Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 155, Chapter 155

"No one can kill you?"

Silently look at the flying segments that you are standing in front of you. Jun Ma Lu stretched out your own hands. Under a special Chakra driven. One pair seems to seem to symbolize death and

The destroyed gray skeleton slowly revealed the tip from his hands, "Then I will use this trick ... See if you can kill you ....


The continuous explosion in the forest, the laser, the high-pressure wind, the wind, occasionally there is a high temperature flame, white water instant speed is constantly intertwined between powerful none

Shuttle avoids.

"It's so powerful ... It seems that this corner is really like the big people say ... Have five different attributes ... Each heart can use powerful high-end ... less in this

Under the powerful tattoo pressure, the white heart is running at high speed, "and this is just the power of the three hearts ...

, 'It seems that only the second phase of the blood is limited ... speed goes. Going to the white heart of the dodge, I just want to transfer Chakra, I just want to use my own secrets, the blood of the blood.


At this time, there is no intervene in the distant state of the war, and it seems that it has made itself a lot of resistance.

"It seems that the flying segment is not the opponent of the white-haired child ... The little bit of hoarse sounds sounded, hiding in the embarrassment of the squad, said: '. I have said that he and Di

Dalla's two guys ... is not long ... less

Two fresh flowers ··· ......

15 white hair is the ninja of the Hui night family that has been destroyed by the country ... strength is absolutely not to be smash ... At this time, the ghost N is thinking about the opening: "Have to say

The zombie is still in the middle of the team, the guy is more than the big.

"Hey ... Although the strength of these two children is very good ... After listening to ghost N, the muffy laugh is a little smile, and the poisonous metal tail is gently swaying behind.

"But I have been waiting for it ... Didara ... we will kill them together ... less

, 'I have this meaning ... I have already waited for impatient ... After listening to the words, I have already flashing excited smiles on the face of the hard-resistant Didala, and the hands have a mouth.

Bar, revealing the tongue inside. Head, "Let these two kids know our art ...

Just when the scorpion and Didala were being shot, the sky suddenly came from a strange but familiar voice, and instantly stopped the action in his hand.

"It seems that all of you are all right ... less

A huge shadow is shrouded, after hearing this voice, all the familiar people in the scene couldn't help but lift their heads to look.

I saw the high altitude on their head, a gorgeous and unburable huge ice throne floated, the curved ice ribs above the sun shine in the sun.

At the moment of the silver and white long-haired blue-shak, this moment is wearing the red clouds of the red cloud. It seems that some lazy hand began to leaner on the armrest of the Ice throne, just

Sitting on the top, giving greatly overlooking the people under the feet.

It is like the king of the gods in the sky in the subject of the people under his feet.

At a time, the power of this appearance came, it seems that the soul of all the people present.

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Chapter 192 of the Crane System, the earth is aloud (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 192, Insicross, Sky (ask for reward)

" !!"

" !!"

After seeing the sky, I suddenly appeared in the sky, the two suddenly shouted, and there were still actions in their hands. An instant returned to the woods.

And all of all the organizations in the field. I also recovered from the shock, and I made a guardian posture.

The reason is nothing, because the sudden appearance of the moment has brought too much deterrence, this boundless situation, which has emerged, suddenly letting everyone will improve instantly.


At this time, all the families woven all the gods of all the gods. At this time, the white lightly pushed the Jun Ma Lu in the side, and said softly: '' Declaring the moment, the adults, I have to start to put it two.

Seven Zero "

In the air, the moment is sitting on a huge ice thrower, and the face seems to show some distressed expressions and self-speaking. The sound is not big but just let the familiar to hear everyone.

, '. What should I use to pack you ...

"To know ... I have crushed a group of ants but I don't want to step on them ... this force is very difficult to control ... less

A silent ...

The unrelent voice is just better to get into the ear of the people's ear. After a silence, all the familiar people have brought all the people to open the pot, and a group is exciting, especially

Didala first jumped.

"I have never seen such a arrogant guy like you! The old brother stops me ... I have to kill him now !!" I saw Didara's appearance of the arrogant attitude.

Young handsome face, the palm of the palm of the palm of the palm begins to swear.

When he was arrogant, he received this attitude towards others, even when he was defeated by A, he has never been an angry like this.

"This time, you don't say it ... I also have to make him into my people" second factory. "

At this time, he did not speak him again, because as the red sand of the Sand genius, he is not a mud, which is used to use this arrogant state.

Treat it, even the other party is the strength of the strength of the strength, it will not work.

It is said that the black red clouds on the scorpion are opened, from the bloated

The Chakra line of the light is ineffective.

"I said the old brother ... It turns out that this is your front-sighted .... Factory saw that he was beginning to show his body, and Didara was a little surprised to open his mouth. Par, '. I have been

I thought that you are in the embarrassment, you are a strange uncle ...

"Although I didn't have to pay with him ... But in the past years, I have never said that I have to say this to me." At this time, the whole face is wrapped in the face of the mask, and I also passed the sound.

The sound of the sunset, the clothes behind, four ghost face masks with countless paint tentacles, symbolizing the four Chakra attributes of the water fire.

"Haha ... Corner ... Waiting for a while this day, this day, there is the two little ghosts .... Factory floating the bloody three sickles to move into the corner, watching floating in half air

The moment, smiled and smiled in his neck: "I have left the last breath ... I want to use the evil ceremony to get torture them ....

"So ..." Since there is this copy. ... House ghost R raised his hand and wanted his creepy R muscle, and his mouth opened his mouth on his face. He turned his head to look at the touch of the side. "I Bamboo

Also start ... touch ...