Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 136 of the Crash System

In addition, the ability to frozen fruits in the body is frozen, and the ability to freeze time and space ...

The left eye is foreseen in the future, and the right eye changes the past, and the might of the Tito is now ...

This is the three tricks on the hands of the moment, plus your own strength and ability, and the moment is now completely owned and the strength of anyone is ...

"Foreseeing future ... see the world's future ... Anyone's idea will be taken by you in advance .... Factory big snake pills with his hoarse voice almost. Raise, look

The eyes of the moment have no greed and possess.

Because once you have any ideas you want to attack, what to use, will attack from what angle, will be insight into him in advance ...

Because ... this is a pair to see the future eyes ...

"Is there such anything in the world?" Sasuke on the side, in addition to shocking, in the mind, there is also a deep question in the mind.

"So what about his right eye? What is it?" At this time, the thoughts of the big snake pills have taken another new question, but they are deeply buried in the bottom of the heart, and they did not speak.

If you face a much more powerful than you, you know that he is too much secret, you want to have anything is very good ... As a legendary three old fritters, this

Pot is a bit shallow to understand his big snake pill or there.

4.7 The atmosphere will have some strange a meal, and they have passed over a dull atmosphere.

About the moment of flashing ability to have just shown. No one will be mentioned. It's just that everyone's heart has a subtle idea and feelings.

Early the next morning, the sky is still bright.

Everything is immersed in silence, as if all things have not awakened.

In the moment of lying in the room, I felt that Chakra was approaching myself, and I used it slightly. After seeing it clearly, I've been inexplicably on my face.


"Sasuke ... What are you doing here?".

Chapter 169 Departs (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 169 Departs (ask for reward automatic)

At the moment, the door was opened, and the door was revealed with a young face, and the scarlet three hook jade is like a sense of anger and hatred. It is Yuxi Bozuo.

"I am coming to ask you ... About Uzhi Bo a person ... How much do you know?"

Sasuke scarlet three hooks jade wrote the eyes and stared at the moment, and he opened the door to see the mountain road.

"Touch?" I heard the question of Sasuke, and it was a bit awkward.

And what is this tone? It seems that he is the attitude of such a boss.

It is true that in such a small age, they are killed, and the murderers are the only brother from small brothers. This kind of thing is a tragic experience, but this is

Can't becomes a reason for the fork.

In the impression of the moment, if the festival starts, the personality of Sasuke is still some proud, then after the wind is passed, the character of Sasuke 05 becomes a pure weapon.

In the face of anyone who is a pair of tone and attitude.

If the Naruto is the mouth, then Sasuke is a completely tailvous, and it is installed when we have strength.

Just thinking about it carefully, it is necessary to have a good education, let him learn how to use what kind of tone and when he speaks than his strong senior, Sasuke again

The opening is open.

"You and Yizhu A are the same ninja, once the same class, you should know more or less about him?" I saw Sayuo's face, straight hook stared at the moment.

That said.

"Which aspect does you refer?" I saw Sasuke stared at himself, and the moment was taken back to see him.

"Strength ... What is the extent of his strength?" Sasuke felt the pressure of unintentional disseminated from the eyes of the moment, and his face did not naturally.

I'm's strength ... If you use all his base cards, you will take your strength ... If you think about it, you will say: "You can deal with five or six now!"

Perhaps more than ...

Of course ... If he will use it, you can use the sword and the jewelry of the jewels and the jewel ...

"Five or six now I ... After listening to the moment, I slammed the bottom, I murmured it repeatedly to leave the room, I estimate that he is in the heart of this time.

"Glaze ... You are so painful ... Skater help to create such a false icon ... really worth?"

Looking at the back of the leaving. The moment is gently muttered in the mouth within the room.


When the sun rises to the most central in the sky. I called the white and Jun Ma Lu.

"At the moment. ', White and Jun Ma Lu came to the moment, said.

"I have to go to the rain in the rain now ... You two will then come to Yuyin to find me ... less

The quiet opening of the moment. The blue mysterious eyes flashed, it seems to be able to see everything.

Yin Village?


Although the inner heart is very curious, why is it suddenly going to go to rain, but listening to the order of white and Jun Ma Lu or immediately headed down.

Then they saw two, the moment was launched, and the room was disappeared.

Unlike the trees whincvale village of Tianzhikin, Biwa is in the sky.

At this time, the village of Sichuan, the rain of Yuyin, just like a few days and night in weekdays, he continued to be rain in the rain.

Just like a tears of the old man. Always sorrow, this country that has been suffering from war.

At this time, Yu Yin Village, all about all everything in 'Hemord, the mountain pepper, including him, including his monster, including his friends and family, all related to him

Everything, all of them have been used in a dry two.

It is now Penne and Xiaonan in the leading country and village. Due to the hatred caused by the death of Mikai, now Pedn's existence makes this country and villages.

Ammember the suppression atmosphere of the thigh.

It is a high-rise tower that is rushing to the sky. Each building has a complicated rough and strong water pipe. It is the special drainage measures for the villages of the rain, which is also the village.

A big feature.