Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 165 of Hueding Cracks

It is because this crow spirit is able to launch various tissue characteristics, so the moment is signed from A and the crows of these Eight Dipples, through controlling these crows, uses the round eyes, and then passing back Eyes to control the tail of the body of the body.

Although now in the moment of the blind eye is more stronger than ordinary reincarnation, it is not common, after all, the turn is the power obtained from the god tree, and the outer road as a trendy body torso The magic image is in the same source, so only the power of the round is able to drive the control of the outer road.

Psychic surgery · Outer road magic image !!

At the beginning, I put it on the ground. In a mysterious contact, the crow of the crow eyes on the shoulders of the shoulders went back to sleep, and a huge magic appeared in a smoke.

The horrible look, the nine empty eyes, it is being taken away from the ten-tailed body of all Chakra's ten.

'So everyone start! "

In the moment, all members of the whole organization were gently jealous, and the position of the respective rings stood above the 10 fingers of the outer road.

Plus Jun Ma Lu and white is just ten people _._. '' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ During this time, everyone should keep your own body ~ _ less

After all, this double-round look is not your own eyes and is not installed on himself. It doesn't matter if it is said to be as self-contained like Yuxi. Therefore, even in an instant is the power of the moment, it is necessary to seal a tail beast to the outer road. It can only save half the time saved by the long door in the original.

"If you have no problem, everyone will start now.

At the moment, all of the people suddenly had a printed, and this tolerance was launched by the moment.

Sealing and printing · Magic Dragon nine !!

Just in the moment, I only saw the mouth of the outer magic image of the outer road. I got out of the nine dragon-shaped Chakra. Everyone I lied in the ground, I loved the endocalypse. Attached to Chakra in his body.

In meditation, time I didn't know how long it has been.

I saw a drunken in the cave, all of the people concentrated on the one-tailed crane in front of the eyes.

Suddenly, I opened his blue eyes, because his gods were reincarnated to see the far forest, there were two teams who were speeding towards their current position 397 close, and Chakla on the body is the moment. Some impressive colors.

What? Is there an enemy? "Standing in the small south of the moment, immediately observed the drunk and whispered.

'Well ._ is a two-class ninja in the wooden leaves.

Let me go with ghost N ..., 'At this time, a suddenly said, a pair of scarlet written eyes have passed a inexplicable brilliance in the dark cave. The quantity of Chakra with ghost N I used to use it as a thing of the way to meet the enemy.

Is it like it?

At some point, I will look at A and I seem to wear his inner ideas and motives, and said: Don't have to ..., '.

But a few floors. ... I divide half of Chakra used the shadow to pass enough to cope with it ..., 'I'm talking, I didn't see his hands on the side, and there was a shadow behind him.

(About the crow of VA. ... If you have any questions, you can go to Baidu Encyclopedia. ... Although not the most authoritative but you can refer to it).

Chapter 203 of the Capaci System to stop the way (ask for reward automatic)

Chapter 203 stops the way to the road (ask for reward automatic)

'You continue to seal here, you will take a tail ... The Ninja of those wooden leaves let me go to send them ... The shadow of the body is shackled with a inexplicable smile, saving an eye all the well-woven everyone said lightly .

Especially after the face of A, the moving figure is in the eyes of the body, and suddenly uses it, instantly disappears within the cave.

'Good ... everyone continues ... The corpse seeing his own shadow, after using the disappearance, the moment is looked around, and the opening of the scene, said.

After listening to the moment, all the people in the scene continued to concentrate on the seal of the eye, and only recovered the silence B. The eyes are flashing, I don't know what I'm thinking.

Just in the moment they seal the cave of a tail guard, there are more than ten kilometers away.

The two teams are from different orientation, and they are quickly galloped toward the direction of the cave, and they are flexible between the woods.

'I love Luo you must wait for me ...,'

I saw a fast tamping in the woods, an anxious emotion in my heart, and let the nine tail of the Summers will move.

It should be no longer before ..., '

Kakasi quickly rushed to the dog, and there were some worrifications of the gallopers in front of him. The heart couldn't help but he told what he said before, 'If the Naruto could not inhibit the body The end of the end. Then I can only have a corpse.

Why do you want to focus on the beast? '. When you flew, Skial Sakura is a little unexpected.

The tail beast is a huge Chakra collection. During the war, the beast is a weapon for all countries to compete for military power ... The corpse seeing the Sakura around the body, I don't know the concept of the tail, and I explain it to her: 'But there is no one to drive the power of the far-friendly wisdom ... Although there is still current

I don't know the purpose of this force. "" Two corpses

'But no matter what. ... that is definitely a very dangerous purpose ..., Kaki next to you took the topic of the thousand generations, after all, in the woods on the tail of the beast and the nine, always a taboo topic And advanced confidentiality, like Sakura, do not understand the situation is normal.

After a group of people continued to Mercedes, experienced Kasi seems to have suddenly noticed what, felt a dangerous atmosphere.

Stat stop !! "Kakasi lowered, everyone braked his footsteps.

After everyone stopped, looked up, only one person appeared in the air, there was a person.

The red clouds of the red clouds are the big breeze A, the silver white long hair is separated from the wearer, a pair, the mysterious zone, the mysterious zoom, the mysterious zoom, the night, is staring at them, giving them an inexplicable oppression .

'Japan two _. _.' 'Carti's mouth seems to be included. Cangyu poisoned poison is general. Spit out this special name.

'Japan to the moment ?!' I heard the voice of Kakasi, Naruto and Sakura looked up, and found that people appeared in front of it.

Why do he appear here?!

'This young man is the ninja of the endurance. One.' 'See Kakasi and Naruto to react, the Millennium has a little surprised to open his old eyes. Surprisingly, there is a sudden appearance in front of you.' Alone, one person destroys the cloudy day, _ _ it seems to be more than the imagination.

'Kasi ._. Long time no see _._. "The moment is lightly open, some seem to laugh at the crims, and there are Naruto _._. Xiao Sakura ._.' '

Immediately, the blind eyes were slightly flashing, and it seems to be noticed. 'There is Mutkai, and the second _. Ning time ._.' '

The opponent observation ability is far super ordinary white eyes and the blind eye, letting the moment, the other end of the forest, there is a very long, and the ninja is speeding close, if not exhausted, a few It is estimated that everyone will hit it after minutes.

' ... _. Why do you appear here? "Carti has an unprecedented moment in the heart of the vocabulary, and it does not help but hear a distress and heavy.


At this time, I met this guy _._.

'Not a second _. Your clothes II _ "The sudden appearance of the sudden disrupted of Kakasi, which suddenly found the black and red clouds wearing the Breast.

Let you joined you ?! "Carti has a big eyes, even if the face is still able to save his face at this time, it is full of unbelievable expressions.


After you hear Kakasi, even if the reaction slowed down, he reacted it at this time, only the gesture of the alert and Xiao Saki simultaneously.

'Xiao ._.' 'See Cardi and Naruto their reactions, the big face is also revealed,' This kid is an enemy.

Join Xiao ?_. '' Looking at the front of the eyes, you can't laugh, 'no second _. Exactly.

'I killed the leader of Xiao Xiao ... took over to control the whole tissue ...,' The words of the flash fluttering, but as if it seems like a billion, I bombed their hearts.