Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 140 of Hueding Crack System


Suddenly. Her slight action stopped.

Because one hand has been gently held on her neck. I have listened to something helpless from her back.

how can that be?!

It seems that there is more difficult to confuse the expressions from the face of Xiaonan, and the station is stationed in her, and the mouth is behind her mouth. "I know this body now."

The body is paper branch ...

"I also know that you just want to use two waves hand sword attack me ... The first wave of paper hands in the sword is the attack ...

"Then when I escape your second wave of paper hands in the sword. Using you mixed in the second wave of paper hands swords in the swords, detonating from me ...

The moment is like a lover, saying that it is said to her ear, but the content is revealed, but it seems that a bomb is in Xiaonan's heart explosion.

How do he know?

Xiao Nan is shocked widely of his eyes. All this is just the idea in her heart, and has not constituted actual actions ...

Why do he know all?

"Is there really a mentality in the world? Or .... The factory is in the south of the stunning. When the heart is more, it is gently explained her doubts for her.

"My ability to left the eye ... It is a foresight for the future .... The household has a inexplicable smile with a whisper, whispered his ability.

This is not to die ...

And it is this ability to predict future in advance, even if the enemy knows, it is nothing to prevent ...

"Forecale future ?!" Small southern stiff slowly turned his head and looked at the eyes of the eyes with her incredible eyes.

See the future of the future ...

"So ... you are in front of me ... any one ... I want to attack me in any way ... I will be seen in my eyes in front of you, and I'm slim.

The micro-power, put the small south in the hands, turned into the paper on the sky, "We will use your real body next time ....

In the high sky of this rain, I watched the paper on this rain, and I watched the paper. The mysterious blue eyes flashed and whispered.

"how can that be?!"

At this time, there is a forest outside Yuyin Village. A paper big tree that doesn't look carefully who can't find it. Xiaonan is incredible to confidently shouted.

"What is the result?" It's next to the black metal rod, which is in a long door in the instrument like to learn life, see Xiaonan so lost, when the opening query

Get up.

"See the future eyes ... Less only see the small south of the information that receives the information to pass the paper, there is a little confused mutter: ', the paper has been eliminated by him ... His eyes seem to be able

Enough enough to come! "

"Forecitation the future ?!" I heard the words of Xiaonan, the whole body thin bones, the face of the face, the long red hair covered a pair of rounds. The bloom has been surprised.

"Every mind will be seen by him ... Every attack will be insights in advance ... His eyes seem to be able to see the hearts of the people ... Finally, it is unreliable ...

Carefully analyze the information acquired by paper. "And his movement is completely eloquent ... I even suddenly appeared suddenly, I didn't know it.


·· ... seeking flowers ...

"Is it so strong ?!" I heard Xiaonan's analysis and description, the long-door purple reincarnation began to reveal the look of a dignified look, 'The old head ... It seems to be a serious right

The opponent is ...

"Sorry, the door ... except him to tell me the ability ... I didn't test out any of his ability ... Less I thought I just made a short-lived hand in my own paper, and some apologies in Xiaoshan.

It is said to the long door.

"Don't let it ... no matter what the ability ... is in front of God ... all in vain ... Less door, I saw Xiaonan's younger, casually comforted her, and reincarnation

In the eyes, it took a slice of war, ', since killing the mountain pepper half hide this time ... Six Pairs have not been fighting for a long time ... less

"Small South ... You are here to protect my body '' side, saying that there is an amazing Chakra, and communicating the six body, reincarnation of communication, and reincarnation.

Evil in the eyes disabled powerless pupil.

At the same time, in the high-rise tower of Yuyin Village, the Tiandao Wen quietly stood in front of five similar coffin, and looked at the corpse of the black metal rod inside.

The body gradually moved.

Several breathing time, plus Tiandao Pedan's total body full body exudes metal-like gloss, proudly standing in front of Yuyin Village High-rise Tower, six pairs of same purple reincarnation

The village of the whole rain under the feet is high, and it is unable to imagine the momentum of the whole rain.

"Japan to the moment ... Let me see what kind of power you have ... dare to challenge will change the order of this world! '

Crackshell system Chapter 173, Six Paene (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 173 Luo Petion (ask for reward automatic)

Yu Yin Village.

After the rain stopped in Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang. A few magnificent rainbows have emerged in the sky.

At the streets of Yuyin Village, some curious appreciation of all the houses around all the water pipes, these are the special style of the village, and the moment is found.

There is no pedestrian on the street.

"It's a crying village ... less

At the moment, I suddenly stopped my footsteps, I murmured in my mouth, it seems to be said to you, and it seems to be said to others.

"Yeah ... I hate the rain ... this country is a crying and crying!"

"So ... I changed it ...

"Next ... I have to change this whole world!" 897 1111

At this time, a voice that was incomparable is coming. I suddenly became covered by shadows on my head and became infinite.

Don't look up, I'm going to see it clearly, that is a huge metal black bar in a nose, a pair of wings, a wings, a wings, a wings

The eyes are disseminated with a bovine carbon.

Increased Welfare ...