Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 137 of Huedings

At this time, in the highest high tower of the central rainy village, a deep and bright colors are hidden.

The red clouds of the red cloud, the rainy village with a scratched rebellion, orange, bright hair, sculpture generally wore a black metal, a pair of purple

Corrugated eyes have brought more cold colors to this body without temperature.

"Penne ... all the action measures in the organization are ready ... At this time, from the high tower, it has passed a cold but the sound of the sound, a boss is covered with the same black and red cloud.

Going out 347, "I can start implementing the tail beast recycling program ...

Blue-purple hair don't have a delicate paper flower, and the cold and cool face revealed the indifference of a thousand miles. It is a small man who has had a side of the edge a few years ago.

"Are you ready?" Lein heard the slight silence, continuing to look up and looked at the rain in the sky, "Then start acting ..."

"Do you want to act?"

At this time, a surprised voice came, and the space in the middle of the Xiaonan, a spiral twist, a man with a mask with a mask in a black robe.

"You came…

Looking at this man who appears in the sky. Although Xiaoshan greeted, he greeted it, but his eyes were deeply awkward.

Although everyone is the object of cooperation, this mysterious man in front of him, in addition to claiming that Yuxi Boufa, there are no real information about himself in front of them.

"Well ... this time I want to remind you ... less seems to have not seen the little look of Xiaonan's eyes, the mask is self-contained," Be careful to the moment.


Chapter 170, Chapter 170, Yuyin, Reward Automatic)

Chapter 170 Yu Yin Village (seeking reward automatic)

Kill J, day!

I heard the information revealed in the men's words. Payne and Xiaonan are slight.

Especially small south. The figure of her mind is can't help but flash in the border town of the grassland. From that day, until she will have saved himself, saved.

That teenager. This name that has been heard in the organization has contacted this name.

Think of this. Xiao Nany can't hire a little bit of itself ...

It's a disgusting person ...

"On the day?" After a while, Petion said a little doubtful opening: "He appeared in the wooden leaves since the first two years, killing the same era of the three generations, the endurance, tolerant

The world is dark, and the village is also hidden. In these two years, there is no audio in the past two years ... Just like it disappears ...

"How? He appeared again?" Been frowned. This name has been heard by him more than once in the expectation.

"No ... I have a premonition ... he may become the obstacle of our actions ... The small mask man is sinking. He seems to feel the arm who has been frozen.

In faint pain, "and ... His strength ... may have exceeded everyone's imagination ... less

"It's not too big to hinder ... After listening to the mask male, Payne seems to be, he has a round, and does not think there is something to achieve a goal.

Obstacles, "There is no significance of all obstacles in front of God ...

God ...

It seems that Yu Zhibo's round looks ... Let you become very arrogant ... I feel that I have confronted everything ...

I deeply looked at Wes in front of him. I found that he was obviously not too popular to himself. I thought that I almost killed it almost almost killed after a few years ago.

It is not a sneer in your heart.

"So ... I wish you good luck, one, no one, no more, after the mask is finished, the space around starts a spiral distortion, and the whole person lost again.

Trace, as if never appeared.

"Long door ... Do you really believe that this man said?"

After seeing the mask male disappeared, the small southern sound appeared in the whisper reminded the front of Payne, and his face wrote a worry look.

"No ... I have never been fully believed ... Less hearing the reminder next to Xiaonan goodwill, Payne shows the complete confidence of his own strength, '. We just use each other ... and

... even if he is there?

"In front of this double-round eyes ... all is only a vain ... less voice is settled, and the corrugated circle circle of Payne," Reassured Xiaonan ... do you

Your own work is fine ... less

"But ... less small south slightly, I still want to say anything, I am interrupted by Petion.

"The pain of Miko once received ... I will naturally double the world ... he left us, I will finish!"

"World ... Finally feel painful ... Peace ... Finally, we will born in our hands ... less

After seeing the huge power in front of you, I have become completely touched. The small south sighs silently in the heart, and the look of the face is not faded.

Half, but it becomes more strong ...

... If it is your words ... what will you do ...

at this time.

Suddenly, Wen's figure was hysteresis, just said in his mouth, a strong crisis suddenly gave birth to his heart.

"What happened?" Seeing Penne suddenly tightly tight body, Xiao Nan slightly looked at him.

"The rain tiger is self-cultivation ... It is used in Chakra. ... Factory only see Payne clenched his hands, revealing the color of unprecedented dignity," an unimaginable investigation

Kra ... and the number is very large ... is a very tricky enemy! "

"Is it unimaginable Chakra? Who?" Seeing Wesin revealed this unprecedented dignity expression, and the Xiaonan next to him also suddenly had a face, and some asked cautiously.

, 'I don't know! "Pethen shook his head and continued:', but you can imagine it ... The other party must be a very difficult guy .... Factory

11 Since this is like this ... then use my technique ... Go to explore .... Factory finished this sentence, Xiaonan's body began to gradually disperse countless sheets, and flew over the sky

Among them.

, 'No ... At this time, Payne suddenly said, interrupted the idea of ​​Xiaonan wanted to make an idea,', he has found us ... "

"What ?!" The small south of the styles, unbelievable open their mouths.

Just in the shocking eyes of Xiaonan, I saw the top of this tower in my feet, a little short, a slightly short tower building, a figure I didn't know when I appeared in that bit.