Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 135 of Hueding Crack System

Seeing the whiteness of the white, I suddenly felt that I have some experience in the hospital in the hospital in the hospital.

In a dull atmosphere, time didn't know how long it has.

The outside of the outside is gradually gray, and there is no such thing in the laboratory. It seems that it is like empty, and it is quiet.

Suddenly, the eyes of the slightly closed, the laboratory door was slowly opened, and a pale hand came out.

" ... white. ...

The pale face hangs a sweat, but Jun Ma Lu's weak face has emerged a smile from the heart.

"Too good! Jun Ma Lu !!" White next to the moment, Jun Ma Lu came out of the laboratory and jumped directly.

Seeing this scene, the mouth of the moment gradually floated a smile, his gods were clearly seen in Chakra in Jun Ma Lu, had a huge change.

Not only the amount of Chakra grows to the extent to which it is close, but also more worthless of the nature and characteristics of Chakra in his body, and a strange change occurs, this nature of Chakra

I have never seen it in any person's body.

Wake up that ability ...

From now on ... you are the strongest spear of my hand ... Jun Ma Lu ...

The night is coming, the Hua light is at the beginning.

At the end of the village of the village, the end of the village, shining a piece of faint light.

When I watched carefully, the big snake pill was just a feast of hospitality, and the lament of the muddy miseransphi sent from time to time was formed a picture of a strong conflict.

0 is ok ... ... I hope you will not disappear here ...

On the rich dining table, the big snake pills lighted the wine glasses in his hand, with the sorrowful face, a pair of dark yellow snakes looked at the moment.

"Thank you for this rich dinner. ... The factory is also lightly lighter, and it has to be said that in these respects, the big snake pill is indeed a face.

At the same time, sitting on this table, in addition to sitting in the silence of the big snake pill, there is also a silence, there are Jun Ma Lu and white. Looking at the whispering white and Jun Ma Lu

From time to time, it will sneak around and don't know what to think about in the heart.

"You don't have to be polite ... I have always been the most distinguished guests here ... less and low sultry sounds, the big snake pill seems to think of, some evil smile," before

Leaf collapse plan Agreement ... We also work very happy ... less

I said that I came back ... I didn't expect the old fox hidden to hide ... I still die in his hand ...

It's really a gap who disappears ...

"Nothing ... After all, I didn't do anything? 'After I heard the big snake pill, I was not able to eat. Continue to eat the food on the table.

"Yes ... I'm a moment ... About your eyes ... less staring at the big snake pills of the moment, suddenly throwing a sentence," With the power of creation and destruction ... and the turn of the six cactors

Evergreen and drive the eyes of the gods ... less

"Reincarnation ... I am not wrong? ',

Chapter 168 God's Taboo (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 168 God's Taboo (ask for reward automatic)

The action on the hand is a meal. The big snake pills make the entire room into a depressed dead atmosphere.

Where did he find anything ...

"Reincarnation of the eye ... God ... Less first time he heard the vocabulary Sasuke. The heart shocked silently for these words. Dark guess this contained meaning.

, 'How? You seem to be very interested in my eyes? "The moment stopped in his hand. Look at the big snake pills slightly. The eyes of the eyes with a slight taste.

, 'Nothing ... with your strength of your strength ... I didn't dare to play this idea. ... Less to see the pressure on the moment, the big snake pill is secretly shocked, and I am busy explaining: "I

It's just a very curious and powerful eye. So I "Sixty-Five Third" floors after countless ancient data. Finally let me find the name about this pair ...

Of course ... there is a variety of strong descriptions about this pair ...

"Oh .... Less to see the eyes of the big snake pills, I don't smile not to smile. With his current strength. It is not worried about this level of opponents.

Let me, you are now not ordinary reincarnation ... but a higher level of God's reincarnation ...

"Since you are so curious ... I don't mind showing you the ability of this pair of eyes ... I have a inexplicable smile on my face, and it seems to have been suddenly interested.

, 'P intestines ... Not equal to the big snake pills they react, the flash is gently picking up a plate, "This plate ... You said that I turned on behind the ground ... Will I fall into a few pieces?"

"Disc?" The big snake pill suddenly unknown, so after the plate fell on the ground, would you like a few pieces? This involves the strength, angle, area, size, etc.

Various uncertain factors.

More than the big snake pill. Just even the Sasuke. White and Jun Ma Lu also lifted his head to expose the eyes of attention.

Seeing everyone is a little curious and doubts yourself, the inexplicable laugh: ', if you don't count the small fragments ... After this tray, I said that I will fall into seven pieces ...

And there will be a piece of just falling in your right foot in your right foot ...

The moment is gently released. The plate instantly fell on the ground, remove those fine fragments, just don't have much not much to fall into seven pieces, the most surprising thing is that there is no bias that

It seems that it is the right foot of the big snake pill.

See this scene. All people on the entire table have fallen into a strange tranquility.

"This is ... There is a little hard to open the mouth, and a pair of narrow snakes exudes a desire, knowing, greed.

Sasuke on the side. Bai and Jun Ma also have a surprised to wide their eyes, and this happening in front of me is too uncomprising.

"Reincarnation, God Preferent ... Major is in the face of all people, and the reaction is gently incorporated. The moment is explained with a smile and talking to them. '. I left my eyes

Ability ... You can foresee what this world is like in the next five seconds ... less

"Foresee the future ... Shandu Snake Pill is shocked, has a big scope, this gods general taboos, really exist?

"So no matter what kind of opponent ... What kind of means you want to use ... I want to attack me ... I will be predicted in my eyes in advance ... Less seem to be very satisfied

The shocked expression, the moment continued, "So in this world ... no one can defeat me ... less

The ability to reincarnate the eyes, the god of the left eye, can see anything that happened within five seconds in the future.

Renovation, God return the ability of the right eye to the right eye, you can take anything that happened in the world. Specifies any time period in which a region is restored to the past five seconds