"Feel the pain! Shen Luo ... Lessong. The stabbed Tiandao Payne, the blocked face seems to be distorted with angry flames, rushing to the moment, lifting one hand, I am holding a flash, purple

The big odds of the strange reincarnation were distributed, and a powerful repulsiveness was eunish.

"Who knows that there is no change in the laughter on the face, just the blue god of the blush, the glimmer of the mystery, a lot of

A more powerful repulsive force suddenly broke out.

Reincarnation, repulsive!!

In the moment, a fist in the eyes, in the eyes of Tiandao Pethen, he only saw the powerful repulsiveness that he released his entire ground became a circular deep (AI FA) pit.

It is necessary to hit the body, but after the moment, I suddenly swayed a punch, a shares were suddenly hit by his gods, and he broke through his repulsive.

The circle, suddenly bombed his whole person again.

"How could it be ... Is there a more powerful eyes in this world ?!" Brake flying in the air of Tiandao Payne, the mind is unable to have this.

I thought, suddenly I remembered the blue mysterious colors in my eyes, it seems to feel a more powerful pupil that seems to be more powerful than myself.

"Give up ... All your one move has been predicted in advance. ... Less suddenly sounded the sound of Wesin ear, and he didn't know when you look at it.

At his side, his face was still with the disgusted smile. "In front of my double god, there is no such thing as a variety of things ... less

"God's reincarnation ... What is it ... Listen to the voice of the wrong. With deep doubts and dare to confuse, the Tiandao Penne is whispered.

"You don't need to know so much ... You don't need to know, ... less talk room, the moment, a boxing in the Heaven Petion, instantly, a punches into the ground," this

Whether it is human and human struggle, or the fight against eyes. You have lost! "

The dust is raging, filled in the streets of the rainy village.

In the dust of the sky, if the figure of the moment is long, if he is a hidden, he only sees that he gradually moves to the front of the ground.

The heaven Peden lying in the pit hole is got down, and the slightly bending the waist and put a hand, grabs the clothes at the black and red clouds, and put him up.

"Let me guess what tricks do you have? ', Look indifferent to the Tiandao Payne, who is lifted by himself, and whispered the words in the mouth," Super · Shen Luo Tianzheng? Or

Bowstone Star? "

"In my foreigner, in front of the future, what kind of ideas you have ... no matter what kind of ideas and tricks ... I can instantly kill it in advance ... I have a few things to say, but spit from him.

Every word, it seems that all the leaders of Xiao, Tiandao Payne's self-esteem, '. But as you take. Yue, I have been remuneration ... I can allow you to let you go again ... .

Chapter 176, Chapter 176, Food (seeking automatic)

Chapter 176 After the defeat, Luo Pen (seeking reward automatic)

"How did you know how much my ability ?!"

I was in my hand in my hand. I heard every sentence mentioned in the moment. It seems that there seems to be a hint of angerous red, but anger while anger.

His inner heart has a great fear and uneasy, "Don't your eyes really read through the hearts ?!"

"Oh? Read through people? ', Hear the voice of Tiandao Payne, watching his distorted face with uneasy colors, there is a little taste smile," How? I finally not claimed to be God in front of me.

What? "

, 'L Ah !! God Luo Tian !!'

I heard a trick and ridicule, as if I couldn't accept the fact that I was pulling crushed in the moment, I was in my hand, and the Tiandao Wen, who was in his hand, was angry, and the round looks.

I broke out a powerful repulsive force, and I took out in my hand.

Although the appearance of the moment, he went on the action of Tiandao Payne, but it did not stop it, but his face with interested looks, gently use it to avoid reincarnation

The expression of the eye, the figure appears in the other side to look at him quietly.

, 'I have to admit ... I really read you ... Old to the brake ... You are a horrible opponent .... The factory uses gods to break away from the Heaven Benedown of the moment, and dead stare at the wheel of the moment.

In the eyes, it reveals the color of the seriousness, "After using this trick ... will cost a lot of Chakra ... but there is no way .... Factory

"I only feel the pain ... I can know the preciousness of peace ... Let you see the Six cactors to create the world's greatness ... less Tiandao Pen En is hard to say, start crazy madness

Chakra in the body, one hands and one, gradually floating a dark ball in the heart.

"Budget star !!! ',

Star star ...

At the moment of the blind eye, he saw the six Petton, and there were fewer Chakra, which condensed a black sphere with energy height aggregation.

The black ball gradually floated to the high altitude, the huge incomparable gravity began slowly, the ground began to vibrate, the streets of Yuyin, began to collapse, all the construction

All of them are all in order to huge gravers, all all on the ground will be raised.

The dense fog and the clouds began to cover the light of the sun, and the rocks in the high-altitude of the traction began to gradually form a huge 'Star', pulling it under this strong gravitation, and the moment is also open.

Slowly drift over the sky.

Yeah, together, the stars! Japan to the moment !! "Seeing the momentum of the sky, the sky, the heaven Peshen didn't care about the blood hanging down, and immediately angry, full

Chakra in the motion, increased the gravity of the Budget star.

"It's really spectacular ....

Quietly looked at the huge 'planet in the sky, pulling himself, the hands of the flash began to quickly printed, countless green Chakra flames started from him, and the collar was more

Several black hooks were imprisoned, and the white long hair roots were flying, and nine out of the fluorescence jade was surrounded by the body.

"Golden wheel is blown up !!! ',

A fierce drink, the moment, the moment, the nine, the jade is high-speed, and it is shunted together to his hand, and suddenly makes a golden Chakra scream through the heavensh.

The huge 'planet' in Qi Tian, ​​I'm slamming the sky, the sky, the golden Chakra scream, enough to pierce all the harsh cutting sound of all the eardamers, and suddenly there was only a rest between the heavens and the earth.

This is like a golden ray that walks through the heavensh.


As if the whole world has shocked some, there is no total of the general golden Chakra scorpion and the explosive starry, and the energy shock wave visible in the high altitude is spread.

All the clouds in the sky are all disagreed.

I saw a huge, planet, and the glimpse of the swords of the world were swaying in the morning, and all the traction was stopped, and countless boulder began to be crazy.

come down.

· ...... seeking flowers ...