Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 148 of Hueding Crack System

The 181 chapter of the collapse jade system is jealous of the earth (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 181 Take the Tongli (ask for reward automatic)

Everything is drunk.

The long-door and Xiaonan shocked everything happened before, and the heart was secretly analyzed in the situation before.

Come out. Yuxi wave belt. Factory

After a climb, it took the earth and flew out, Sanjun suddenly opened the unmanned air in front of the place: I know that you will definitely use the transfer seal in your other write round. Yi Evil ... less

What do you mean?!

The province is a little inexplicable sentence, the gates and the smocks of the smock becomes more strong, and Yisi Bo belt is not already by him ...

At this time, in the two surprised eyes, the air in front of the moment was slowly condensed out of a real body, not someone else, Justuo Zhiso, who had just been killed by a punch.

What did you do ?! "Use Yi Evai to resurrect, reappear with soil in front of the moment, although the face of his mask is not seen, but it must be an incredible expression.

This death ... has used an evil ...

I just clearly was in the state of the Wanhua Shiwang's eyes, why was it suddenly killed by him?!

Oh. You guess ...

In fact, I have just launched the right eye to the back of the right eye. The ability of the gods will use the genital treasury in front of him. Time is reduced to the entity to use the Quitab to absorb his own moment, then directly zero distance I played a swift punch to kill him instantly.

But the two capabilities of God return and God are different from one by one, and the moment can use less illegal and Chakra time to observe the world in front of the world at any time. But the god is a more taboo, consumes a lot of pupils and Chakra to restore the world's designated area time.

Active ability to arbitrarily in the first five seconds.

I don't know if you have enough written eyes today ..., 'But I haven't planned to let the earth understand the land, but the face has a laughter, a mysterious blue scorpion saves the arbitrary sweeping earth. 'If you don't have enough to write your eyes to use Yi Evil ... I think you may die today.

Here ... corpse

The big tree formed by the paper was burned after a box. After the rain came in, the sun was originally warm, but under the eyes of this mysterious god of the gods, the end of the mysterious gods, and the land felt was simply frozen. To the extreme.

Strike, uneasy, doubt, jealous. Shocked ...

Various complicated emotions account for the heart of the territory, and even he does not dare to relieve the status of ourselves. _._.

No, it is precisely that he has been maintaining the state of blushing now, but there is no sense of the security that has been opened in this state.

Not for others, just because the moment has just been a punch, he has broken his life _._.

Just don't know what the bizarre ability he just joined _._.

'And "._. The ability of his freezing time and space has not been used. As he said ._. Today is really likely to die here _._. ''

At a time, the two soil and the two were standing with each other.

However, some are different, with soil full body muscles, a gesture that is lighter.

At the moment, it is oily, standing, a pair of clouds, and easy to write.

Just turning my mind, when I wondered what the way to kill the belt, he was slightly stunned, and the look was somewhat awkward.

Because the left eye of the moment is in advance, the insight is predicted to the world around the world, and the new changes have occurred.

Yin and Yang Spiritual attachment !!!

Just in the case where everyone did not know, a black shadow was suddenly drilled, using a kind of speed, like a beach ink, hit it from behind.

·· ... seeking flowers ·· ......

Immortal · Fusion Spiral Hand Sword !!!

Thunder's trend is dark shadow, only feels that in front of him, instantly lost the traces of the moment, then the harsh roar and the glazed light sprinkled from the head.

I saw that I used God to pre-looked at the mysterious paint black shadow attack. I didn't know when I had already used it to avoid the shadow attack. I appeared in the sky to make the fairy fusion spiral hand sword, and suddenly squatted.


After a loud noise, under the The manufactured paper slice, I haven't seen trace, suddenly all sprinkled.

Strong light, let all people in the field have some slight uncomfortable.

Didn't hit it. ... So fast ...

The moment of release of the fused spiral hand in the sword is standing in everyone, and a pair of blue gods flipped around, looking for the trail of mysterious and black shadows.

Suddenly, the blindthrough of the left eye, the eyes of the eyes, the god prequight, once again insight into the new changes in the field.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

After instantaneous transfer, when the moment appeared again, the hand has been weak in hand, and the whole person is in the air TS, Fu is in the air, the blue eyes are somewhat aiming at a new figure that appears below. .

I only saw the not far from the soil, I have already standing a movie, and it is said that it is a shadow. It should be said to be a dark shadow, it is like a man-shaped ink, only the part of the bin is talented. .

? Black ..., 'Province, this abrupt, black shadow, in the heart of the rest, seems to have a strange name in the face of a strangeness.

Yes, this sudden appearance of the dark people in the field suddenly appeared in the field, is a big simmer, the third child, the yin and yang and the weary of the product are black ...

Crash system, Chapter L82, black, hit (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter L. Black is coming (seeking reward automatic)

Suddenly, I want to use yin and yang, I'm using the bodies, I am using the gains to avoid the counterattack, and the goal is aimed at the long door. Do you want to attach to his body by controlling his body by controlling his body? .

Fortunately, the god of the left eye is already in advance, I predicted that all the two-Ling air animal double floating, one hand gently stuck his own left eye, and there is also a festive festival under the turn of the mind. Otherwise How is it really difficult to expect a little?

Drunkenness is staring at the black and unsatisfactory, the buddhism in the eyes, has a inexplicable look.

As a final film of the resurrection big simmer, as the ancient times, Chakra, Chicwood, and the sixth cactus and Da Jiwu Yu village. Use the 'four or five "yin yang created, and in the original plot In the case of all people who have no preparation in everyone,

Unexpectedly in the shape of the Taoism hit the hit must kill. The sacrifice of the reunion of the big simmerous wood gathering. This means and ability is not seriously treated seriously.

And as a black hand running through this Ninja World, the black hand has promoted the struggle of Dharoo and Ashura. One hand provoked the battle of the Qianyi family and the Yishusai family, rewriting the history of the whole ninja world, this means Ability and heart machine make it a hundred percent vigilance.

'Day to the moment ...,'

With the difficulty tone, I spit out of the name from my mouth, and the whole body is black, and some are difficult to suspend in the air, like the gods.

'You are really a ponderful existence ... The corpse only saw him muttered, the tone is very complicated,' Originally in my script ... I have never thought about the history of Ninja. A guy like you ..., '

Script? The history of Ninja?

Everyone in the field, even the land that pushed the tissue behind the scenes, did not understand the meaning of the black story in front of him.

Only the flash of floating in half is half-air, the eyes are gone, and I heard the meaning of the Darkness.