Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 141 of Hueding Crack System

Pickups applied to a specific ventilation beast. Tongling beast will split after receiving the attack ...

The blind eye of the moment is slightly turned. It has been analyzed that the situation in front of you, this huge hound is the spiritual beast that is a psychic spirit of one animal road in Luo Penne.

"The more proliferation of the attack, the more proliferated psychic beasts is ... I think it is just because the power of attack is not enough ... less

Looking at the hunters that have dropped down from the sky, the moment of the mouth flourifies a laughter.

Immortal · Fusion Spiral Hand Sword !!!

The awakening of God's eyes, relaxing to Chakra in the moment, the change of the six major nature of the gloring water, quickly mobilized the huge in the body, and entered the wind.

The nature of the three Chakra properties changes, between the blink, and there is a spiral hand like a small asteroid huge spiral.

"This is ... The reincarnation of the little animal road Pen En is shrinking, and the level of Chakra is changed ...

I saw the huge spiral hand sword in my hand in my hand, except for a circle of sharp winds around Kra, and the middle of the murderous rock is still continuously turned into the high rotation.

Temperature and heat is exactly a spiral hand of three Chakra nature changes, blood joint elimination level.

And under the infrastructure of Xianke Chakra, the power is completely inferior to the end of the fairy and fairy spirals of the end of the final battle.

After the huge spiral hand in his hand, the whole sky exploded a huge magma storm, dyed the whole sky, all things lost in a moment.


After the dust settled, the animal road pawn settled. I saw the unlimited psychoenen retriever who released the unlimited proliferation, and the bones that had been fried were not found.

"This kind of power ... less and see the exaggeration effect caused by the ostrich of the moment, the face of the benes, Pednes, showed the color of the unbeatable lifting, it seems that it is absolutely imagined in front of himself.

It is also difficult to deal with more.

, 'Quickly summon the rest of the five Payne ... Otherwise I am afraid that you will never have a chance ...

Landy standing in the same place, the moment is slightly written in the mouth, his left-eyed reincarnation, God presuppose, insight into the movement of the animal road Petion in front of him, is to use the spirit

The operation summons other remaining five Luo Petion.

"Your eyes ... Less I heard the flash of my own ideas and the things you have to do, there is a shocked look on the face of Benedown, and he has a blind eye from the moment of the moment.

I feel that I even beyond my own turn, "I really say that I can foresee the future ... less

Tongling's technique!!

The animal road Payne decisively made the spiritual surgery, summoning the rest of the five six Pennes ...

There is a feeling of his heart. If you don't hurry to summon all the six Pairs, maybe it will be like the same moment, I will never summon it.

After the smoke is exhausted, the moment is quietly looked at the six six pairs of Penne, the clear purple round of the Qing Dynasty, the red clouds of the Qing Dynasty, the only difference is only the appearance.

The difference between the body.

"Six Paeion to Qi ... Next ... just let you feel the power of God ... Less-headed Tiandao Wen Station, a pair of purple rounds look indifferent to the moment, as if everything is


"Streaming as God ... less

I suddenly laughed, and I smiled. One person wants to swell into a kind of point, will be called God ...

"The day is also known for you ... I have been known for you ... less seems to have not seen the mock on the face, Tiandao Payne continues to say," From you as a ninja, it has always been

In the story of you ... even if genius is as glance, you will be collected to you ...

"Even ... Some places have begun to rumors, you are currently the strongest ninja in the Ninja ... The heavens Petion said, while the round of the nematic looks out," but

It is now showing ... Those rumors are only named 4.6 ...

"Because you didn't even have this self-made force ... Rank to challenge God's majesty !!" This sentence is indeed full of majestic, good

Everything in front of you seems to be small in his eyes.

"Well ... still self-proclaimed God? Seeing Tiandao Payne despise everything, and the blossoming of the blind eye is unable to flash," If you have to stick to

This comic title ...

, 'P intestines, this is called to die ...

Renovation of the eye, I have an eye old, the two have the eyes of the power of creating and destroying, finally colliding together ...

Crash System Chapter 174 God's Renovation Eye VS Retrieval (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 174 God's reincarnation eye vs turn back to the eye (ask for reward automatic)

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

Among the two strong momentum, the blush of the blue eyes flashed in the moment.

"Good fast ....

When Wesin's round looks again, it will see the figure of the moment. The moment has appeared in their middle, and a punch in the Sixth Road in Penz is smashed into the Six Road.

This mobilized mobile method ...

, 'It is too slow ... I have a mid to ridicule in my mouth. I looked at it. I was using myself to go back into the back of the squeezed comprehension, scattered a mechanical component.

Immortal, dust spiral pill!!

Xianli Chakra has poured out, and the flash has formed a huge-incomplete white round light ball in his hand. It is a spiral pill that combines the change of the nature of the earth, the wind and the fire.

It is a bloody phase-out of the blood session level, and in the perfect immortal model, 08 power is unimaginable.

That is…

I saw a huge white round light ball in my hands. The pupil of Payne slammed, and the hungry ghost Peden's body surface immediately launched a transparent light film.

Opported suction!!

Payne just wanted to use the hungry and ghost-angry ability to absorb the huge spiral pills on the hand of the flash, but did not find out the blushing of the blules of the blush of the blush, and the mouth came up with a smile.

The moment turned to a huge semi-spiral pill in the hand. There is no big sound. I saw the Hell Road Petion along with the surroundings. Instant is blind

The huge dust spiral pill threwed out was broken down into an atomic form and turned into a virtuous dust.

Damn ...

Forgot his eyes, there is a predictive future ability ...

See the moment of instantaneous transfer target, ignoring the ghosts, absorb Chakra and the barotomy, using that terrible ticking will be able to recycle all six Petion's hell roads