Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 158 of Hueding Crack System


Have you reached this extent ...

I have a kaleidoscope to write the wheel eye and the three artifact ... I can't see your back ...

"Originally, it turned my body into this ... Less, when everyone was shocked by the strength, when the cold, only the flying mouth in the hands of the moment

I can also send out the sound of eating loudly.

It seems that this guy is indeed a dead ...

I am a little surprised to raise my brow and look at the flying segments you mentioned in your hands. The Yunnong port is caught in his entire manifold, but it is still a state of dragons.

This should no longer be an ordinary human body, but after the evil spirits ban, his body has become a form similar to walking dead, no matter how (Wang Li Zhao) hurt

His meat. During his body, he cut his head down. It will not cause death ...

But if you really want to kill him ...

Whether it is half a spiral pill or a jade, you can make his entire humanized powder ...

I have turned, I'm lifting the flying segment in my hand, staring at him, I started to make a dangerous radians, -1 paragraph ... Although I have many ways to kill your unsathered body ... but ... but ...

"I want you to understand ... There are many things in this world that are more painful than death ...

Ice spirit!!

After the voice falls, there is an endless freezing force in the body. In all people's horrified eyes, flying sections were blocked in a huge ice other. Seems like one

Fly blocked by glass. Missing can't ...

Chapter 195 of the Crash System (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 195 Fighting (ask for reward automatic)

"The density of this mouth and the diamond are almost the same ... you can't break ...

Some are satisfied with a smile look at the ice in the huge ice, and the flying segment is not moving, and the moment is laughing.

I will reflect ...

A silent ...

When I saw the flying jumping, I was blown with the flying seal. I was frozen in front of this huge ice, and all the membership members were very happy in my heart, but at this moment.

But why can't you laugh?

"The character of this guy ... If it is closed in seven days, it can't be moved ... can only look at it ... this is estimated that he will suffer more than one hundred times more ... Redier, flat

Everything I think about in the heart of the feet in the day.

"Although this guy is really annoying ... but I can't let you ... have said less mouth, the corner suddenly launched four ghost face masks, four strong high-end sickness

Suddenly roaring.

Sand iron is 020 a rain!!

At the same time, when the corner, I started to attack myself, I didn't know when I quietly sent it to the sand iron in the air, and suddenly formed countless small high toxic particles.

If you have a wide range of attacks on the back of the ball, it is difficult to capture when the speed is fast.


The sorghum of the sorghum and the sand iron of the scorpion, and the position of the moment before the moment is bombed into a sore balance. Countless smoke dust is filled around the surrounding air.

"Hey ... Do you not even kill the flying segment .... Look at the horns and the exaggerated power, and it is almost a flat wood in front of you, and Didaraton shouted.

"Impudi ... Do you think that the day is so easy to be killed? There is no expression on the face of young handsome body, but the sound is still low.

"He is here ... less

Sure enough, the voice of the scorpion fell. Next to the A suddenly broke the sound, the red red, the hemaster, mustache, Chakra Flame.

I saw that I didn't know when I was already standing on the other side, next to it, I was placed in a huge ice, and the flying sections were frozen in the frozen, and even the eyes were not

I can blink.

"You still have time to pay attention to me ... less moment is quietly looking at them, and there seems to be slightly reminded.

At the moment, A they only felt a shadow on the head, and the huge fists who were huge and the fists were already hit by them.

The sound of the ribbon, a row of big trees were smashed by stone statues, and the dust was spread in the air, and a huge deep pit appeared on the ground.

"Running is very fast ... just let it come to play with you ... less with a ridiculous tone, the moment is a good look at the surrounding huge quarter groups

Zi people.


The ,,,


"This is not a way ... Less only in the woods, escaping to avoid attacks from the top huge stone statues. Ghost R is open to the touch of the touch," this big guy will give me first.

Didara ... Touch PPA ... You and Zhu also have the corner to deal the day to the sketa ...

Don't ((BDBC) look at the ghostless appearance looks thick branches, but it turns out the situation and tactics in front of him, and takes a wide range of tolerance and Didala who can fly.

There is a huge stone statue in front of the production, let A and and the corner to deal with the flashlight statue.

Water, big burst shower !!

After saying, the ghost R is on the hands of the bidder. Under the huge Chakra in the body, there is a mouthful of endless water flows, and the kung fu in front of me.

Made in the forest made a large piece of Wang Yang.

Water, water, N,!

Following the whole forest like Wang Yang's seafood, it has formed a huge elliptical water, the ghost R and the N muscle slowly fused, and the avatar became a half.

A half-9 heterogeneous, the opening pair of Didara, makes an eye.

Didala in the distance got slightly, and suddenly made a lot of explosion Rodes, formed a huge flying bird, took the sky and flew it on the sky, and the ghost R was attracted

Make a huge stone statue.