Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 150 of the Capabar System

'Take this point. ... Is there other better options? "When it comes to this, the eyes of the long gates can not help but have some bleak. When he is a strong ninja for God, this moment has become a Pulling the lamb.

It is better to be tuned.

I saw that after I finished, the long gorge will have some trembling fingers, slowly stretching my own eyes ...

Under the eyes of Xiaonan not tolerance, the moment has been reached out and took a pair of round eyes that came over, gently put it into the container that I had already prepared it.

The reincarnation of the immortal eyes, the three major patys, the high-end necklace, this time, this is the container of the moment, exudes the mysterious glory of purple.

Round retraction ... finally arrived ...

I didn't feel that I was cruel, and I have been used to death like the two, and become a tool to capture the tail and resurrection. I have never been a good end. It is better to take the back of the long door now, but it saves them two one.

"Small South. ... You still take him to find a place to concentrate on hidden mountain." "I'm, 'After getting the round, I will put the container in my hand and then watch it carefully. I immediately said to Xiaonan:' I have been here. During the period ... I will help him treat his legs and eyes ..., '.

I hope you can say it ..., 'lj, South cold and cold, I have a flash, but I can't help but ask:' His legs were blown up by explosions. Time is separated for so long. ... Really cured possible ..., '

What jokes, here, the world of Naruto, don't say anything else, just get into the gods of Yangsheng. ... also has a white in the initial cells. ... I really want to cure The method of the long-legged legs is not unhappy.

Rest assured. ... I can definitely ..., 'Although my heart is slightly spoating, I still agree with Xiaonan on my mouth.

I heard the moment that I was unquestioned, and I thought about his terrible strength. I wonder why Xiao Nanxin did not come to him.

The long gates and Xiaonans finally received the conditions of the moment, because they didn't choose, and the moment can directly take the back of the long door, and it is a good result that is a good result.

And the philosophies will become a step by step by step, and the long door will become a point in today. After the life of life, it is eased by his own life. If it is developed, this pair will return to the long life. Now there is so that Xiaonan's inner depths, there is still a sigh of relief.


'I can't think of something will develop to this point. ... I lost my eyes of the eyes of the eyes, I said that I murmured on the ground, "Xiaonan ... Niko. ... At the beginning, our ideals ... all became bubbles ... less .

The long gates ..., 'I saw the long gates as a miserable look, and then I remembered the dead, the south, and the cold face couldn't help but somewhat red.

Yes ... there is ..., 'I heard what I said in the mouth, and I am saddened with Xiaonan, I can't help but say:. Although peace is not my ultimate goal. ... But your wish I think I will Help you reach ... less

'Your purpose ?!' I heard the sudden opening of the moment, the face of Xiaonan and the long door appeared.

Become this ultimate power in this world ... all the strengths of all the world are alone in me, and the words I have said to become this world ... The corpse is just in the dream of narrative, but what is said If you have, you will have endless shocks in Xiaonan and the heart.

At that time ... I think the peace you pursue. It is just that I am a matter of me ...

After I heard the moment, I was unbeatable, and the Xiaonan and the long gates were stunned, and they were shocked.

Become the ultimate power in this world.

From what he said, it becomes the law of this world ...

What kind of realm is it ... I really can do this level ...

'Do you use the power to constrain this world? So who can I agree on that time? "

After a long time to restore the drunk, Xiao Nan cold voice asked, in the face of this person who took advantage of the strength to take the long door, Xiao Nan, is certainly difficult to have a good tone.

Constrained me? Why is it to be binding me? (Wang Hao) Now our ninja world, since it can accept the five major dominance, why can't I accept my dominance? 'I heard the refutation of Xiaonan, and the moment is open drunk. A slightly cruelty, but it is also true, "this world is originally

It is unfair. ... Renal. ... Who has the strongest power. ... Who can become the dominance of this world. ... as a born in Yuyin Village, it is labeled in the three major countries, is you still? Do you understand this truth ?! "

After the moment, Xiao Nan and the long door were silent, although I would like to refute, but they had to recognize this statement in the moment.

Because they live in Yuyin Village from small, they are suffering from the three major national war polles to the penetration, which is the best testimony of this truth and facts ...

Chapter 185 of the collapse of the jade system controls (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 185 Control Xiao (ask for reward automatic)

After seeing Xiaonan and the long gates, I have become unable to say that I have already recognized my own statement.

'So ... Next. _.' 'After seeing their reaction, the moment is a inexplicable radians,' hand over the ring on the hand of the heaven Payne............. Spare two _. ''

Because the Tiandao Petion I have just been decomposed into atoms by my own dust spiral pill, it is the least small particles.

Payn's ring? What do you want to do ?! 'The tone of the small south has a doubt, and there is also a rigorous.

'I have to take over the whole reading ._. And Xiaoshan ._. You also need to stay in Xiaoli: ._.' 'Say your own purpose, the smile on the face becomes more strong,' As later, I rewrite The world of the world is second _. Morning the world of peaceful witnesses... '

I heard my own purpose, Xiaonan and the long gates were shaking, after a long time, Xiao Nanxun said: 'Round looks Already in your hand _._. Xiaoxiao has nothing to do with us. Xiang Xiangqi _. Just is the organization created by Mikai: ._. ''

'I hope that you can do what you said ._ One 390 creates the peace of this world "._. I will always monitor you _._" After that, Xiaoshan came out from the long door. A white ring, which is in the shape of a Cang, zero, and the words, and the plain hand fiber is handed over.

Monitor me?

The moment is not laughing, and the reason why Xiaonan will continue to stay in Xiaomi, on the one hand, I want to take over to control the text, I need to use her help. On the other hand, she also needs her to continue to manage Yinyin Village in front of him. .

The reached out and took the ring of Xiaonan, and gently wear it on his left hand, and the blush of the blue gods made an endless look.

Dear all.

When I saw me. What kind of expression will it be?

It seems that what I thought, the laughter of the moment became more and more obvious, got the back of the long door, this is my first step, and a tool that will become a tool in my hand, it is my second step. .

'Hahahaha._.' '

Endless arrogant laughter, echoes every corner of this rainy village in front of him, taking each of the nunas of the world.

The village of crying, I don't know, I don't know why I started the rain in Zhejiang and Zhejiang.

After three days, the highest vertex of the rainy village.

The monster of the red clouds, the silver is long, and a pair of blue mysterious gods have blind eye to the eye. The whole rain is covered. The countless water pipe is full.

Looking for rainwater that is constantly falling in front of the eye, the left eye of the moment seems to be aware of the future of the world in front of the world.

' _._.' '

At the same time, the two sounds sounded at the same time. When the two light stones suddenly appeared behind the moment, kneeling.

"White, Jun Ma Lu, things come over. _. '' The eyes of the moment have no change, and asked in the mouth.

The things brought over _._. '' At this time, it stood up. I took a white ring from my clothes. It was engraved with 'empty. The words, it is the big snake pill to be in the organization Waiting the ring.

'Very good _._ Behind your _._. ''

'? "Bai Bai Zhe's face seems to have (some sentences, some don't understand the moment)

'Now, this village in front of us _._. The village of Yuyin is second _. It is already my own _._.' 'I heard a wonderful doubt in the white language, watching his face. At the moment, the mouth smiled and explained: 'and my next goal ... _. That is to control another organization _._. _.' '

'Xiao ... _.' 'Listen to the moment, the white mouth is soft in the mouth seems to have a name with a meaning, and then nod to promise:' Good "._. _._. ' '.