups will become strong ... Means your has more space ... and your eyes will feel

Wake up new ability. The factory system seems to have some dissatisfaction with this white, the answer is more tough.

Ok ... After listening to the system's answer. In the heart, I have a strong expectation in my heart, it seems that I will have more things to digest.

There is no reason to continue to be ivory in the bage, and I am in the help of the white and Jun Ma Lu. Gradually go to the palace that is more deep in the moon ...

Time has two years more than 05.

Above the moon from the countless distance of the Earth, the deepest luxury palace is in the ancient luxury palace. Four all the windows in the windows, the stone is the column.

There are countless floating rock islands outside the palace. It has formed a singular landscape that is not like.

At the moment, sit on a delicate and luxurious seat in the palace, in the dim, a pair of blue mysterious eyes shine.

After more than two years of stupid and control, the blind eye of the moment is finally gradually stabilized. There is no original expansion and burning.

Unlike the original translusion eyes, now in the blue eyes, there are also a circle of eight rhombuses around the pupil. The shape of the flap is more magnificent and powerful than the original.

"Hey! The system detects that the host Chakra has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary success. Congratulations to Chakra increase to a higher level."

Very good ... Chakra finally broke through the endurance. The level of the peak has reached the extent of the thousand hand and Yisi Bozhu ...

Although the devil fruit has not broken through the higher level. But the distance to the bottleneck breaking the boundary is getting closer.

More importantly ... After the development of the eye, it is back into the eyes of God. Not only is the improving improvement. It seems that there is no endless limit. The power effect of various pupils has also been strengthened

For example, the translorate eye · The Ship will need to be short-lived, and now there is no cooling limit under stronger pupil.

This means it means. As long as you see the enemy of this pair of eyes. Just need a thought of a thought. You can instantly kill him in an instantaneous appearance.

Accept the notification of the system push. The moment is tightly holding the fist in his hand. Feel the strength of the filling, and there is a feeling of controlling everything.

And again, I thought of two new ability to wake up my God, I almost thought that I have become a god and become the unstead of six cactors.

But the rationality of the moment also reminded himself, this is just the self-expansion caused by sudden outbreak growth, and if you have long, you have a big idea, then

What is not far from the dead dead ...

After all, the original in the original ancestors of the ancestors of Chakra, the top of the six-level peak, and finally, they will be sealed to be sealed than her weak existence, although there are many

Tatty, but this is not at the moment when it is always reminded to be careful about the occurrence of this kind of thing in the ditch.

"Blast ... will start it ...

Recovered all his thoughts, a little sighing, gently shouted with the palace that had no one in front of the eyes: 'Jun Ma Lu, white, ready, we have to leave! "

Go around

At the moment, I shouted, I was in front of the palace that had no one in front of him, I have two young ninjas that wear the beauty robes in an instant. I am on the ground.

More than two years. Not only is it more mature, but also in the two teenagers of the white and Jun Ma Lu also have a small change.

A white black hair, the perfect good face seems to have a quiet and gentle smile.

Another black hair, face cold, a pair of ice green eyes forever with indifferent colors, as if he cares about people in their own heart, no matter will not

Let him have a moving movement.

Light from the temperament of the two, one like a snow, and the other is like blood.

In addition to the outstanding appearance of the outer temperament, the more dependence is that these two seemingly unclear young ninja judges from the body to Chakra and the momentum, actually reached the shadow.

The degree, that is, the stage of the S-class Ninjie, is intricate.

"Port ... More your pace has not stopped for more than two years ... strength growth is good ... less

I saw the progress of my two parts, and I was also satisfied with myself. The two of themselves were in the original, and the Tianzi 143 is extraordinary genius, which can reach this.

The degree, it is not expected.

On the other hand, while the two brought the two people, I came out of the empty palace, and came to the palace, I looked outside is a floating island.

"I can't think of us, I have been here for more than two years ...

"Although it is a nice place ... but after all, it's too cold.

Going out of the palace to look at the outside of the palace, white stations have sent a sincere feelings around the moment.

"Although it is good ... but it is indeed too boring. There are some ... I'm talking about it. The blue god of the blue glance glances to face the face of the face, and the" Mr. Jun Ma

It seems that it is no longer waiting for it ... so let's go now ....

The voice fell, and the flash was slightly touched by the white and Jun Ma Lu, and the eyes were slightly distributed. They were gently launched. One moment is less than time, the three have come to the moon.

The space channel is in front of the space.

Use your own new eyes, reset it on the moon, after the coordinate point of the space channel. Bring two, the moment is struggling ...

Chapter 166 Goodbye Sasuke (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 166 Goodbye Sasuke (ask for reward automatic)

Tian Zhi, the grass outside the countryside.

Want! Bao Dudous! Bao!

The non-stop tolerance is spread. It seems that most ninja is fighting.

The voice that endured the impact gradually calm down, after knocing the last Ninja, Yiszo Sasukes finally quietly sitting in the ninja pile of pouring a place, hands

A grassy sword is in front of himself.

I don't know if it is affected by the inertia of the original drama, the emergence of the growth and touch of the Naruto, in order to pursue more powerful Unechebra, finally defect in two years ago

In the Village of Big Snake Pill.

It's just that there is no three generations of shots, the big snake pills, and each time I saw him looking to my own eyes, I can't help but bear it.

More stress than the original plot.

"... ... ...

A burst of applause came to see the smile of the sorrows of the big snake pills, and the mouth was unhappy. "Have an amazing talent ... Just two years have been