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Chapter 162 of Hueding Crack System

Chapter 199, Sound (seeking reward automatic)

"Although I haven't seen one side, I haven't seen it ... But the leader of the leader will definitely execute ... If you see them next time ... I will make them into my people ...

The factory faces the first command of the leader of the tissue leader.

"Very good ... Less to see that all the orders have no doubt about their orders. The moment is satisfied.

Although the strength of Unechybo belt and black, the ability to write the kaleidoscope is as difficult as the ,,

The product of Hui Night Yin Yang and will, with the strength of the ninja, the strength of the ninja wants to kill them, should be unlikely.

But it is possible to nausea. I want to be very good ... I think here. The mouth of the moment can not help but show a smile of a trace of fun.

I really want to see the expression on both faces ...

Just then, the blind eye of the moment seems to suddenly notice anything. Suddenly turned to reach out to the ground, and slammed it, and suddenly, it suddenly had a strong

The gravity of the waves broke out.

"Worse ... was discovered ... less

Looking at the ground, one 340 is far away from the top before, notice that sudden movement of the moment, is shocked.

Then I only feel that a huge gravitational force that does not have the match is involved, and I suddenly sucked myself to the position of the moment.

Under the huge gravitation of this union, the declined responded immediately, without hesitation, a black ink was quickly seepdrate toward the bottom of the ground.

And the whiteness is under this huge gravitation, it has no resistance, and it has quickly fly over the moment, and then the whole person is attached to the hand.


"Oh? Is it rushed?

A hand holds him in half an empty neck. I saw that the black ran and didn't care too much.

"The day is now ... you can't live a ... less and have been attached to the neck. The whole person mentioned half the air. Just want to say something.

At the moment, I was too lazy to listen to him nonsense, and my hands in my hands were slightly tight. I suddenly took off the neck of the white, and then gently put the white ring that was engraved with 'Hai' in his hand.


"Jun Jun Ma is still lacking this ring ... You will send yourself '' after a knocking white, the moment will be thrown on the ground, picking down the ring, throwing it next to Jun Ma

Lu, "Now, the organization includes the big snake pills that have been separated from the organization.

Jun Ma Lu took the ring that came through the moment, and gently wore it in his own hand. At this point, there is a little doubtful to join.

"The leader ... this is a ... I have a little bit of the body, and the words of the corner revealed the meaning of a trace of inquiry.

"This is only a fellowship that is just a fellowship ... , once again emphasized:" The task that just released is still executing ... especially

That Affei and black are ... Everyone will see them immediately! "

I heard this task again. All the people in the scene will nod, but this angle looks at the flying sections that are still frozen in huge ice, it seems

I asked: "The leader ... that fly ... how to deal with?"

The words of the corner seemed to remind everyone that the present, finally remembered that there was no movement next to it, and it was still the flying section of the frozen to frozen, and it seems that it is about to see him.

It seems that a tearful tears in the eyes of the checked eyes.

"You don't have to manage it ... After seven days, my Ice is automatically unspeakable .... The household also glanced at the flying segment of the poor Baba next to it, and said in this. '

The guy's personality will not die in the eyes all day ... sooner or later will be buried in someone else's hand ... This will be a lesson to have a long memory for him ....

At the moment, I said that everyone was recognized, and my heart was deeply sure. I really took this guy. If I have long, I really have a long time.

It is difficult to expect. After all, except for the ability to die and the curse. The real strength of this guy may not be as good as an elite.

"There is also a task about the recycling of the beast ... The original fixed time is almost arrived ... Everyone can go immediately. ... Factory is talking, while reaching out

Jun Ma Lu and white came over, '. I still have something to deal with ... About next time ... I will let Xiaonan inquiry .... Factory

The voice of the moment. I reached out to play Jun Ma Lu and white shoulders, under the eyesight of everyone. Three people who have come to the original place will disappear.

Between the entire trees, there is only a ground, and there is only a gang of all the ground, and there is a tree that is full of blumbing forests.

The rest of the trees in the trees, and the people who are silent, they look at each other. Holding different ideas in their hearts. I have disappeared.

Just before leaving, the corner came to the huge ice, looked at the countless pain and struggle of the flow of the eyes of the flying paragraph, and gently sighed, "said this.

I have nothing wrong ... You still stay in it, let it reflect ...

"We also go too ... Touch ... Households" all the ideas and minds of their hearts. The ghost R is in the beginning of the N muscles, the opening slightly reminds the touch of the side.

"Well .... The factory heard the reminder of ghost R. The silence of the glaze nodded slightly. Lake up with the pace of ghost R, just a pair of scarlet written eyes, who also guess the unspecite.


You will put the future Ninja World ...

What is it?

Collaboration Your System Chapter 200 Squirment (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 200 Pharmaceuticals (ask for reward automatic)

Tie's country.

On the edge of the coast cliff, countless tidal glossy fell swims on the cliffs of the cliff.

But why didn't shoot this trim, sitting on the Ciqi's heart in the heart of the cliff.

"With soil ... less

The low voice came, and the original empty space with the soil body, and the figure between black and white was gradually emerged from the bottom.

"Absolute ... how is the situation?"

After seeing the appearance, the earth was turned back, showing half of his embraced folded face, and a pair of written eyes that exudes the scarlet rays.

"The day, I have already controlled the whole ...

After the whole person drills out of the ground, it is absolutely, it should be in the mouth of the mouth. Spit out this news that is very disadvantageous to them.

"Sure enough ... less

After listening to the news revealed from the black mouth, I couldn't help but muttered, a pair of scarlet written eyes couldn't help but bleak, "Sure enough, as I think ... His purpose is not

It's just a round of eyes ... he also took over the entire tissue ... less