Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 142 of Hueding Crack System

Virtual, Payne can't help but change his face.

"If it is not a corpse ... I think that your face is very exciting at the moment ... There is a slight ramp, and it is not as good as our own Petsu, he finished

You can do a rolling gesture.

In the face of flashing ridiculous, Payne's face finally revealed that there was no comparative loving look, this is his most powerful opponent in history ...

He remembers that some people have said that fighting is like a play game. Who can't expect anyone else's next step?

But now ... Sometimes, even if you haven't thought about it, you will make any move ...

In front of the moment, I have already seen myself in advance. How is this?

, 'Is a terrible ability ... I admit that you have the challenge of God ... but ... but seeing the hell road after being eliminated. The Tiandao Payne's reincarnation exudes the purple light

I reached a hand, I was aligned, and a huge gravitational attacked, 'The majesty is uncomfortable !! "

"Vientiane Tianzhen is. ... households to the eye, God premise all the moves of Payne, the expression of the moment, the expression of the gods, the blushing of the blue light, endless

Endless pupil is slightly divergent, but it is also a trick, "I can easily pull down the whole moon !! What is you ?!"

A big gravity of the turn of the round, fiercely broke out, in the eyes of the heaven Wes, and the gravitation of the blind eye using God took him over.


The huge dragon shaped that the Tiandao Pedne is suddenly kicked out, and it is like shells, and it is like shells. The whole man has repeatedly wear several buildings in Yuyin Village.

Ten thick water pipe bursts, spraying the water flowers, as if the rain hidden the village again.

"The so-called god ... just this extent?" Looking at the water flowers, there is a bit of a bit of a boring mouth, the left eye is blue, the blood of the blush, the vision of the vision is flashing again,

Another time I predict the movement of the remaining six Petion in the field.

Tongling's technique!!

I only see the animal road Payne handsheart, behind the empty midstream, the mysterious rune, crab, lobster, chameleon, Bawu, Rhino, rhinoceros ... 10 huge psychic beasts instantly

I was summoned and saved, and the huge attack is like a black cloud cover, a shadow covered the entire sky on the moment.

"Extreme ice cord !!"

In the body, I have already brewed the frozen force crazy, and the moment is in the air, and the air is frozen in the space around the space, condense countless huge ice pins.

Each diameter is close to ten meters long and close to nearly 30 meters, and it is a huge psychic beast in the half-air.

Ten of the huge Tong Dynasty beasts were blinked into the sieve. The blood flowers sprayed out into a red ice, and the frozen blood of the sky was brought.

In the surroundings of the remaining three six Penne, the moment is standing in this sky, which is like a beautiful but killing the gods, everything seems to be so uncomfortable.

Just like ... God ...

In the Six Pair of Pene, I couldn't help but muttered, and the purple strange reincarnation revealed a confused and unique.

It is said that he is often self-satisfied. It is often like a god.

Immortal · Burning Spiral Pill !!!

I saw three Pennesa slightly somewhat slightly, and I had mixed two kinds of Chakra, which had changed the crest of Chakra nature. Holded a huge, sun, and bright yellow light.

Amazing heat is exuded in it.

"As the leader of 'Xiao, the leader is known as the' God '... Ready to die?"

Gently, you will take advantage of the amazing burning spiral pills, although it is not the blood of three Chakra's nature changes, but in the moment of the perfect immortal model, Chakra, Chakra

No one dares with your life to take the power of this ...

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After breaking through the bottleneck, after breaking the boundaries, you can invade the spiral pills that change multiple Checklastic changing, and you can have flowers in the hands of the moment.

"Little self-ending. ... Factory saw the moment of imitation despise everything, as a long-term control of all the best in the Xiahe Yuyin Village, six Petion feels that his dignity has never been never

Some tramples.

Opported suction!!

I found that the amazing energy contained in the brakes in the hands of the burning spiral pills, hungry Ghost Pedn directly, the front hand opened a piece of intangible shroud, I want to suck the power of the round.

Receive this terrible sickness.

"It's really innocent ... I'm hovering the disdain, the blue gods have changed in the eyes, and the eyes are.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

After instantaneous movement to the hungry Ghost Petion, at the perspective of the remaining two Wesky rounds, Hungou Penn just reacted, I wanted to turn, and I was blocked with a distance of a distance.

Kicking out, dragging the long ditch on the ground in Yuyin Village.

Nearby !!!

After a 513 feet kicked out, he immediately turned out the burning spiral pill in his hands into the remaining two Luo Pethen. There is no too fierce sound, I saw

Two six Luo Pills attacked by the hooded in the hands of the hooded hooded, even the scream did not send, together with the surrounding air and the environment, quickly evaporated all

The moisture is chemically made two dry bodies, like two mummy lying on the ground.

If the Wei Han's sandy ninja Ye Cang can see the power of the fairy and burning spiral pills in the moment, it will sigh, and surprised, the mouth. Paku is close.

, 'Is too weak ... Less four times, I have been cleaned up in a circle, I have been cleaned up with six Peden, and I can't help but shook my head. "You rely too much to look back, you have no round, you don't

7e ~ two

What's more ... This double-round look is not your own ...

I am talking about it. Suddenly, I turned a little inexplicable smile. Because his left eye's blind eye is predicted in advance, the next change in the field.

"The day, I have to say that you have successfully aroused the anger of God ... less

I saw the Tian Dao Payne, who was bombarded before, was bombarded, and rushed in an amazing speed. Thorbing, the whole face and the Yunnan have already smoked, the whole person

It seems that it is both surprising and strange.

At the moment, he knew that this is because the body of the heavens Petion has been transformed and constructed by the long-term transformation and construction. It is far from the normal human body. Even in the original

In the case of six tails, he can rely on this attack of the body to be the six tail of the nam.