Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 149 of Hueding Crack System

Indeed, as a traveler, there is all routines that break the endurance in the moment. In the ancient times, they started to pull the ninja history, and the moment is a complete existence that is completely exceeded. It is a very unstable factor.

'Black ... The land is all the purpose of today's goal ... but it is obvious. ... Drunken anima is in the air, the instant is a long door to mention it in his hand, some Mocking will turn the line of sight to the black and belt of the feet. You have no chance now ...

Now in my hand ..., '

He seems to have never been exhausted by my appearance ... blackness thinking silently.

Perhaps the appearance of a black, so that I have been open, I have a good idea, I only see the remaining one of the words flashing the scarlet colors, looking up and saving the air in the air. Said: Old to the brakes, although I don't know what you have to get an eye, but

The round look is an indispensable puzzle in all our plans ..., '

For Lin ... for the ideal world. ....

Today, no matter what. ... we will not let you get a reincarnation ..., 'Thinking about your own secrets, the ideal world you pursue. The eyes of the soil province have become more and more firm.

What is it ... then I don't quench you two into a dead ..., 'After listening to the soil, the moment is floating in the middle of the air, and a good seemingly non-marginal momentum begins to be in the merits. On the head.

Fairy magnetic spiral pill!!!

Under the launch of Chakra in the body. The moment is gently extended his hand, and the palm begins to gradually emerges a special spiral pill.

Although the fusion spiral of the spiral, the spiral of the spiral, the spiral pill, which only the basketball, is full of mysterious mystery, exudes a inexplicable breath ...

It is in the late stage of the original, and the Naruto opened the fairy magnetic spiral pills that were able to show the crane magnetic checkers in the body. Although the power is not big but the ability to seal is extremely strong, it is the whole nignut society. The premiere of the extremely strong seal.

The ancient Six-way form of Unexhimb spots used the weeks of the Tomb, the prison summoned the foreign world. It was sealed in this trick. It is definitely a strong kill.

Although the ability to rely on the gods, it is as difficult as the annoying locust, but he does not have other special and effective attack methods ..., 'Suspended in the air in the air, holding a magnetic spiral pill in the middle, Analyze the situation in front of the eye, 'Now people are worthy of this mystery

Darkness ..., '

From the original inside, there is no significant ability to appear to be too much, but it is possible to kill the six-way form of Unexpectedly, although I don't know anything in this, I can't dare. Silk.

Darkness should use some yin and yang's ability, but he does not have actual forms and represents Da Jiwu Hui's night's calm 5.5. In addition to the yin and yang seal, there is no other means of effective means. Contains ..., '$ , the heart has been judged in the heart

Out of a dealer.

At this time, I looked at the magnetic spiral pills in my hand, I feel the countless mysterious curse above the above, and the darkness is imitation. If a black hole is invisible, it seems to have revealed a jealous look.

Beyond the extremely increasing mind ... The perfect fairy mode. There is also a very strong seal.

The gap of silence confrontation, the inner heart is also rapidly analyzing the situation in front of the eye, and the moment of flashing is a deep and deep scruple of almost unsteading.

Chapter 183 of the Crash System (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 183 Selection (seeking reward automatic)

On the spot, the whole atmosphere was suppressed to the extreme, and when the sword was formed, it didn't even have the expected opening of the Bangua at this time.

'For the belt ... Russian people go ... this time is we lost ... black and suddenly suddenly says a shocking sentence.

What ?! But the rotation of the eyes ..., 'I heard the trim, then the Belt Booth next to it is anxious. Is it in the hands of the lane in the back of the table?

'Rounded to the eye, I will naturally come to the day to take it. ... Black has already replaced the situation in today. The various powerful capabilities showing the moment, they can't have the opportunity to get it from the hands of the moment. The round look.

But ..., 'with soil grows up your mouth, just want to say anything, it is broken.

'Don't say it! We re-do other arrangements. ... The strength of the moment has been completely exceeded our budget ...,' a mouth interrupted that the territory will continue to follow the It is not to refuse,. And. ... this is also ... His words, '

The heart is unsatisfactory, and after hearing him in the mouth, suddenly, the whole person is silent, and the people who have saved the black and said that this person has great binding.

'Ok ...,' The end of the earth has experienced a very big struggle, and finally compromised, like a fightable rooster.

The hateful lane is in front of the moment, and the soil is almost bittering all his teeth. It has been cautious in the belly. I didn't expect that I have been cautious today. I am killed once again, I spent a Write the wheel eye ...

'The day is now. ... is a unforgettable name ...,'

'I have never thought that people who will eventually become our shortcomings will be you ...,'

'The rotation of the whirlpool head is temporarily in your stay. When you meet ... I will look forward to the expression of your surprised expression ...,'

When he was in the air of the last sentence, he had once again treated a dark shadow, like a beach ink, which accompanied by the earth, occupying a half body with soil.

The two sides also have a unknown base card without a hand, seeing black and belt with his strength, there is no longer playing with himself, and there is no time to shoot again.

The drunk floating in half air, gently scattered the magnetic spiral pills in the hand, and the scene of the Zhan Lan Zhen's deep blog fluctuated. Who can't guess what his heart is thinking.

The spiral distortion of the spiral spiral, disappearing in the air, disappearing in the air, then flying from the air, and lost the long door in his hand on the ground.

'Day! "

Seeing the triki of the trip to the ground, there is a little angry, and a small door sitting in the ground.

'Don't use the enemy's eyes with the enemy. _.' 'Feel the enemy that passed out from the little southern eye, and the brain passed his eyes to her,' You have to know. _ Is that I saved him. One

'Hey ._. Your purpose is just like they are all in order to get a long-awaited round. Then after listening to the moment, Xiao Nan is relieved.

'About this point I don't deny ._Rust's purpose is pure: ._. I just got the back of the eye. _.' 'Seeing the attitude of the small nutama, the moment, the moment, laugh, then reveal the serious eyes Optimizing Xiaonan, then second _. Now you should make a choice _.

'One, you will give me myself back to me ._. As a feedback, I can treat the long-haired legs, resettle a pair of ordinary eyes.'._.' 'Moment looks began to become Seriously, taking a short-handed writing, 'Second, I do my own, kill the long door, and dig his

When you go back to your eyes, you have just borrowed it, even if I don't shoot, he will be taken away by others.

The long gates, Baiko and Xiaonan. They used three ideal teenagers who were fighting peace. They have experienced so many painful sacrifices and struggles to change to today. If I can, I don't seem to have to kill. Death.

'You want to take away the eyes of the door! "When I heard the moment, Xiao Nan face was a color, and I immediately opened the requirements, and I once launched Chakra again, and I started the paper around the body.

'Don't waste others' grace ._. Don't rush to refuse to refuse to give a chance to give the second time ._. '' I heard the rejection of Xiaonan, the temperature in the moment begins to gradually reduce 470 , 'I advise you to consider the second _.' '

I am borrowing more than a small life in front of my eyes. In fact, it is only two of the lost youth who is destroyed from dismissal, so it is rare to be flour. If I really don't know, I have only I personally do my hand.

Feeling the gradual attitude of the moment, and the threats threatened in the words, and then thought that his strength, the strength of the people, Xiaonan and the long gorgeous couldn't help but fall into a deep silence.

'Day is moving to the second _ Russia promises for your conditions. _ Production is silent for a long time, I don't know what I think, I suddenly said.

'Long Gate !?' I heard that the long gates agreed to the conditions of the moment, and the Xiaodan on the side was anxious.

'Don't say any more! Xiaonan ._. Now he can kill us two _._. Recourse my turn to the eye. I have a declared Tang, and the eyes are extremely desolate. It is just the ideal of the sea.................

After listening to the long door, I thought of the dead of the dead, Xiaonan couldn't help but a little, slightly lower her head ...

Cashier system Chapter 184 Retriever looks back to your hand (ask for reward automatic)

The 184 chapter is back to the eye (seeking reward automatic)

'Retrieving I can give you. ... But you must not hurt the small south ...,' Subsequently, the long door is slightly lifted, although it is still weak, but his purple reincarnation is hard to squeeze out a strong light, 'She It is already my only loved ones in this world ...

'I promise you. ... I will never hurt the small south ...,' Looking at the eyes of the long gates, I can't help but sigh, I will give him gently.

'Long door. ... Do you really want ...,' Xiaonan summoned a long door, this self-arrival, a companion who lives, can't bear to cover his mouth.