At this time, the rain is like a rain that never stops. Also stopped. It seems that it is destined to have a calm thing will happen ...

Cracking Yucheng System Chapter 171 Angel Small South (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 171 Angel Small South (ask for reward automatic)

"Finally found you ... Payen ... there is ... Xiaonan ... less

At the rainwater of countless falls, the moment is slightly looked at, and a pair of God is looking at the high tower directly into the cloud. It is the place where the whole rain is known as the place.

. The fenced sheets bring a sharp voice, and can quickly cut the speed of the human body, as if it is a burst of tower to hit the top of your own.

In addition to this sky-shaped paper. Among them, a strong paper spear is also hidden, and it will be placed in a dead place.

"It's a gorgeous welcome ceremony ... The blue mysterious double

Welcome me ... Xiaonan ... less

Booming ...

Countless flying paper and sharp paper long gates bombarded on the ground, the top of the tower was hit by thousands of sex, but the dust mixed with the rain, it was a moment

Can't clear one of the 817 truth.

Have you hit it ... or ...

Xiaonan's beauty with high concentration of attention, carefully observed the situation of the top of the foot tower, and the idea of ​​the heart fly quickly.

"I haven't seen such a fierce sickness for so many years."

Oh, with a vibrant taste and smashing the sound, there is no sign in Xiaonan's ear, as if you want to gently blow it in her ear, Xiaonan can even feel it from it.

A heat transferred in the middle.

, Bull!

Xiao Nan fiercely shocked, almost scared of a layer of cold sweat, which was in his own, and he was so close to his ear, if he wanted to kill

Yourself ...

Xiaonan lightly fanned his paper wings behind him, like an angel beautiful picture, turned to the enemy's death stared at the moment that suddenly appeared after him.

I saw a beautiful (AFFB) incomparable white robe on the perfect fairy mode, and the silver is free to sprinkle, and the perfect face is inlaid.

The blue dream color is deeply watching her, and it seems that there is no hostility in his eyes.

"It will fly ... Less than the small south to pay attention to the state in the sky, this ability is only seen in Wen's round.

"Daily ... ... ... less dead stare at the man who appears in front of him, and spit out this name in Xiaonan mouth.

It's so powerful ...

At the beginning, I still put a ordinary person ... I was kind, saved, ... what kind of purpose?

"It seems that you know my name ... Then I don't have to introduce yourself ... I look at the small south of the angel, and I hope that she is a little familiar and cold, and the face is

I hang up the smile, "said ... I have to thank you for the country in the country ... You're the 'Help, ... less

"Go to death! Feast!"

Paper Dance · Big Paper Hand Sword !!

Not mentioning, I heard this one again, and I also bring the hateful smile, Xiaoshan immediately launched his own Chakra, changing a huge paper hand sword, waving

The huge spoke of breaks, and the flying widop is now.

The result is unexpected, just flying out of the huge paper in Xiaonan, the moment has been re-adjusted, so that Xiaonan is flying out of the huge paper.

I lost an accurate goal at first. All of this seems to be average in advance.

This feeling ... what is going on ...

I saw the huge paper hand of myself flying, and I had a fierce explosion in the extremely long way behind myself. The small South Xin has a inexplicable feeling, not

I have to lift my eyes to my own eyes of the mysterious God.

This pair ... It seems that everything in the world is in front of this pair ...

Moreover ... It is more beautiful than this time ... it seems to be more beautiful ...

At this point, this idea is impossible to invade this idea. But soon, I was in my heart in my heart. Caled this ridiculous idea.

"Let Chakra produce paper changes ... can then be mixed into your own surgery, is it a special ability. ... Factory

At this time, I was quietly floating in the air, and I also observed Xiao Nan's ability. The heart is darkly refrested. "The world of nigs is really unyielding ... No wonder Xiaonan is called fire

The most dull people in the ribbon ... This kind of Chakra changes into paper. Then the mixed epitope becomes the ability of the explosion. She is already equivalent to a humanistic printing machine. ... Factory

The two people are silent, but smaller is a look of dignified alert, and the moment is a look of playful.

Looking at Xiaonan to see his eyes, it seems like to be aware of the flood beast. Suddenly there is a honest hard laugh, ', I said Xiaonan ... don't need to be better

Let me ... I am not a good person ....

It seems that there is no smiling in the words of the moment, and the small south refrigeration face is still a vigilant look. The opening said: "The day is in the moment ... you suddenly appear rainy ....

"What is your purpose?" The small South Qing cold face is still indifferent to a thousand miles away.

"My purpose ... I'm slightly slightly, and I finally said after a moment:" I came here today ... I came to Payne ... "

"Looking for Payne ?!" I heard this name in my mouth, Xiao Nan is gently shock, it seems very surprised.

Looking at the mysterious doubles of the same god, that is like knowing everything. Insight everything. Xiaonan found this man in front of him.

At this time, the rain is like a rain that never stops. Also stopped. It seems that it is destined to have a calm thing will happen ...

Chapter 172 of the Crane System to wear future eyes (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 172 looks to the future eyes (ask for reward automatic)

"Don't use this tiger to look at me ... I didn't have malicious to you ... I saw that Xiaonan looked at his eyes in his eyes, and he said with a good idea.

"Is there a malicious?" Wen Yan Xiaonan slightly. Indeed, if he wants to kill himself. Just now, he can have reached this purpose ...

"No matter how ... What is the purpose of Payne?" Although the deep feelings feel that it is not malicious to himself. However, reasoning to let Xiaonan still don't dare to relax.

That mysterious eye ...

That powerful momentum ...

"In any case ... At least the minimum, I have to try out some intelligence about him ... White and this, Xiao Nan gently bite the teeth, and start to launch Chakra, I am going to start.