Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 164 of Huedings

There is no black worried. Two are playing me ..., 'seems to have seen the idea of ​​Xiaonan Heart, and the moment is like a saying, and the face has no nervous color.

'Um ...,' After listening to the moment, the small southern hanging heart is not let go of the autonomy, and then turned his gaze to the rain curtain outside Zhejiang, Zhejiang.


In front of his strength.

No matter what changes happen ... you should get out of his palm. ...

In the dark flow, for more than two months, the time quickly came to the wooden leaves for 63 years.

Sandy Village.

A big huge sound of the sky, the sky of sand is started to have a dense sandy rain.

I saw that I love Luo in the hands of Didala, and the sand was mixed by Didara, and the whole body of the whole body was started to peel off after the explosion. I loved it.

'Ah, this way ... The prior command is the task of explanation ...

On the sky, the white private birds passed, and I wrapped a coma, although I was crushed by my love of the sand, but Didala's face was still a full of full. Smile.

'The wind shadow is raised !! "

The enemy is Xia! "

I saw this battle in the sky, and the sand was released in the sand, and the countless sandy ninja pursued the troops chased toward the direction of Didala flying in the sky.

' ...,'

Hurry and trace the troops to raise the Jilang. ... and ... this time the sandy elite is standing up, and the rapid commandment of the Ninja in the sand, 'Tell the leaves right away! Tell them to tell me Ai Luo took away !! '

Among the deserts outside sandy village.

'You are so slow, Didala. I said not to let me wait too long ...,'

The whole body is wrapped in the ML Ziki, easily defeated the trace Dalan's Skylang and the ninja of dozens of sand tie, gently swaying the back of the metal of the metal, Said with his unique low sultry voice.

'This person is more powerful than I think. Many ... but no matter what. ... The prior criticism is finally completed ...,' After the drill soil bird, Didara smiled, just one The sleeves of the arm have become empty.

'Don't say it, let's go. ... Don't let the leader wait too long ...,' scorpion low sinking words, it seems to remind Didala.

'. Indea n't let him wait too long ... Otherwise ...,' listening to the reminder, Didara seems to have suddenly think of what, can't help but

Sudden Didara jumped on the bird, and the figure of the two people gradually went away in the desert.

'The damn. It's a red sand ...,'

It's easy to get all your own squatting, and the ml of ML is in the body, the whole body lost the perception of lying in the sand. Staring at Didara and the back of the Didala and Zijing before coma. I finally lost my consciousness.

at the same time.

Wood leaves, five generations of shadow office.

'Sandy, the fastest tolerance, the eagle is reported ...,'

'Their vertical body, I love Luo ... people who have been caught by people ...,'

Sitting behind the Gangshine Office, the apeer helped himself with his beautiful collar. He used some silent tone to save the words of the words of his eyes, Xiao Sakura, and Kakasi.

'What! I love Ro him ... it was actually being organized ...,'

Sure enough, I heard the contents of the program, I couldn't help but grip my fist. The mind that I once encountered Yizha A and ghosts.

'So I posted a new task ...,'

"Kakaki immediately as a wooden support force to the sandy ..., '.

Until the wind shadow, I love Luo ... "2.0

After sitting at the desk, the lip is lighter. The latest task of the arrangement is released to the Kakakakan in front of him.

Yes! We depart! "

I heard my love, the unstimited Naruto immediately disappeared in the fire office, Kakasi and Sakura immediately followed.

'Recently, I have become more and more drunk ...,'

'The name of the name that is also mentioned, ... finally started to act ...,'

After the province, they left, and a person was sitting alone in the office, and a pair of beautiful eyes showed the sky and farther farther.


Where are you now?

(The following is to start the content of a front high energy, a big family.

Crash System Chapter 202 seals a tail guard (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 202 seals a tail guard (ask for reward automatic)

There is almost no wire light in the dark cave.

Just in such a cave that reached out, I didn't see the five fingers, the sound of the heavy object was fell on the ground.

'Didala ._. How is it so slow ._.' '

The flooded voice came out, suddenly opened a pair of blue eyes in the dark, like the starry empty, the mysterious vast Guanghua almost looked hard.

'That _._. Haha. The person of the one-by-one is more than I imagined _._. So. One.' '

Perhaps it was deterred by the owner of this pair of mysterious zoom, Didara's voice seems to be a bit cautious.

'Forget _._. Waiting for so long. "Everyone is ready to start ._.' '

The voice fell, the original dark cave suddenly looked at the flames, slightly illuminated the surrounding environment, showing the interior of the cave than the imagination, but also a larger space.

I saw the empty space among the caves. In addition to the moment and Didala, there were still seven seven slideshowns showing other people who have projected themselves.

And the ground is still drunk, and the whole body has the sand slipping, which is the sandy five-generation head shadow of the Didara captured.

The moment is still the same as usual, and the tissue iconic black bottom red cloud big pen, a silver-white long hair falls on black clothes. It seems extra dazzling.

It's only in the past, and the shoulders of the moment are still a black crow. This crow has revealed its purple corrugated mysterious eyes, which is turned from the back of the moment.

And this crow is not an ordinary crow. It is a spiritual beast that signs a contract from A. The Tong spirit beast of the Accommunications, which is originally to stop the water special training. After the death is dead, I will give it to AO.

Among the processes, Naruto and A handed over, when Naruto learned how to fight with A, the bodiphorse, the bodiphorse, including the body, can also launch illusion to make the Naruto.

Even in the fourth endurance battle, the embossed A is to hold the Don't be god, get off the control of the earth.