Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 146 of Hueding Crack System

"Do you want to turn back to your eyes ... I saw him using the purple reincarnation in my eyes, I deeply looked at the blue mysterious doubles in the eyes, and said with a bitter tone:" If I didn't see it.

Wrong ... Your pair of eyes ... should you still be on your eyes? "

, 'This doesn't need you to know ... I don't plan to explain more for them, "I naturally have my use ... and ...

"Even if I can't get ... I can't fall in some people ... Say here, the moment of the moment suddenly became a sinking.

Ice Emperor !!

I saw this moment, I suddenly shot, and the forces of frozen in the body came out, raising your hand is a mad frost dragon, a punch to the side of the door.

"What are you doing ?!" Xiaonan is unbelievable and exclaimed. She did not expect this moment, there is no sign of it, and she is going to the long door. She wants to shoot and have already

It's all right ...

Chapter 179 of the collapse of the jade system (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 179 Based (seeking reward automatic)

Ice Emperor !!

I saw a huge frost dragon, hit the side of the long door without signs.

At the moment, the space around the long door is distorted, and it seems that the moment is a sharp attack. The long door is being distorted, and it quickly returned to calm.

It seems that everything has not happened.

The huge frost dragon bombarded the side of the door, after falling to the air, instantly frozen the surrounding ground.

"What do you want to do ?!" At this time, I saw the flash of the moment, and the small South immediately responded, and the eyes were shocked, and there were countless sharp sheets to start the flying dance.

However, at this time, the moment did not see her moves at all, but quietly stood in the same place, suddenly took a inexplicable tone to say: "I haven't seen it for a long time ... Yisi Bo

:. Belt soil ...

Yischo belt?!

I heard a strange name in my mouth, Xiaonan and the long gates were slightly smuggled.

At this moment, two suddenly surprised to see the space after the moment, a spiral distortion, from which they all met the figure, a mask, a mask, male

Spot, O

"I haven't seen it for a long time ... The day is in the moment ... With a deep tone, wearing a dark costume, the face with a vortex mask with a vortex mask is in the back of the moment.

How did he know that I will appear?

But at this moment, Yu Zhibo has a deep doubt that he has just wanted to take advantage of the long-door in the long gates, suddenly absorbed him into his own mighty space.

As a result, it seems that he will suddenly appear in advance. Directly suddenly use the ability of frozen fruit to attack the spatial point he appeared.

"Why do you appear here? You '!" Seeing that the sudden appearance of Unexpello belt soil, Xiaonan's face immediately turned a good look.

She has begun to have some words that I have just said ...

This self-proclaimed, Yuxioba, mask male. I have never been seen in front of them. And yourself and the long door is nothing to know ...

It seems that he just tried to shoot the long door ... Is it really like a day?

"Oh ... I have an exactly to save you ... After all, we still cooperate now not?" As if did not see the little doubtful look, Yuxi Bo

Some deep laughs with soil.

"In order to save us?" Xiaonan did not have a colorful station to the side of the long door, and his eyes stared at Yisi Bo, and she is now no longer believes any of his words.

"Yuxi Bo belt ... This is your true name ..., ..." This is the long door on the side, a pair of purple strange reincarnation, I also stare at the belt in front of him.

"Yuxi wave belt ... It's really a long time, ... Less hear that his name is re-filed, and the soil is only a written eye, it seems to be with a single remember and

The look, "just ... this name has no sense now ...

"Yu Zhibo spheres ... I am my current name ... Less think of all the plans, and the ideal world, the eyes of the earth, gradually become somewhat crazy, turn the line of sight to the side of the side

South and long gates.

"Swirl Director ... I remember that I have already remind you ... The old to instantly be a good role ... Less taking the land quietly looked at the long door in front of you, the tone is getting more and more, '.

It is still the same ... I still recovered your turn back to the eye ... I will be cheered by me later ...


After listening to the Tongli said, the long door and Xiaonan face revealed the look and angry look. I just wanted to open a question asked him. I didn't want to stand next to it. I suddenly looked at the moment. I suddenly


"Yuxi wave belt ... You think I am here ... I will let you take the wheel back to the eye?" The moment suddenly opened, some ridiculed and degraded looked at the territory.

"How is the mouth? The result will be ... who can know?" After listening to the opening of the moment, the tone of the land still appeared, but the touch of the eyes deep dignified

It was sold for sale at the moment.

It seems that his goal is ... also for the back eye ...

Just, I don't know ... What is the purpose of do he wants to get an eye?

Take the soil look at the figure of the moment. The heart is carefully pondering his intentions.

"'" Is very confident. It seems that it seems that this seems to be uncomfortable, and there is a little bit of taste, but the icy colors are transmitted among the eyes.'. I think you are

Has been forgotten, I have been playing with me after being played with me ... I am going to die. ""

In the moment, an exit was said, the original atmosphere was originally. More variable, can't breathe.

Even if you don't have to be reminded, the soil will never forget the last time, the result of himself and the moment is almost killed, frozen a hand arm, sacrifice a (promised) copying eye

It is barely escaping a life. And finally it was only before I lost awareness, I was back to my secret base. Replacing a new write-eyed eye re-use an evil

That is that this is all recovered.

"Of course, I will not forget ... less memories, this painful memory, I feel that I have hurtful pain, he replaced his most intensive tone: 'Old to the brake

... no matter what you have ... today, there will be a person to die here ... less

"Oh? Is it? I am very curious ... I listen to the cold in the temper. I will take a trace of coconut expression. In the eyes of all people, I have slowly walked to the face of the territory, light

Light boots have opened their own hands.