Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 156 of the Capaci Yushu System

After hearing the voice of ghost R, although the glaze around him did not open, a pair of scarlet written eyes, the overflowing war has leaked his mood at this moment.

"Hey ... It seems that you are all ready ... then ...

On the hollow, the huge ice thrower is standing in the air, and the expression of all the people of all the people will take the eyes, so they stand in the air, slowly reach out and one.

Perfect immortal mode, start!!

A invisible airflow blows out, and the black bottom of the body after the flash is open, and the red cloud big strokes are suddenly changed to a white robe, the silver is slowly fluttering in the brain.

After that, there is no wind, if you have an empty cactus. ...

"Let's start ... less

In the case of a drifting, all the ear of all the people's ears, the boundless momentum of the perfect cactus pattern, and the heart is shocked, I haven't seen it in the sky.

There is a moment that has begun.

Semi-earthquake star!!!

I saw that a pair of zone of blue gods were in the eyes of endless illegal spilled, mysterious Guanghua shines, slowly reaching out their own hands and gently, and huge gravitation suddenly launched.

Just when all the families at the feet did not decompose this, suddenly, the whole sky began to be dark, and countless clouds among the atmosphere were dispersed by strong airflow.

A boundless giant meteorite in a diameter of more than 100 meters suddenly came, and the whole body rubbed the hot flame in the air, covering the volume of the sky with an unsettled shock, imitation

The natural disasters of the Buddha's last day are generally falling towards them.

"That is ... less

0.6 The most sensitive and smoked in the field of all the people's observer. Even he never thought that there would be such a powerful power.

"Deceive ... deceptive ...

In the face of this seeming to destroy the whole world, the world's general vast, older Didara is surprised to open the three mouths of the whole body, and they can't help but must.

Watch !!

Do you have the power?

Usually, the most lifted flying segment, saw this scene of the sky, at this moment, even the bloody March sickle in his hand, the mids of the mulberry, and he did not notice it.

(If you have a monthly ticket and flowers, please lose it to me. "

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"Is it a means of shocking? It has experienced the power of the moment. It was produced. The body's body face, although there is no expression, but in words

It still reveals the color of the shock, "It's really worth you ... old to the chunk ... less

"and so…

Just when the huge meteorite in Heaven began to fall, the hooded smile on the face, got a big one under the feet, and included all the expressions on their faces.

The whole person and the huge meteorites of the shocking in the sky have formed a picture of a unforgettable of all people in the field.

"How do you avoid this meteorite in this round?

Similar to this trick. In the face of a single enemy, it is not advisable to hit the enemy, but when the rationality is, this operation is substantially unable to defend highly Polyspit.

Either hide, either resurrect with a certain means, or crushed the meteorites on the sky in powerful strength, because everyone can hide when they can use time spatial.

"There is no 13 perfect stemming in the world ... no matter what tobach, there will be its weaknesses. ... Less just at this time, the first recovery of the glaze after shocking, and begins to think about thinking

Coping to deal with the plan, "everyone is with me ... Use your strongest remote attack tolerance ... Try to concentrate the power to destroy this meteorite ... Other than flying sections ... we all have to die ... less

It is a glaze ...

I saw the first reaction at the foot and found a response plan. The flash of my face came to the look. His purpose today is to take control of this group of organization.

It is not to kill them. It is enough to conquer them with your absolute strength.


I saw the touch of the two-eyed scarlet-shaped jade and jade rotation, and formed a pair of triangle darts. The whole body began to get out of the red chic Chuck Chakra. There is a huge

Checkla giant wrapped in his vitro. And rapidly growing meat and context, and finally formed a full set of clak 1, which was attracting the surrounding tissue ninja.

"This is ... I saw A for the first time, so that this powerful force, even the most familiar Ghost R of ghost R between each other, was also filled with surprised expression.

"I am evil ... touching this guy ... actually also hidden in this hand ... Leadless from the Didara after being defeated by A, I have always seen the opponent who wants to defeat myself.

I saw that A suddenly made such a powerful move, and suddenly I had my mouth.

"Don't talk nonsense ... The meteorite is very close ... Less At this time, the most calm combat experience is the most abundant corner, and the opening is pulled back to everyone's attention.

"Oh? The third stage mature body must be ... ... Also make all the strengths ...

"Don't stand silly! Show your strongest sickness !! ', look at getting closer meteorite, the corner is unbeatable, and the first four ghosts behind him

There is a mouth. A large amount of Chakra began to start.

Fire · Heart !!

Thunder villain !!

Water, water screen!!

Wind, overturn!!

When the corner of the moment, the four ghost face masks were instantly Chakra, and the huge meteorites fell on the sky, which suddenly released four four kinds of Chakra's nature change, and

And each of them is a higher level of tissue.

Eight feet Qiong !!

I saw the huge meteorite on the sky at the same time, and A didn't give it to the weak and immediately pushed Chakra, and the mighty mature body must be able to match the sky.

When the huge crash suddenly hit a three red hook jade connected with a rope, constantly flying.

Water, big r bomb!!

The ghost is full of rapid printing, and the body is comparable to Chakra overflowing. When the exquisite water is launched, the surrounding space is poured out of the sea, quickly forming a huge fierce

The residual A fish, with the characteristics of phagocytology to absorb the opponent, and open the giant mouth to reveal the countless sharp teeth toward the sky.

Sand iron !!