Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 159, Chapter 159

On the other hand, the face is light on the face. Looking back, the touch, and corners of the eyes.

"They two on the stone statue ... Do you have three to deal with me ... a good tactics ... less light open.

"Heart ... What do you want to control ... What is it?" The redness of the red, there is a deepest question, "" With your strength ... this world should have no

Is there anything you can't do? "

"You don't have to know so much ... You just need to accept my dominance ... According to the original plan ... Capture the beast in the class, you can use it ... less, there is obvious that there is no intention to answer

a problem.

"Touch ... Don't talk nonsense with him ... How long does it take for ghost R and Didara? The factory will work hard in a and the moment, next to the scorpion has slowly took out his secrets. volume

Nursery skills and bails !!

Among the air around the four people, there were hundreds of armed embarrassments, and each of the weapons on each hand quenched the poor toxic to see the blood, which was so well

The army is surrounded, and the ordinary ninja is found to find a line of life.

"This is the famous red sand scorpio once captured a national Dengfeng's pole, and his face was surrounded by the unsatisfied army, and the eyes were in the eyes.

Did not lifted, the sound of sound points were asked.

(If you have a monthly ticket and flowers, please lose it to me. "

Chapter 196 of the Crane System (seek reward automatic)

Chapter 196 Realism (seeking reward automatic)

"But you can also deal with ordinary ninja ... less

I said softly in my mouth. The blue eyes of the blue gods launched, and the rays of shattering.

Renovation, hell!!

An invisible gravity diffuses in an instant, A, and the corner suddenly feel that the weight of the whole body is increased by thousands of times, except for the package, outside A, angle

I can't afford this suddenly put it on the body, and I'm slamming on the ground.

O answer

I have originally floated in the air surrounded by the big army. Under this huge gravity, a piece of slice seems to be on the ground, and the dead is adsorbed.

Ground above the ground.

Even as the body of the body, he couldn't bear the serious gravity of this shared, and the whole body was pressed on the ground. The tight adsorption is not allowed to move on the ground.

The eyes of the moment have broken the boundary of the border to the god of the god by absorbing the huge bloody eyes, but also the endlessness of the endlessness, but even all other capability effects.

It also got the double-duty growth, and the power of the investment of gravitational repulsion far exceeded.

"As an abandoned spirit of the original human mind and the genius teacher ... less

I saw that only A can still be supported under the protection of the defenders, and the corners can't stand it under this huge gravity. The moment of light is in front of the scorpion.

Looking at him slightly in the tone. "... this is the price you pay ... less

"Can be evil ... less gravity embarrassing in the ground, the mobilization of Kutcra, but even a finger can't lift it, if he is still a human body, it is indeed like it.

It's so awkward now.

Then glanced on the ground, and the corner of the gravity of the gravity of the gravity that he had turned to the ground, and his side of the face mask, the body

Then, the eyes are aligned with the only stations in the field.

"Integration ... I advise you don't do this ... less the left eye of the God of the God seems to predict anything in advance, suddenly open to the touch of the mouth to seek to him: '. I know you play.

Use Tianzhao ... Forced me to reveal the flaw, then find the opportunity to use the ten boxing sword seal me ... less

How do he know my thoughts ...

Is coincidence or ...

A silently stopped you are going to release the movement of the sky. After you hear the heart of your own heart and the tactics, the whole body is wrapped in the red red.

The inner m can't see the expression on the face, but only resists the gravity of implying it from himself, and the other side rolls countless thinking thoughts.

"Oh? You changed the tactics ... Two people are quietly looked at, and then I said that I am shocked again from the mouth of the moment." You want to use the crow ... Using the crow

The surface has been used in advance to settle the seal settings, don't change my thoughts ... less

"There is another eye of the water in you ... but this eye is not originally planned to stay with Sasuke ... There is a lot of mouth to continue to say, complete

There is no scruple, the expression of a panic, "Nothing ... in front of my bodies" ... even if you are a water, you can't produce the slightest effect on me.

God of life?!

Why do I know all in my heart?!

It seems that the face will always be a quiet A. At this moment, I finally changed my face, and my eyes took a unbelievable and staring at the moment in front of my eyes.

"Don't you see your heart in your heart ?!" With doubts, shocking and intake, A finally asked.

"It's not the heart of others ... I saw a quiet face in front of the A quiet face, I was shocked, and the mouth of my mouth gave a inexplicable smile," but my eyes can mention

Before presence the future world ... You will take all the ideas and tactics that you have to do ... will be seen in your eyes in advance ... so all the attacks and minds are in front of me.

Futile ...

· ... seeking flowers ...

"From every point of view ... this is also a kind of reading heart ... When the moment is gently finishes, the WA in front of the eyes, there is also a corner, and the three faces have not been found.

The look outside is shocked.

Pre-knowledge in advance?!

Such a person ... Is there really people in this world to defeat?

Especially always believe in there is no perfect sickness in the world. As long as someone uses, there will be a flaw this truth. In the heart, the ability to generate an flash is

Perfect, no lack of lack, tendo seamless thoughts.

Whole know all ...

Lenovo's unbeatable power, plus this pair of fantastic eyes, and there is a corner of nearly 100 years old, and his mind is now temporarily imagined.

Come to this world who can deal with such an enemy.