Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 152 of Hueding Crack System

At this moment. ... You suddenly appeared in this way ...

What is your purpose? "Three nine seven?!

The face of the province seemed to be deeply doubtful and uneasy, and the moment was slowly raised, showing the smile of playing,. Purpose? ".

My purpose is very simple. ... From today, I am the leader of Xiao ... '.

And the purpose and task goals of the next news ... still recycling nine big beasts. ... About this point has no change ..., '.

If you don't agree with my words, it doesn't matter ... you can leave the organization completely. ... of course, it is in the form of the body ..., '

At the flash, it seems to be a relaxed smile, but it is unfortunately, but every person in the scene can be heard.

The meaning of the moment is very obvious: If you are not afraid of death, do you leave a try?!

The threats contained in the moment mean. And he provoked a random attitude, and suddenly angered a member of each well-being.

Who they are? They are all the top-level S-class rebels in the perseverance of all the rivots in the endurance, and each is the passionate character of everything.

Now someone suddenly ran here to tell them that they killed their leaders, and they also threatened that they could not withdraw from the organization, what jokes?!

After listening to what I said, Xiao Nan stood around him was slightly tight, but the words stopped, and finally finally silent.

It is standing in the rocky cavity, and there is an absolutely in the eyes of the front, and the face seems to be proud of a smoking.

Sure enough, the personality is the most excused, the first is called, I saw a smile on his face,. The day is right to go. I did listening to the help and scorpion they said. Your The strength is not the same, '. But you ran over now, suddenly tell us this way. ... I still want to be our leader.' ... I think I really have to let you see the cursing of the evil ... Said, showing cruel smiles.

'Do you know who you talk now?' Calling the Didara next to him, immediately screamed, as a genius ninja, the rocky, Dida, naturally, unable to enter the sky and arrogant , 'Arrogant guy. ... You have successfully provoked an anger of an artist !! "

"The loss of the old brother and the guy often describes how powerful you are ... Now there is a idiots that don't have a brain ..., 'Didala continues to curse, face with disdain.

If you say what you said, it seems that you have aroused an anger of all the people who have a gang of all the organization. Almost every person has revealed the inadequlescent complexion, and it seems irresponsible, and the whole person is still a light gesture.

"Flying section and Didala? '. The moment turned the blind eye to them to them, almost not lifting enough atmosphere in this game, actually opened in this hot oil. Scoop, 'I am not in front of you ...,'

'I refer to. Everyone in bed is garbage ...,'

A stone aroused a thousand layers, an exit, glanced at all the familiar people in the field, he can clearly see that almost everyone's face has begun to kill ...

The pure provocation of this moment has ignited the anger of all their people, and all the killing of all the people in the event is almost a piece, full of space here.

At this time, even the birds outside the cave were all surprised by this shackles left in the cave.

Even the southern south begins to have a bit of a nervous moment, not to say that everyone in the organization is coming over, they convince everyone together ... Now he is like this ...

However, the face of the moment is obviously no change, still a light expression, just the bright blue glory began to gradually pink, and the tone is slightly cold: 'If you become your new If the leader is exhausted and uncomfortable, I can give you

a chance…,'.

Three days later. To the designated place converge ..., '

'I don't have so much idle time to spend with you ... If you still have anyone who is not convinced or dissatisfied with me. ... we face a one-time solution ...,'

'Everyone in the seat is a nameless ninja ... hope. Some of yours in your knife should not be refreshing because it is afraid.

'I said here ... then ... I met you three days ...,'

After putting all the words, I didn't pay more, I would like to pay attention to all the expression of all the people in the field. I immediately took the small south next to it, and the colorful clouds were bleak, gradually disappeared in the dark cave.

Only the ambition member of the cave, an anger, an anger, and the only help of helping the face, a pair of scarlets in the silence blinking, I don't know what I think in my heart. .

After the effort in the moment and the Xiaoshen left, the edge of the edge is in the end, and it is also a feeling of thinking, gradually sneaking into the ground ...

Chapter 188 of the collapse jade system is coming (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 188 Rainfall is coming (seeking reward automatic)

In some woods in the fire, there is no longer far from the underground exchange.

Heart !!

The deep red three hooks cut a small tree next to it, and the rushing month, showing that he is still unwitched at this moment, 'is too arrogant !! ".

The corner is all ..., 'The eyes of the flying segment almost spurted the flame. The original handsome face has been twisted to a piece, and the angle said with the side.' What day the day is a baby. ... Waiting for me to see him ... ... I must live in my ritual to death !!.

It is best not to die, "After listening to the flying segment, the corner of the side is not in the speech. From the persevers of the ribbon, the rumors of the rumors ... He is not a simple ninja ..., '

'Moreover. ... can kill Penne ...,' said here, the neighborhood of the outside is the color of the two eyes,. No matter what he said is true ... This time we must be careful ... '

'I said 08 corners ... You are too exhausted guy ...,' People see yourself cautious corners, big flying segments look completely. 'Like this guy. ... The evil god will definitely like his Blood ..., '

It is obviously a flying segment that is obviously unhappy, and the corner has swayed his head. This guy has a unsathered that he has the evil spirits. If you don't put any opponent in your eyes, it is estimated that you will have to suffer. .

On the other hand, a part of the forest in the country.


After coming from the slide of the slide, Didara has bred several mountain rocks, but it seems to be angry, '. ... The world actually has a helpful guy to be annoying !! "

'After seeing him. ... I must let him see what is true art !! "Dida is almost almost biting his tongue, since he is defeated, it is never in his eyes. Have not seen more worse opponents.

As a genius ninja, the heart of the rock, how the heart is proud of Dida, how can it be so arrogant?

However, at this time, I will definitely fight him, and I argue with him is eternal or explosive. At this time, it seems that there is no sound, and it seems that there seems to be a slight look.

'How did you say it? ... . ... Do you agree with my instant explosion art? "Zhe did not speak, Dida laughed.

No. ... Didara ..., 'being wrapped in the ……Maybe…,'

Said here, the mind of the scorpion has passed the memory in the mind. After a few years, it is powerful to see the figures of the uncomfortable.

I remember that I haven't broken my time at that time, I'm shattered, and I touched the time to fight for myself to use the time of use.

Perhaps this time we will lose it ... "The last words of the poor, let the Didala are incredible with their eyes.

This is still the big name of the famous sandy genius ?!

If you don't use the slide in the cave with him, Didala is almost necessary to identify that some people use transfiguring.

Feeding the old brother! I have never seen you so unfair! You are actually scared by the day?! 'Chadala continues to smash the , all the way to talk about it.

The newly born calf is not afraid of the tiger ... I didn't know his strength ..., 'said, the voice of the scorpion is more dull.' It is a matter of six or seven years ... I am almost in an instant ... I and Touch, the ghost drum was defeated ..., '.

You. ... Touch. ... and godes?! 'Learn what you said, Didara surprised opened his mouth, although he had heard of this, but he can Not listening to it.

You must know that the strength of the three people in the ghost drum is also ranked before the organization, how can it be so easy to be alone. ...

Is there a strong person in the world?

On the next way, no matter how Dida is not talking again, just a burst of hugs, the heart of the cage, but also waving.