Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 134 of Hueding Cracks

It has reached this extent ... Sasuke you have more potential than A. ... Factory

Facing the praise of big snake pills. Sasuke's face is indifferent, there is no change, just the calm opening of the mouth: "Big snake pills ... Are you don't have better sparring here?"

This extent ... It's not enough to kill the man ...

In the face of Sasuke's rude attitude, there is no trend on the face of the big snake pill, but the desire to face it is more strong. "Of course, there is ... Come with me ...

The voice just fell, Sasuke stood up from the ninja pile, walked toward the big snake pill.

At this time, the scene suddenly changed.

"It turns out that you are here ... Senager Pills - ie factory

After the sound sounded, after hearing this voice, the big snake pills and Sasuke two people suddenly stiff, and the owner of this sound was distinguished.

"I have a moment ... I haven't seen it for a long time ... Since my last wooden leaves, I haven't had your audio for many years ... less

After returning to normal faces. The big snake pill once again flexible expression, seeing the sudden appearance next to it, and it is exactly three people.

I will see it, I only see the style of the moment. In addition to the body's momentum is more frightened than the past, a mysterious blue-blue eye gives people the oppressive feelings, which seems to be thicker than the past.

The whole person seems to be like a deep abyss.

"It seems that your strength ... I have reached a place to make me more can't understand ... Less feeling less power from the moment, the big snake pill is secretly shocked.

Is this human strength never reach the limit ...

"It turned out to be ah ... less ignorance , , gently, gently glance.

This feeling…

Sashers who have been gently swept with a look and only feel their breathing. It seems that the soul is being taken away by this eye.

"It's just a look ... I actually ... Less efforts to calm down my breath, Sasuke shocked the hands of the fists, ', is he really a monster ... clearly progress so much ... in him

In front of me, I seem to have no difference with two years ago ...

"Sorry ... I have to borrow your laboratory with ... Go to the big snake pills and Sasuke, the moment is lightly laughing.

"Of course, welcome ..." I am honored to say that I have said my own intentions, the big snake pills secretly wipe it with a sweat on the face, smile and say.

At this time, I saw the momentum of the white and Jun Ma Lu in the moment, and the big snake pill was again surprised: "White, Jun Ma Lu, you have never stopped two years. ... less

"You have known the Mr. Big Snake Mr. ... compared to Mr. Jun Lu, who has no false words with the big snake pills, and said that they have been in the past few years before.

Sensers' guidance and care.

"Can be evil ... Their two strengths are also ... At this time, the chakra and momentum of the two people in Bai and Jun Ma Lu, who are deeply embedded in their own hands in the hand.

"Hey? Sasone how you will be in the big Snake Pill ... You should not be in the wooden leaves ... Leave a little bit of the big snake pill, and it is a bit surprised to look at him.

... less looked at the white, this time, the mentality distorted sakura, his face did not make any answer.

"Well?" At this time, I saw Sasuke actually had this attitude towards my most close white, and Jun Ma Lu, who is next to the moment, disappeared directly, and disappeared directly.

The collision of the metal sounded, and I saw a white bone knife on the hand of Jun Ma Lu, and the color of the icy rack was in front of Sasuke, and Sasuke rely on the excellent insight into the three hooks.

Force, it is difficult to raise the grass in the hand to stand the bones of Jun Ma Lu.

"Don't think that you have made a lot of progress in the past few years ... If you dare to say that this expression is said, Mun Ma Lu's eyes have burst into strong killing, '. I am ready to

To kill you! "

Perhaps it feels serious in the past few years, (good) Jun Ma Lu also doesn't know where he can support it, so people who care about themselves more and more

Cherish, he can't allow anyone who hurts in front of him, even those who affect him.

"Can be evil ... less feelings from Jun Ma Lu's bone knife, the hard-supported Sasuke can't help but bite the teeth.

"Forget it ... Jun Ma Lu ... We still have an important thing to do ... Less to play with two test tubes that have been placed with two fresh red blood samples. The opening stops the behavior of Jun Ma Lu.

"Hey!" After listening to the wrong, Jun Ma Lu snorted to the bone knife on his hand, and the eyes filled with killing eyes, followed by the moment, followed by the moment.

Only left the big snake pills standing in the same place, and a huckle with a feeling of angry ...

Chapter 167 Completion Gene (seeking reward automatic)

Village, research base.

Inside the laboratory. The dim light illuminates the entire space, placed all kinds of medical devices, research instruments, and countless bottle cans.

Among the dark corridors, from time to time, the tragic mourning, that is the Ninja who is detained by the big snake, is the experimental material.

"Jun Ma Lu ... Are you ready? '

On a white cloth, Shang Ma Luping, the face is lying on the top, and there is no one to hesitate in the eyes, and some are just nostalgia and persistent.

At the hands of a small medical pinhole syringe, it is gently shaking the gene that is just synthesized from the genetics, which is part of the Mun Ma Lu gene chain.

"I am ready ... I'm adults ... Shaojun Ma Lu's voice is very calm. He has always been such a person who looks like to die.

From the child, he was detained in the dungeon. In addition to the battle, he put him out and was completely a combat tool, which was completely found in this world.

The reason until he met the moment and white, he saw the other different colors in life.

"You listen to Jun Ma Lu ... Waiting for it, no matter how painful ... You have to stick to the past ... less moment, a little worry, look at the face of perseverance.

I at least at least there is a system to help myself fusion blood genes, and Jun Ma Lu has to rely on their own will, if the will force is not enough, it is very likely to be injected with cellular genes to swallow.

This is completely dead.

"You must refuel Jun Ma Lu ... I am waiting for you and the big people waiting for you ... less white is tightly holding his hand, and it is afraid that many years of companions will dissipate this.

"Well ... less in this moment of life and death. Looking at the moment in front of you and white, Jun Ma Lu Wanni is unchanged. S face, actually revealing a smile.

Glap the arm of Jun Ma Lu, the pinhole syringe on the hand slowly tied his blood vessels, looked at Jun Ma Lu gradually closed his eyes, and the moment came out of the experiment.

The door of the room is gently closed.

"Don't worry ... He must be tall ... standing at the door of the laboratory, flashing a smile, comforting the white.

Jun Ma Lu is a powerful person. Just give him a belief that he persists, he can stick to it, this point from the original, he dragged the body of serious illness and me.

Ai Luo killed and killed, and I could see it.

Undoubtedly, now you and the white are he insisted on the only belief.

I heard the laboratory suddenly sounded a caught pain, the white face inevitably filled with the worried look, I want to open the door and take a look, but I will return my hand.