Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 154 of Hueding Crack System

"Well ?! 'I heard the scream of the flying segment, and what he said seems to be insulted in the moment, the face is the indifferent Jun Ma Lu, the ice green eyes, suddenly broke out a strong murder.

How? Little ghost, you still dare to show me such a look?! "Feel a strong murderousness, Zhe saw Jun Ma looked at his eyes, and suddenly the bloodthirsty laughed after fate.

What is ... These two deals borrowed more than I have a small look. ... "As the older member of the tissue, Didara is more than one year old, staring at the Jun Ma in front of him. Lu and white have some disdainful, 'that day, I'm doing something, why didn't he have?

Come. But the two little ghosts like this come over ..., '

That is.…

That is a ring of the big 950 snakes ...

Just in the flying segment and Jun Ma Lu two murderous rubber, the scattered writing is keenly observed at the rings wearing at the moment, and it is engraved with 'empty, the words.

Does it be killed by the big snake pills? Or say that there is a relationship between cooperation between them?

After this silk detail, the mind-sensitive tactics suddenly took a wave of waves, he never grasped the idea of ​​the moment, this feeling has always been very uneasy.

Before the day, I didn't come over. ... I will first give you two little ghosts ..., 'Just when I feel stacked, I can't stand the temperament of Qun Ma Lu. The eyes, suddenly waving the blood behind March cut.

"Hey ...," I will see the flying segments that have been in the moment. The huge three-hook insert is smashed in the hand, and Jun Ma Lu snorted. Under the strong killing, instant is like Ghost is generally going.

Good (aiad) action!!

The side of the side is shocked. As a person who lives nearly a hundred years old, it is even and even the first generation of the thousand-handles, he will take the thoughts of Jun Ma Lu 's skills, and the speed is almost almost almost almost almost. No philosan, "Flying this guy. It is always such a reckless kid nothing.

Simple Ninja ..., '

He knows that it is usually not dead as a flying segment that is relied. Because the level of negligence is substantially enduring, in the face of this movement, this movement is fast to the imaginable white hair, may have to suffer.

Fire · Heart !!

Seeing the battle, the experience is in the back of the experience, and a grimace mask with countless paint black tentacles suddenly drilled out, and Zhang has condensed a huge fireball, intended to join the flying section of the unsatisfied. Jun Ma Lu conducts high temperature devastating strikes.

"Water, water dragon bullet !!"

Suddenly, there was a lightly, the air in front of the corner, suddenly countless water flows, quickly formed a huge roaring water dragon, instantly put him in the face of the face mask, the future, the future The huge fireball is extinguished.

This is. ... So ... The corner of the corner only feels that he has just used the high-end fire that is released from the black-proof face mask, and there is a dark hair in front of the eye. Handsome face, is just white with Jun Ma Lu.

And in this place where there is no water.

It can release such a high rumor tolerance.

The province of this young handsome ninja is saved. The heart of the corner is not surprised. If you are not your body, you will always cover a hardening meat. Surgery, may have been hit by his water.

Please stand here. ... Be sure to intervene two battles ... The corpse is drunk in front of the corner, smiling and talking.

Very excellent sickness. ... But you are still tender in front of me !! "

It is a smile in front of him. The corner is in my heart, and the blue-green eyes among the blood red eyes will make a strong murder. 'When I become a ninja, my grandfather may have not born. !! "

Earth and soil !!

Chatcla, which flows in the body, hardening the skin, with an invincible defense, and fierce a punch, and the fighting experience is far from using the water, and immediately decisively Use the sootherapy hardening body.

The rapid condensed iron fist with a scallment to blocked the horns, and the two branched the sound of the metal collision.

'Good power ...,' barely resist the whiteness of the corner, the whiteness of the iron box, and the ice thorns in the hands have produced cracks, and immediately understand that the enemy in front of you must exceed themselves.

But there is no panic color on the white face, which is more proficient than the body's strength.

I saw the hardening iron fist who held the icebellar to resist the horn. Under the horns, the other hand in white began a speed of printing. Water Slims · Killing Yanxiang !!

I saw that I have just been hit by white water dragon bullets, and countless water beads fly, surround all the spaces around the corner, form countless dense sharp spurs, with a whole non-dead angle The way is suddenly angled.

It is actually a single-handed print ..., 'with a strange surprised eyes, the corner before the white body instantly smashed into the sieve, then it cooked as a beach.

Is it scorless?

When the Bai quickly turned his head, the corner behind him had already drilled three grimace masks with dark tentacles.

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At this time it is another side.

The stamping of the stalks and the white cap will have different conditions, but the flying segment and Jun Ma Lu have almost divided results.

Mycore, Dance!!

There is no one-run extra action, and Jun Ma Lu holds a sharp bone knife in the hands of Jun Ma, constantly makes a multi-stage continuous and accurate soft. Soft body movement, like a beautiful dance

"Can be evil ... Under the sophistication of Jun Ma Lu Qiangda, flying segments waving the bloody March rose left in the hand, countless blood flowers bloom on his body.

Flying sections started to hate why they usually did not strengthen their body skills, he found that their body is in the hands of Jun Ma Lu out, it is like a line.

The puppets, I can't hurt the Jun Ma Lu Yi, let alone take his blood to curse.

"Your move is really too slow ... Astraffle in vanguage attack, Jun Ma Lu is still awkward, and there is a taunt.

The body of the body, Tang Song !!

The bone knife on the hand hit the bloody March of the flying segment, in the face of the flying segment opened in the door, Jun Ma Lu has hit his arms, and there are ten sharp sharp sharpness.

The incomparable bones, suddenly opened the flying segments to open countless blood gums.

"Amount ... less

It is a flying section of the dead, and I can't help but hit the whole person in Jun Ma Lu, I can't help but take it out, I fell to the ground on the ground.

"Your strength doesn't seem to have your mouth. Bar is so powerful? You have remembered it ... I'm not that the ninja of your three cats can be embarrassed !!" "One hit will fly out

After that, Jun Ma Lu slowly retracted the bones of the whole body. He slowly went to the face of the flying segment to look at him.

It seems that it is really like the big people say ...

This guy is a no dead ...

It is indifferent to the flying section of the ground, Jun Ma Lu is also secretly surprised. This is full of so many deadly wounds by his body, and it seems to be one.


, 'Shout ... It is actually made of this kind of deeper. It is the midst of Jun Ma Lu, and when the flying segment shouted, slowly stood up, "But you don't

It is very proud of it ... no one in this world can kill me with the evil spirits. I'm so slowly let you kill you after all the pain.