Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 163

"No ... things may be bad than you think ...

It seems that it is too unfavorable in the mouth of the soil, and the mouth is again spoken out again, 'The old moment is not only taken by the whole ... and he

I also released a command to all the organization members ...

"Two listed two of the tissue traitors ...

"That is to say ... we have to face them next ... is the chasing of the whole tissue ....

With heavy tone, black and tried all the information collected today, and he couldn't see his mind, carefully observed the reaction of the soil.

A silence ...

"Oh shit!!"

It's hard to imagine that I can't help but explode, because the news that is brought back, almost let him have to bite his teeth.

Two times and day, I have been killed every time, I have been smashed every time.

The round look was taken away by him ...

The organization is also occupied by him ...

Now I am still inciting the whole tissue to chase myself ...

Is this a rhythm that I have to die slowly??

"Is there a mistake?! I am a child's back of the organization !!" The more I want to be more angry, the anger of the moonrringer almost brought him almost, I saw that the land finally couldn't help but stand up, almost rest

The roar of Scorics.

I saw that the soil was completely distorted to a face, and the black and gently shook his head.

Plus the whole thing ...

Speaking of this, it's silent, because even he has also begun to feel something tricky ...

Do you have so that we are sitting like this now ?! "

I think that my own plan is completely destroyed. The round look and Xiaoyu have fallen into the hands of the moment, and the goal of creating itself is almost impossible to complete, with the tonal.

People can't calm down.

, 'No ... we now need to do it is calm ... find another way to deal with him ... less black styles are low, it seems to follow the thinking of soil.

Find another way to deal with him?

I heard that the black reminded, the belt finally gradually became calm, and many years of pragmade have long, have already grinding the impulse and labilulus of his past.

What is we do now? "After slowly recovering calm, the soil was slightly smashed, and he looked down and asked.

"Although I don't know what the ultimate goal of the moment is ... but he occupied this knowledge ... affirmed it for nine tail beasts ... less darkly carefully analyze the situation in front of the situation,"

Take ... we must destroy his plan ... less

, 'And ... we have to find an object that can cooperate together to fight him ... There is a small black to continue, and it will observe the soil response from time to time.

"Cooperative objects ... After listening to the black analysis and induction, the soil is nodded, and a pair of written eyes flashed with complex and difficult thought.

· ... seeking flowers ··· ......

At a time, the two of the two people thought of the sea, and who guess the minds of the other party.

The village of Yuyin.

Go straight into the high-rise tower of the clouds.

Looking up at the rainwater in the sky, it has been sent to Chakra evaporated by his own body.

Among the water fog, the bright blue eyes are hidden, where flow is turned into a colorful color.

"They have been all persuaded by you ... Less suddenly behind him, but the sound of the pleasure is coming.

"Well ... all people have agreed that I have become the leader of the organization ... After listening to this voice, I said softly.

Of course ... is a fist, convincing, ...

Even if you don't have to look back, you know that there is a small south behind you, but it is still turning through your body. Some tastes stare at the cold and cooler in front of you. "Everyone is

Different purposes but have the same goals ... only come together ... less

"So as long as the final goal has not changed ... Everyone will continue to go together ... isn't it? ', The face is a smile on the face. It seems that there seems to be otherwise.

It seems to hear the meaning of the Bourta, nodded in Xiaonan, but did not reveal any other colors on the lonely face.

"Right, I see Xiao Nan is still indifferent, I don't think it is, just open the topic," How is the long door? "

"All is awesome ... Xiaonan cold answer.

Just in the moment it lifted. Her brain can't help but think of the long door after changing a general person, although regret, but unloading a heavy burden, his face, but it seems to be more than ever.

a lot of.

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Chapter 201 of the Cashier System captures a tail (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 201 Captains a Tail (ask for reward automatic)

'That one…,'

Thinking of this, Xiaonan's face seems to flow Xu Xi Si, finally said to the moment:. Thank you for helping him hell to treat your eyes and legs ..., '

"There is no need to thank me ... this is just our transaction content. ... isn't it?" Seeing Xiaonan actually grateful to himself. There is no accepted in the mouth, but the face is still an emergence of a smile.

Perhaps it is a bit M in the eyes of the moment. I only see her face, and then restored the cold look. 'So what do you plan to do ...

'Next. ... I have arranged them to perform the task of capturing the recycling of the beast ... The 'zero five seven "sky, the blue eyes seem to have seen this crying,' Now I

The only thing you need to do. Just waiting ... and prevent our plan from being damaged by others ..., '.

Prevent our plan from being damaged by others? '. Xiaonan seems to hear the meaning of the moment.

'Belt soil and black. ... If I don't guess the wrong words ... There is a lot of laughter, my face is a special look,' He should have already engaged in our plan ... '

'Then we. ... "I heard the two names of the belt and black, and the Xiaonan's look couldn't help but have some tribute. There were no one for the role of good deal.