Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 144 of Hueding Cracks


Countless falling boulders set off the dust and ashes, but all this can't cover the horizontal expression on the face, it is hard to imagine a cold body.

Expat such an expression.

"The earth-explosive stone is actually muttered by the Tiancao Wes, the golden Chakra scream sword running through the world, let his mind remembered a few years ago

The stunned gold light column encountered in the cave when the organization meeting was taught.

It turned out that he was he ...

Slowly floating from the sky to the front of Tiandao Payne. At the moment, I looked at his face. The shocked look, slightly outlined his mouth, "Is there any trick not to come out? '

"Japan to the moment ... There is a deep mouth in the little mouth, Tiandao Payne seems to tell this name forever inscribed in his own heart, and the attitude of all the eyes on the face is also excited.

All the anger in him, "pay attention to your attitude ... you face God!"

"It's enough ... I think I have lost all the patience ... Less hear of the heavenly Tiandao Payne still insisted on this comic title, and the blue eyes of the blue eyes are cold.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

In an instant, in front of the heaven Petion, he was awkward, and the high-legged hiking bombardment in his naked eye was on his chin, and he suddenly kicked him to the air. brake

That Zhan Blue has flowed, and it will be launched, and the transient appears in front of the air Tiande Payne.

"Shen Luo Tian !!" The unimaginable Juli is flying to the sky, Pene, seems to be aware of the moment of moment, and quickly launched the gods, the powerful repulsion broke out.

The air is discharged from all the materials.

Is it attacked?!

Tiandao Pesi looked around, but did not see the movie of the moment, just at this moment, the sound came from the top of the head.

"Bored farce ... ended ...

Chapter 177 of the Crash System to find your body (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 177 finds your own body (ask for reward automatic)

"Bored farce ... Ended ... Like a long time, we wear all the reactions and responses made by Tiandao Payne.

Immortal · dust spiral pill!!!

With the sound of the head, there is a huge sphere that exudes white rays. As if a round of eternal Daily. Constantly enlarged in the turn of the heaven Payne

"So ... next is your body ... Swirl longmen ... less

Looking at the Tiandao Payne, which symbolizes the leader of the organization and Yu Yin Village, is broken down into the least small particles in nature in their own dust spiral pills, and it looks at it.

It seems that some desolate standing in place, muttering.

If the whirlpool head is used to be used by the mountain pepper half-hidden, the double "seven or seven" legs, can't move can only rely on the way six corpses to fight, if you can turn your eyes back to your eyes

If you are integrating, you may have a good play with yourself ...

Unfortunately, there is not so much in the world.

Anyway, in front of his own eyes ... the result will not have anything ...

The moment is gently touching your eyes. The orientation of the endless mobility is gradually walking toward the long door and the small southern body.

"Cough! Cough! Cough ... less

Not far from Yuyin Village. The inside of the large tree formed by the paper, a strong cough, breathing, accompanied by a hint of blood, only seeing the mouth, the long door is constantly upset

The month of the month, this is more profound at this time.

"Long door ?! Are you okay ?!" I saw the state of the long door suddenly walked into this, and the small south on the side couldn't help but exclaimed.

"Call ... Ha ... call ... there is a strong breathing in the mouth, as if breathing air is an extremely extravagant thing, the face of the long door reveals a deaf and incredible look, '. Last one

Pethen ... also beat ...

Be defeated ?!

The door said that I was defeated?!

Xiaomi's leader, the only god of Yuyin Village, killing the Ninja, who has been hailed as a "half-border, half-tibia, is called the Ninja that will never fail, with three big mouths to high

The human eye looks back into the eyes, and he said that he was defeated ?!

And from your own paper, it is destroyed, and the six Petion is dispatched to the time now, but only ten minutes, the invincible long door is actually in the moment.

Ten minutes?!

So will they have more power to the enemy ?!

The day is now ... Xiaonan can't help but bite your lips ...

That first, myself is rescued, and the teenager ... Is it so powerful ...

"It's a strong eye to the back of the eyes ... Every thought and move will be predicted in advance ...

"I can't imagine body ... Those who are not human can be made ...

"The power of powerful smears ... There is also the ability of ice ... Hundreds of mobile ways to find ...

, 'Six Paragon in front of him seems to be a ridiculous lineup puppet. ... less

"Simply ... it is like God's power ...

The long door is another sentence. Mal sigh, let the south of the somewhere have opened their eyes, inherit the long door of the six immortals, always live in the long door of God, now actually

However, the opponent is God.

, 'Is there such a strong person? "

When Xiaonan shocked inexplicable, there was a little familiar, and the voice of some minor peaches passed into their ears.

"It originally hiding here ...

The outer glare light is transmitted, and the sheets that are disguised into big tree samples are opened, and the small southern and long gates can be seen under the mapping of strong light.

But the voice of the people and the mysterious eyes of the blueprints, and clearly told them their people's identity.

"Japanese ... ... ... less with unable to ponder, Xiaoshan, a word, I have read this name.

Paper Dance · Paper Rain !!