Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 151 of the Capaci Yushu System

As for your ring, Jun Ma Lu, II _. 'Hai, _._. I believe it will come back soon _._.' ' The completion of the gene chain defect, the blood sickness is completely recovered, and the special breath of Chakra is more obvious.


'Yes ._. ._.' 'Listening to the arrangement of the Bounce, Jun Ma Lu face has no change, no matter what order will be reached for him, he will not take a shit.

After that, the level of the left eye seems to be in advance again, and there will be a new figure around, and only the laughter on his face is more obvious.

You are coming _._. Xiaonan.

At the same time, the space surrounded by his voice, the countless sheet of paper was started, gradually gathered into a graceful posture.

Are you ready ... _ Produce the sound of the Qing Dynasty, in the eyes of white and Jun Ma Lu, their eyes, the sheets of the paper gathered into a blue-violet hair, a cool, cold, gorgeous, dressed, wearing and instantly Optimistic black bottom red clouds.

I am ready for the morning _._. You can inform them now _._.

Both two are one, 'At this time, Xiaonan turned his beauty to the white and Jun Ma Lu, with a doubts in the tone.

Both are my part, white. ... and Hui Night Jun Ma Lu ... I'm telling the tissue of the tissue to introduce white and Jun Ma Lu.

' . ... They will replace the big snake pills and the position of the two to Dawn ... Attack again,.

Chapter 186, Chapter 186 of the Crash System (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 186 Call (ask for reward automatic)

'Um ... Although Jin goes to an unusual young. ... But strength should be no problem ... Tian Xiaowa's two young faces, the small South is immediately judged from white and Jun Ma Lu. Powerful breath, that is the breath of the cliff to the s-class ninja.

Sure enough, all people and things related to this man ... can't be used to ablable with the most simple eyes ...

At the same time, Xiao Nan is nodded, and the heart is also secretly surprised and Jun Ma Lu actually can achieve this strength in such a small age, especially in the white-haired young young man, she even faintly felt a fatal. Threat.

'Are you notified?'. At the moment, I pulled back to Xiaonan's attention.

'Um ... Not know ... Russia can now start ...,' I heard the sound of the moment, Xiao Nan quietly recovered his heart, and said softly.

'That's now ...,'

At the moment, he slowly reached his own hands and started a quick print.

The slide of the slide, a member of the tissue released Chakra converted, thoughts, and as the moment of the Commander Tower accepted these thoughts, and the impression of these thoughts will then appear in specific places. This phantom and ordinary image are different, and it can even be launched by flashing.

A variety of forbearance.

A dark cave.

There are countless sharp stone columns extend from the top and around the walls. Through a slightly weak light, you can save a huge magic image behind the cave, ten fingers, and the horrible face seems to be blocked. I got a layer of cloth.

On the ten fingers of this huge magic, a full body stream turned the colorful shadow of the colorful clouds, and it began to show the shape.

What's going on? Suddenly, I am so anxious to call us ..., 'The hoarse voice sounded, the real bodies hide the Zhao, why didn't you have ..., '.

Who knows what he is busy with ..., 'This time, the passion, the character of Zhang Yang's charcoal, the face under the silver back seems to take a touch and arrogant, and it is actually interrupted me to the evil spirits. Prayer. ... ..., '.

That's right ..., 'This time, there is another personality outside the organism, combing a yellow. Didala, long hair, also agreed with the flying segment,' If he is the leader. I must Let him taste my art. Well, '.

And the first small south here ... today is actually ..., 'The godes of the fish face, and the province has a smile to the silence of the silence around him,' Help ... You know today's leading What are we doing? "

'I don't know ...,' in a dark environment, a pair of scarlet write-wheel eyes shine, the help of the help of the silence shook his head.

At this time, it is the most disturbing, that is, silent silent standing in the most edge of the end, the black and white clear face is not clear about what he is thinking.

'Always come to everyone. ... "

Among the conversations of members of all kinds of organizations, at this time, it seems very unfamiliar sound, suddenly sounded.

Some of the sounds and indifferences, as if there is a slight taste, different from the serious majesty of Payne, which is not the sound in their impressions.

After listening to this voice, I was present in the field. Only the silent Utti Wait helped his eyes, and it seems that suddenly thinks, and there is a point in mind.

There is also the absolutely, the face is standing in the most edge of the corner, and his most don't want to save things, and finally happened.

The two colorful clouds flashed, and the ten fingers of the huge magic of the dark rock cave gradually appeared two movements.

One of them and the wonderful figure is the small south of their familiar, and another figure, so that all the membership members have surprised their eyes.

Under the dark line of sight, a pair of blue mysterious eyes, a silver-white long hair falls above the slender shape, and the whole person has an immersive momentum that is difficult to describe a speech.

...... Seeking flowers ······· ......

This is definitely not Payne! All the membership membership are surprised in the heart.

Some people in bed seem to be very strange to me ..., 'J is blue, the four looks, and the most fascinating is the most fascinating, and the endless sleeping power and oppression of God are coming out.

'I am the day, the new leader. "

On the moment, I'm now?!

At all, all the families were governed to face each other, and the face was surprised and surprised. Only Yishihua help, the face of godes and scorpions took a difficult shock, of course, there is also a brilliance that is in the corner. .

'Japan is now ?!'. At this time, Dida stared at the moment, the first one opened, 'I have heard your name ...,'.

Are you the leader ?! 'The heavy voice sounded, and there has been no way to speak,' then Payne? ".

He died _._. It has been killed in _._. "The moment, the open opening, as if it is just a small matter that is insignificant.

A piece of drunken.

This sentence that is flat, is undoubtedly like thousands of detonatics, frying into their hearts.

All people in the field worked hard to digest the meaning of this sentence, and also questioned whether the information revealed in this sentence is true.

Although all the organization members present, they are odor, but there is a fact that the leader Payne is indeed the most powerful ninja in their strength.

That has the eye of the legendary six cactors, the strength is highly mowder to press them, and they will live in Penne in the weekdays.

Killed by him ??!

(This group of this group of Xiaoli is not in the youth _._. Will you accept the dominance?)

(For everyone in everyone, there are flowers and monthly tickets, please lose it to me, thank you very much).

Chapter 187 of the collapse of the jade system (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 187, Muke (ask for reward automatic)

The appearance of the moment, and what he said. And the message on his words, undoubtedly drag the whole lacquer hole in the sinking atmosphere of Shen Ri.

So brake. ... What is your purpose? "Sui Zhihua helped, suddenly opened, and wrote its own eyes deeply into the moment of the middle proudly standing.

This sudden appearance in front of you, and said that the leader who has killed their organization, and it seems that it seems to be able to lead to the moment of the entire organization. This is the ninja, classmates and friends, and the eyes of Unexpected. Complex imagination.