Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 147 of Hueding Crack System

"I am standing here ... How do you want to kill me? '

Chapter 180 of the collapse of the jade system

Chapter 180 turning to the eye · God return (seeking reward automatic)

What does he mean?!

See this move at this moment. The long gates and Xiaonan's face have revealed a wonderful and doubt.

What is this ... standing to let the enemy kill ...

Only when standing in front of the moment, facing the soil of this moment. In order to feel this deep pressure that is brought to yourself.


I don't dare to make a truly attacked gesture at all in front of him ...

Otherwise, let him seize even the opportunity, use the terrible ability to freeze time and space, you will have to die again ...

The day is now ... You are a fearful opponent ...

"What are they doing?"

Looking at the moment in front of the moment, she was standing in front of the terrain, and she seems to be a neck. It seems to be written on the face: there is a kind of you kill me ... I will stand here to kill ...

Child O

But it is more unaffiring, falling below the glasses, that mysterious Yisi Bo belt. It is really a look that he doesn't dare to train.

what's the situation?!

Some people who are unknown are in front of the two people. At this time, there is a little fog.

"What? 050? Do you don't dare to do it on me?" Looking at the idea of ​​God, I didn't dare to attack my own soil, and my face raised the smile, "I am afraid."

Is it a chance to catch a chance again? ',

"Yuxi wave belt ... You are a clown that can only hide behind the ability of the kaleidoscope ... It has not waited for the soil reaction, and the moment is turned off, and every sentence on his mouth is

Step by step by step, you will be scared, '. You are afraid of me ... you stand in front of me, but even the courage to do my hands ... less

I saw the aggressive attitude and tone. The look of the angry in the face of Unexpello shouted. He clearly knew that it was in the moment, but he took the initiative to show a flaw, but his heart

It is still still unable to contain a hint of anger.

"Lin and Caassi are the best example ... You can't change anything ... You are a waste ... I will continue to talk about it, peel off the most depressed secrets of the bottom of the belonging.

"You live your mouth !!" Obviously, the two names (a IFC) thring of the moment have been stabbed to the bottom of his heart, and the land finally can't help but roar.

Under the eyes of the two people in Xiaonan and the long gates, until the whole person through the whole person passed through the body of the earth, and the soil finally turned. Stretching a back to the back of the moment.

"Be careful !!" See this strange scene. Xiaonan did not know how, suddenly shocked the opening reminded the moment.

This is not a real attack ...

There is no back in the moment. The left eye is reincarnating the eyes. The ability to preventer is relaxed. It is pre-looked at this basically not true attack.

really. At the moment, standing in the same place, with soil, a fierce hand, a ghost, generally passed through the body of the moment.

Just this is sure that I am not a real attack ... The only way to the mask is in the face of the mask, and it has revealed a surprised color.

With the soil, they turned over. Faced with the beginning of their hands, it seems that I will use the tolerance to attack him. The result is that there is no eye skin.

"Don't install ... My eyes can be clearly seen in Chakra, there is no ready to run ... How to release tolerance?" The opening of the unidentified voice broke the land of the earth and


After being dismantled in a flash, the belt did not be discouraged, and he continued to reach out of his hands and slammed the past, but the moment it appeared to still be a sigh of reward.

Why can he be so determined to be true?

Still ... he is gambling?


I saw the flash of the face as if I didn't care, and the opposite side of the opposite side flashed in the eyes. This time I reached a hand on the shoulder of the moment, two people

The spiral distortion of the spiral is started.

I don't know if I have a blush of the blue eyes, I have already flashed the mysterious Guanghua, I have long foresee him in advance. This is a real attack.

I feel that the arm of the belt has truly takes the shoulders, and the surrounding space begins to distorted, and the moment is immediately judged that this is already starting to expose the entity using the Shenwei

I absorb himself into his time space, I couldn't help but raise an inexplicable smile, and there was no panic on my face.

It is using the kaleidoscope to write the genoven to absorb the soil of the moment. I saw this inexplicable smile revealed on the flash. The heart was shocked. The face under the face suddenly turned up.

The look of the look.

Do he want to start using the ability to freeze time and space?

Here, I can't affirm how to do it in the next step. I didn't hesitate to stop the movement of the Shenwei, and the space around it returned to calm.

"Abandon absorption me ... decisively open the gods ... Less see the soil to give up the absorption move, re-recover the state of the gods, and I have a fallen sigh in the mouth.

"Very sensible decision ... but ... too late!"

Renovation of your eyes' God !!!

I saw the flash of the right eye, the bloody, the blue mysterious Guanghua flashed, and in the eyes of the unbelievable eyes, in the unbelievable eyes of Xiaonan and the long gates, the soil surrounded

Skit space seems to have discovered an unbearable change.

It seems to have something to change ...

It seems that something has not changed ...

Reincarnation 'repulsive!!!

With a huge repulsive force that shocking pounds, in the case of almost zero-distance, launching a punching whole bombard in the belt.

A loud noise, all things around them are burned into the repulsive arc of this punch, and the sheets of the small-south-style paper dance formed a giant.

Large channel.

With the soil, there was no scream, and the whole person was blocked by the whole body shocked the bloody fog, and then like a powerful shelling, it was a long, the moment

There is no shadow ...