Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 161 of Hueding Crack System

At this time, another voice came from the woods behind him. I saw the ghost N headed down the building, and the wolf is coming out of the woods, and there is a strong smile on my face.

"In fact, I haven't opposed it ... it is your group of guys pull me in ... Hard scalp faces the horror of this horror ... less

, People, people, everyone's opinions have been agglomerated ...

After listening to the ghost, the moment is nodded, I directly ignored this moment, I was also frozen in the flying segment of the huge ice, gently went to the blind eye to apply it around.

Gravity field.

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Chapter 198 of the Crane System (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 198 First Command (ask for reward automatic)

"So ... starting from now ...

"I ... the old to go to the slogan ..." is officially become the leader of Xiao ... less

After the voice of the moment, after Satake the eye gravity farm, the

Stand up.

"I said the old brother ... I saw your wolf's appearance ... hahahaha ... Less I saw the temple of the vice wolf, Didara can't help and laugh."

"Give me a mouth! You are idling ... Less than Didala's ridicule, I can't help but feel angry, I can't help but immediately breathe. You are not like a flies.

Palm shooting ... less

"Since everyone agrees with me to become the leader of the organization ... then ... then ...

In the moment, I laughed and looked at the scene of Didara and the squatting mouth. Gently shakes your head, I haven't seen him, and there are four shades behind him.

Medical comics!!

Under the eyes of all people, the four shadings of the moment were instantly in the empty land of the woods. The golden Chakra scattered in each hand, and there was a scattered in the air.

Have a junction of Yingying green light.

"This is ... less seeing this scene, the ghost R uses him some doubts to have some unexpected eyes to turn to the moment.

"This is a medical nation ... I usually have a medical tester who has been bored ... I'm a smile in my mouth, and all the people in the scene explain." Although only palm is

Cure effect ... But your injury is not very heavy ... After entering, I believe it will be able to heal immediately ...

"The junction that is arranged by medical tattooing ... This is a kind of medical tattoo level and Chakra control ability to get ... look at the medical treatment of the moment

The neighborhood, there are some unbelievable mouths that are unbelievable.

The grandmother of the lady is the best medical ninja in the village of Sand, and he is also an expert in medical drug development, so his heart is very clear.

Another medical tattoory that will not be smelling will be arranged. What is a shocking thing in the field of medical and sickness.

, 'Always forget ... I'm still the best medical ninja in the wooden leaves .... Factory saw this scene with the moment to work together in the wooden leaves, the best of the moment, can not help but sigh,

Walk in the medical nation.

At the moment, I took an inexplicable smile. I looked at the foreman and I walked into my own medical nungers. I was restored between the blink of a deep and shallow injury.


, 'The effect is good ...

Looking at all the big wounds in the whole body, all the big wounds were healed. Didara found that there was a powerful ninja in the moment when their leaders were actually not bad.

"It's amazing ....

Ghost N Some surprised spreads have opened their own hands, watching all the wounds that they are instantly cured, although he absorbs Chakra after using R muscles, it can achieve this effect, but

It is still convinced by the scene in front of you.


"Well ... Since everyone's injury has healed ... The moment waved his own shadow, and the eyes were revealed to see all the people in the field," then I

Just publish the adjustment and arrangement of the inside of the organization ....

I heard that I have to make adjustments and arrangements to the next organizational content, all of the familiar parties all the faces, erected their own ears, listening to the back of the moment, will be said


"First, I will replace the original Payne. And Xiaonan continues to form a sense of the two people ...

"Second, ghost R and 0 power two people are unchanged. The two people in the art and Didala are constant, the flying segment and the corner are not dead ...

"Third, my ministry ... white and Hui Night Jun Ma Lu ... You have seen it ... two re-combined into the internal new two groups ... less

"I believe that two of them have already seen it ... Is there an objection?" Say it, and the moment glanced over all the people present.

I saw a few ninja faces at the scene looked at each other. I looked at the white and Jun Ma Lu, who was standing next to it, nodded slightly, and the ghost R said: "Although these two governments are young ... but

Is the strength is true ... they have no views in the organization.

I saw no objection to the scene, my moment is gentle, followed by a stunned tone, "Since everyone has no opinion ... then organize it later

This arrangement ... Continue to capture the recycling of the beast as a task ... less

"But before this ... I want to post a major task ... Less story less, I will stop my tone.

"This task is ... I am now announced that there is still the newcomer who just joined the organization, from today ... is the traitor in the organization!"

"Everyone will encounter them two in the implementation task ... to kill them two for the first priority ... If necessary, this task can take precedence to capture the recycling of the beast

Task ... (?) "

After a breath of the moment, he saw the crowd on a circle of fields. It was found that everyone did not seem to be counterclothes, except for the ghost R whose face was slightly changed after he mentioned that A Fei.


"Absolutely love ... No problem ... Less only see Didara, the guy who is unrest, showing a malicious smile on his face, ', when you don't use the guy to perform the task

I don't see people all day ... I have long seen him is not pleasing ... and today they have never come over .....

"I saw two of them next time ... I must put two fried fragments '' side, while the Didala's mind seems to be imagined to imagine such pictures, and there is an emergence of one.

Silk excitement.

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