Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 160 of the Crash System

Just when the three people in front of the moment were shocking, the fight against the huge stone statue and the Didala Nagi N had also been divided.

"Can be evil ... The factory is sitting in T6 soil bird.

How to use a huge stone statue in front of the explosion of the brewing drill

Constantly avoiding the pair of huge stone statues, Didala looked at the unique out-of-explosion 16 soil left, he found himself

The stone statue will immediately recover immediately, it is completely a dead existence.

"Damn ... less and shroud in the boundless water, the ghost IQ, and all the huge water, the huge water around him, did not take this stone, do not die.

Frowless several times, I'm almost by the stone statue.

In the face of the huge stone statue of this moment, the ghost r and Didala only feel like a mountain, it is in his own heart.

(If you have a monthly ticket and flowers, please lose it to me. "

Chapter 197 of the Crane System accepts or dies (seeking reward automatic)

Chapter 197 accepts or dies (seeking reward automatic)

The sun is skew, and the time gradually has gradually entered the afternoon.

In the uncomfortable forest, standing a tremendous stone statue, a trendy trees, and uninterrupted explosions, uninterrupted explosions.

"Good risk ... less

Dida jinity has avoided the huge stone statue arrested, and the huge palm of the palm of the air scraped his cheeks slightly hurt, "So big guy ...

What is unexpected flexible ... less

"Didara! Be careful behind you !!"

The ghost N shrouded in the boundless water, it seems to be opened his squid mouth. The bar shouted, helpless he forgot to have some of themselves, except for a few bubbles, and then

No other sound came out.

Just escaping the stone statue giant hand, I have been fortunate in the future, a shadow is covered, and he wrapped his entire people into 13, and a strong force around the whole body, only Didara

The whole person is smashed in the hand by a huge stone statue.

"It's evil ... that child is too big ... less

I saw Didala lost by huge stone, and the ghost N was dark, but suddenly felt the top of the water, the powerful water pressure came, and a covering giant was panicked.

In the eyes of the squid eyes.


Ghost R Contains with his body-centered, the whole boundless row, was sent to the huge stone like a slap like a flies, like the shells, direct shot. Enter the Sen under the bottom

In the forest, he did not know.

at the same time.

Among the trees that are not far from the feet of the huge stone, it is different from the huge movement in the sky. The air here is very secret.

This is a flying segment that is frozen within a huge ice, and the eyes that can not move, they are dull, see all things in front of me.

"It seems that the other side is over!

The sound of the taste came, and the moment is quietly standing at the foot countless, the middle of the big army is embarrassed on the ground, and the eyes are joined to the glaze and corners of the eyes, '' So ... tell me you.


"Accept me control the whole reading ... or ... choose death ... less

When the moment is dull, this sentence will be quickly fell from the sky. There is a few people who are smashed between them.

"Good pain ... Less people have been lost in the ground of the tremendous stone, Didara can't help but send a painful voice, but he lifted his head to see the secret between several people on the side.

Atmosphere, he closed his mouth again.

I heard the problems raised by the moment, and I saw the Didara that was grabbed by the huge stone, and the corner of the single knee is on the ground. It does not have a lot of red and red.

Inside 0, the two seems to have a silent exchange of eyes.

After a while, the two nodded, it seems to reach a silent tacit understanding, and the corner glanced at the gravity released by the moment, and finally played.

Broken silence.

"Japan to flash ... we accept you to become the leader of our whole ... But everyone here will join Xiaotai this organization ... I saw a pair of green eyes and dead staring at the moment.

Said with his low voice: "They have their own original intentions and ultimately the same purpose ...

"About this point, I have said, I have already said ... I heard what I said, I suddenly interrupted him directly, and I said:" I took over the whole news of the whole ...

Everything in the weave is not changed ... still caught the nine big beast as a mission goal ....

After listening to this time, several of the members of the auction in the scene were nodded, and I saw a slowly recovered that he was able to cover the whole body. He left bright red in his eyes.

Blood tears, the face is exhausted.

It seems that ordinary kaleidoscope writes the road to open the third stage mature body, and the load is not a general big bigger to his body ... look at the A, the heart of the heart of almost fell in front of him.

If you think about it.

"Didara ... What do you say?" Seeing that he and glazed and the scorpion have accepted this fact that it became the leader of their entire tissue, and the corner turned his gaze to sat in

Didala on the ground.

, 'Shout ... You all agreed ... I can still say ... I can also fight this guy ... After the account is asked, Didala shouted, and then the gaze is arrogant.

However, the moment is now, "But your guy is not too proud ... Now I am just temporarily agree with you to become our leader .... Factory

"Which day I am stronger than you ... I will not hesitate to use my art for you to hold a gorgeous funeral .... Formation Dida's mouth is talking, and the eyes revealed a kind thirsty

Look at the madness.

"Maybe ... but I think that I may not be 287 real .... Households saw Didaran double full of war, moment, unable to shrug their back shoulders, mouth angle came out of a single

It is a smile, "Because I compared to me ... you are weak, you are unbearable ....

"Can be evil .... Factory saw the disdate of the moment, the Didara sitting on the ground almost bite his teeth, almost jumping from the ground.

"I also agree ...."