Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 153 of Hueding Crack System

The country of Sichuan, the sky began to ripe the rain in Zhejiang and Zhejiang.

'Touch ... The rain is not good to your body ...,'

It is silently looking up at the sky, saving a little bit of light rain falling on his own face, triggering ahead, I don't know how to have an umbrella, don't look back, I know that the ghost drum is close to myself, thank you,.

The day suddenly appeared today ... The words he said in the floating mouth. ... What is you? 'Niu Ding opened a huge paper umbrella to support the two, the ghost drums are full, always a memory of the memory Powerful figure. 790.

I don't know ... Although I is the ninja of the same village. ... is also the classmate ..., 'silent, help light open mouth:' But this person I have never saved ..., '

I'm going to do what you want to do ...

It has been missing for more than two years ... Now, I suddenly say that it is necessary to control it. ... Isn't your goal for wood?

Still said. ... for the tail beast?

I have never been able to figure out myself, this sudden appearance, I feel a deep uneasiness.

If his goal is really for wooden leaf _._. Is it mostable to prevent him with your own?

'Oh ... help ._. Don't worry too much _._.' This is a ghost drum seems to be observed to help the heart deep concern, and the frightened smile on the carpet fish is. 'Even if the day is At the moment, he would have a strong second. He is going to fight _._ but we will know all !! "

It is Ming.

Even if he is stronger.

The ghosts are ghost, or more or less from some concerns of helping heart.

Just ._ What happens to develop as they think ...

Chapter 189 of the collapse jade system went to the appointment (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 189 went to the appointment (seeking reward automatic)

Three days, turning into an eye.

Ten kilometers outside Yuyin Village, the sun, the mountains and mountains.

It is a mountain range and jungle, and there is no cloud of smoke.

But in such a hateful place, there is a group of people wearing a black and red cloud today, and the light is judged from the momentum. It is a group of strength amazing ninjas.

"Ashi A ... actually selected such a remote place. ... is it to find a clean point of the cemetery? '. The big voice came, and the flying segment continued to wipe his blood in March, the eyes The middle and progress are excited.

This time we face it, you are not a simple opponent. ... Flying Segment, if you are so big, I am afraid that I will become your cemetery soon ... less than the corner of it is not in love. Pocket cold water, as a monster who survive in this world, who is the green dark eyelid

Also guess the idea of ​​his heart.

'The corner is coming again! I don't like it is this!'. The flying segment that is killing Hui Hao listening to him, I am not happy, then there is only one person! We are here Which one is not the Ninja who can destroy a country alone ?! You also have a big big question.

As a flying section of Tang Yin Village, which is known as the 'Forget War, I was tired of the village who disappeared with the war, and he was very eager to fight and kill him from him. Emerging sects of evil spirits, one is the purpose of killing people

Evil. Teaching, and under the anti-herme history of the evil spirits, the ability to curse and the ability to die, this is the first successful case of the anti-evil spirits.

With a strong kill. He is the desire, how can it be tolerated? This is careful. He is now why the only thought in his brain is waiting for the underbital to have the curse to fold the brakes.

Although I have never liked your zombie two people. ... but this sentence is really reasonable. 'Order II,' At this time, Didara, which is one side, is also rare to agree with the views of the flying segment. The unconscious opening said: "Not the optical angle is a big brother is also too much to install it.

Hunt ..., '.

When he wants to come ... You don't want to grab me. ... I want him to let him see the art of my explosion !! 'While talking, Didala golden long hair mouth reveals a touch Confident smile.

The bomb idiots also have zombie flying sections. The character of you is not long ..., 'The whole body is wrapped in the

Who do you say is idiots ?! ".

Who do you say, don't live? "

After listening to the ridicule, Didara and flying paragraphs almost simultaneously, suddenly the eyes became a white circle, taking the forehead, and jumped.

Compared to the unsattended two groups and art two groups, helping and ghosts are to be drunk.

'Jane guys did not appear today: ._. And the newcomer from the newcomer in the organization has not come ._.' 'Ghost if he muttered, his eyes gently watched the most Silence.

When I heard the ghost moszer, the reddish monster writer was slightly pulled down, and there was no opening of countless people, but let the Didala next to the topic.

'The two useless guys: ._. Don't come.....' 'Didara disdain, raised his eyebrows, usually do not like the mountain dew and provinces like useless funny funny newcomers, It is the two two guys who are the most omitted in the tissue, 'is a guy who is absolutely and Afan's level. _.

Payne is doing two of them. One. ''

When the Didara and Flying Section, he kept talking about himself.

Don't quarrel _._. Someone came over _._. ''

Although the helpful sound is not large, it has closed his mouth with his strong strength, Didara and Flying Section, and a lot of mouth.

At a group of gangs, a group of people's eyes were staring, between the dense spotted woods, there was a sound of the Shasha that stepped on the dead branches, and the figure wearing a big red cloud gradually appeared.

Xia's uniform ...

Who will it be ._. Xiaonan and the day?

The more portions of the two are more profile in the eyes of everyone, and I saw it from the dense wooded forest, but two are not a big young ninja.

A white hair, the look is cold, and the power of killing is revealed between a killing.

Another black hair, handsome face, always brought into drunk look, seemed that there is no thing in front of the world to change his eyes.

Who is these two kids?!

Feeling two of your two kids ?! "I saw two young ninjas that suddenly came out of the woods in front of the woods, and they also worn on the uniforms of the organization, fate immediately, and asked some questions (good) loudly: Why wear our clothes ?! ".

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu 2 _. '' White-haired cold Jun Ma Lu face has no expression, as if it is not a group of sighted s-class rebels, the look is indifferent.

'My name is Bai Second _. It is the two people to arrange our two people to join the second _ I hope to get along with everyone in the future: ._.' 'Compare the indifferent Jun Ma Lu, the gentle white looks better. I saw a smile on his face and said that everyone woven all the people.

Hui Night ...

I heard the name of Jun Ma Lu's self-reporting, let the village of the Human Blog Village seem to be associated with the mind, I saw him surprised to frown her brow.

Is it a trace fight family ...

Crash System Chapter 190 New Member (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 190 New Member (ask for reward automatic)

'Day is arranged in an instant ?! "

After listening to Jun Ma Lu and two other words, behind the huge bloody mid-inlaid flying segment, the first face is not good.

"What jokes?! He has to make a small life today! It actually arranged two Bidala's small ghosts to enter us.!"