Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 157, Chapter 157

I saw that all my companions made their strongest sickness, and the scorpion immediately opened the reel of the three generations of people, and manipulated this person who said the strongest wind in history.

The number of highly toxic iron sand is filled, and a huge sharp three-pricing cone is empty, and a huge meteorite that is getting closer to the ground.

"Art is explosion !!"

Seeing the big meteorite in the sky, in the life and death crisis, under this powerful oppression, Di 337 Dalla face revealed the crazy smile, both hands production

The number of explosion rsures, made a white flying bird, and all the huge meteorites in the sky together with all the huge meteorites in the sky.

Among the people present, the only way to stand in the ground is only the flying segments of the land, and there is a bloody March, look up at all my companions.

A variety of powerful tattoo, formed a powerful offensive, bombarded by the boundless meteorite that was close at the sky.

As if the voice of the ancient stars, the whole land is shaken, and the stronger meteorite and the stronger melting of all people hit all the hits.

A shock wave visible to a naked eye spread quickly, the whole infinite forest countless big tree was blown down, and the countless rock in the ups and downs of the mountain was shocked.

I saw that the incomparable light passed, everyone looked up and saw this huge meteorite in the center of the sky, suddenly broken open.

But I haven't waited for their faces to have a smile, but the sound of the moment is once again ...

Chapter 194 of the Crash System (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 194 Shocking (seeking reward automatic)

"Oh, a very gorgeous fireworks ...

I saw the illegal meteorite that used God's reincarnation from the sky. The huge meteorite of the sky was killed, and the expression on the face was not changed. It is still the Thai.

Of course.

If the group's S-Class S-Ninja, this group of organizations can't do this, there is no need to take it.


At the moment of the huge ice thrower, the eyes were gently swayed, and suddenly in the eyes of everyone, the broken huge meteorite in the sky, suddenly gradually

The trend of mutual integration.

The whole land once again vibrated, the bulk meteorite after the broken eyes, under the handling of the blood of the moment, even condensed into a grand greaty, like a one

The monument is usually stood in this boundless forest.

"what is this…

I opened my own kaleidoscope, and A shockedly looked at the boundless forest in front of him. It seems that it can be straight. Plug. In the huge god of clouds, it is even more than my own third stage.

The mature body must be a few times more.

"Can we really defeat such guys ...

The corner is only the eyes of the face outside the mask, it is also difficult to cover the horror of the color, just they are desperately intended to crush the huge meteorite, now actually changed.

It is more difficult to deal with guys.

In the past, in the past years ...

In addition to the two monsters that have become mythics ...

It seems that I haven't heard of this world in this world ...

"What's wrong? The expression on your face seems to be full of fear ... less

Some of the sounds sounded, and I saw the moment of flashing in the half-air, and there were countless fringe frozen rain in the air, just when everyone was halfway.

This beautiful scene is involved in the air.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

"So ... is accepting my dispatch ... or fight me .... '

When this sentence passes into their ears, the corner they have discovered that the figure has appeared behind them, and gently standing on the ground is good looking at him.

This speed ...

Can we really defeat him ...

At this moment, there was no bottom in the heart of all the people in the field.

"I can't stand the most ...

Your self-righteous tone!

! 11 When you can't fall into a quiet atmosphere throughout the field. The flying segment of the personality broke this piece

Silence, "The evil god will be bold to you


I haven't finished the words of the flying segment, and I flew out of the whole personnel, I accidentally broke the ten big trees along the way.

So fast!!

"And this is not a time-space sputum ... is the speed of his body itself ... Less place to open the kaleidoscope written the eyes with superman dynamic vision A first reaction, see

The figure of the moment has appeared in their people, replacing the original flying segment.

Ten punches!!

After the reaction came over, the first time was taken into a huge need to be able to remove a long sword between the hazelnuts, bringing a strong power, a sword, head.

However, in front of the next second IH, there is a flower in front of the kaleidoscope, and the trace of the moment will be lost. When everyone reacts this, it is found that it is a ghostily standing.

Before they are not far away.

And most of them feel that one of the hands of the moment is also a person wearing a uniform, the uniforms of the organization pulls the head, and the Yunnanese depressed in a larger, and it is

Just now I was instantly flying out of the flying segment of dozens of meters away.

What happened just happened?!

The speed of the flying segment was flying, and then the next moment, I will return the flying section of the flying dozens of meters.

What ?!

At all, all the familiar people in the field only felt that their brains had already heard everything that happened before this, and the powerful visual impact of the continuous use of the moment has made them feel incredible.

"This speed ... less even if the whole body is wrapped in mature body, the hand holds three artifacts a, seeing the speed of the moment, it is not able to capture, and the face can not help but show out

Unsometric look.